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Not all change is good, as the new Fremantle tourist map shows.

For many years we had perfectly good maps to hand out at the Roundhouse, but while on duty yesterday I noticed the new maps and they have one major flaw, that they no longer show Fremantle Prison!

One of the most asked questions by tourists is how to get from the Roundhouse to Fremantle Prison, so we hand out the maps and show them to walk down High Street, turn right into the Cappuccino Strip and then left at the church on the corner of Parry Street, walk past Fremantle Oval and then right up the steps to the former prison.

But now the map stops and cuts Fremantle Oval in half and no longer includes Fremantle’s most popular museum.  It’s a remarkable and unacceptable oversight and needs to be addressed, City of Fremantle!

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FBH reflection


On my daily stroll around Fremantle I took this reflection photo of a window at Kailis in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.

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old prison fremantle


Congratulations to Fremantle Prison which won two major awards at the 2017 WA Tourism Awards.

The world heritage listed prison won gold for Cultural Tourism and silver in the Major Tourist Attractions category.

Well done!

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The City of Fremantle has made badges so that every resident and business operator in Fremantle can become a visitor guide.

ASK ME, I AM LOCAL is a new initiative to make overseas and interstate visitors to Fremantle feel welcome and to give them directions to museums, art, pubs, cafes, restaurants, etc.

The FREE badges can be picked up from the Visitor Centre at Kings Square and the Townhall reception.

Great idea, so grab a badge!

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If you thought it was very humid hot today in Fremantle spare a thought for this rigger high up the mast at the gundeck of the historic Roundhouse. The only positive about it for him was probably that he caught the seabreeze earlier than most of us on the ground.

He is doing a pretty impressive job up there, starting at 7 am and still up the mast when we volunteers tour guides left at 3.30 pm. Well done!

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The Fremantle Tourist Association will be initiating a Harbour Host scheme where volunteers will welcome cruise liner passengers who arrive at the port. Many of the guides in uniform will be hospitality and tourism students and will provide visitors with information about Fremantle and give directions.

44 cruise ships will arrive in Fremantle port this season. Last year nearly 61,000 cruise ship passengers arrived in Freo together with over 19,000 crew members.

The cruise industry injects some $ 116 million in the Western Australian economy, with about one-third of the passengers going on pre-booked tours when arriving in Fremantle, while the majority explores our city during the day the ship is at berth in port.

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I wonder if the RESTRICTED ACCESS to the Fremantle Army Museum is an overreaction to the terrorism paranoia that is destroying Australia like an out of control bushfire.

This from their website: ‘Members of the public coming in off the street will not be admitted unless they have made prior appointment. All tour groups from recognised organisations that have made a tour booking will be admitted. All visitors on legitimate museum business who have appropriate ID will be admitted.’

How are international visitors going to make “prior appointments” to visit a museum. Where else on earth is that required?!

What is “legitimate museum business” for heaven’s sake and how is a Japanese visitor going to explain what his/her legitimate business is to those who don’t speak Japanese?

Do they really believe anyone would want to blow up a whole lot of old military stuff?

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It was a surprisingly pleasant morning in Fremantle after the all-night heavy rain and storm over night.

The sailing ship Leeuwin packed a large group of teenagers on board and sailed off for some team-building and leadership training, while passengers embarked from the Rottnest Express ferry after a nice weekend on the island.

If the weather is o.k. I will be doing a Roel’s Fremantle Photo Tours tomorrow. It starts at 2.30 from the Visitor Centre at Kings Square and finishes at Bathers Beach after sunset, so join us. It’s a bargain at only $ 50 per person.

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I conducted a Roel’s Fremantle Photo Tours yesterday with Kate and Paul, and it is always interesting to see what variety of images one picks up during a slow stroll through the Fremantle, looking for interesting photos.

I got this double reflection of the Town Hall in a wedding car, the lovely heron patiently waiting for a feed at the Maritime Museum, and two colourful ladies watching the fun at the Esplanade Youth Plaza.

Photography is a great hobby to help you concentrate on the moment. It’s a bit like meditation for me and being acutely aware of what goes on around you, finding beauty in just about everything.

So be creative, explore your surroundings, and go take some photos today!

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Most of us in Fremantle would at least acknowledge that the councillors and officers of the City of Fremantle try and work very hard, but there is something quite eerie about those who work at Town Hall, as if they are from a different planet, a planet where common sense has not yet been invented. Town Hall behaves and acts as if Fremantle is a Time Capsule, as they keep planning for the future without acknowledging the present.

Fremantle knows where it wants to be in five years from now and it has had a trillion visioning workshops to see where we want to be in 2029. There is extensive planning for economic revitalisation, and the City even plans signage so far ahead, that there are but a few way finding signs at present, because it appears they are only needed in the future and not just at yet.

While small businesses at Arthur Head are screaming for simple signs to point visitors in the right directions, the City just keeps planning them, when all that is needed is some kind of those simple silly signs one sees in the most inappropriate places telling one it is 8000 miles to Moscow. What Arthur Head desperately needs now is a sign near Kidogo Arthouse that points left and tells people that is where Fishing Boat Harbour and the Bon Scott statue are, then another arrow slightly more east to point to the Youth Plaza and ferris wheel, and again more east to point to city centre, the markets and prison, and even more east to the Moores building art centre. Then arrows pointing in the northerly direction to the J Shed art studios, Maritime Museum, B Shed ferry terminal, E Sed Markets, Captain’s Lane art studios and Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Similar signs then need to be put at the Round House, at J Shed, near the Maritime Museum, etc. You’ll get the drift by now.

More than two years ago, as part of a working group on the beautification of Bathers Beach, we were told not to worry about signs because a different group was looking into that. Two years on and there are still no signs. Yep, Town Hall Time Capsule is still planning for the future.

We don’t need elaborate signs designed by the world’s best designers, who would probably come up with something as innovative as rustic signs because of the historic heritage area, all we want is plain arrows so people know where to find the few attractions Fremantle has, but that appears too much to ask from our Time Capsule operators.

They don’t even contemplate basic maintenance at Time Capsule City. The Old Port Project at Bathers Beach no longer makes sense, because the interpretive signs, explaining the history of the area, where removed after being vandalised two years ago, and they have not been replaced. I assume Time Capsule is still planning to replace them.

The Time Capsule might work for our handsome Mayor Brad Pettitt, who at 43 still looks as if he’s only 30, but it does not work for the rest of us. In my case the time capsule must have been faulty, because at only 30 I look like 65 and complain like a grumpy old bastard. ; >)

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