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The removal of the yellow foil and repainting of 2 High Street has been going very well by the look of it, so it is not all black and bleak reporting about the deconstruction of the Felice Varini artwork in Fremantle.

This is what it looked like around 4pm today.

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art 5

art 1


The removal of the yellow Arcs D’Ellipse artwork in Fremantle’s historic High Street started this morning, so it will be interesting to observe the progress of it.

The public artwork by Swiss artist Felice Varini was installed in October 2017 for the Fremantle Festival and was highly successful, with tens of thousands of people photographing the stunning optical illusion from the steps of the Roundhouse.

Unfortunately the removal of the foil from the heritage-listed buildings proved to be a real pain in the arts and was delayed by six months.

Fremantle Council increased the budget for the removal works from $ 15,000 to $ 220,000 late last year. It is still flabbergasting why the City of Fremantle did not not require the artist to have public liability insurance for the removal of the artwork, as that is common practice in Australia.

Good luck to the contractors who took on the job. There was only one person working on it at 9am this morning, so it is going to be a long, slow and tedious process.

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colourful west end



We have two hot days ahead of us before it gets colder and the rain will be back on Thursday, so make the best of the good weather while you can.

This colourful photo I took on Monday is all about Freo; heritage, colour, art, sun, people, alfresco.

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The clouds over Fremantle created an unpleasant humidity for the Roundhouse volunteers and the sea breeze came in rather late and quite weak, so it was a bit of a struggle for just two of us.

But school holidays are over so it was rather quiet anyway. Nice view though.

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freo 2



I wandered around Fremantle’s lovely West End just before sun set on Friday and took some tourist photos of the beautiful late light.


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The Arcs D’Ellipse yellow and white circles by artist Felice Varini in Fremantle’s High Street are slowly taking shape.

The work is part of the HITIDE project of the Fremantle Festival and will no doubt attract many people to Fremantle.

Best vantage point will be from the step to the Roundhouse, so make sure to also visit WA’s oldest public building while you are there.


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High Street 1


I just love Freo! I love being part of this great community and this unique city.

Took this photo a couple of hours ago from the Roundhouse steps.

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The monthly Fremantle Network event at the National Hotel on Monday had three speakers, so I will split up the reporting on it and start with High Street retailer Gaelle Beech of the ANJEL MS ethical fashion shop.

Gaelle’s talk was inspiring as it was not the typical whinge we get from too many in the community, but it was more about why we don’t sell the unique beauty of Fremantle and especially the gorgeous heritage High Street better as a shopping destination.

High Street is one of the most gorgeous shopping precincts in Australia that ends at Bathers Beach, so why don’t we promote that better?

“We don’t treasure enough what we have got in Fremantle and forget to show the beauty of it to our visitors” Gaelle rightly said.

The West End is unique but many visitors don’t even know where High Street is and there is no retail map showing the diversity of shopping.

We need West End traders to work together and not individually, and we need you as the community to support us she said.

High Street needs more vibrancy with buskers and art, and traders and City of Fremantle marketing should not assume everyone knows about us.

Gaelle Beech said she loves Fremantle and would not have a shop anywhere else in Perth. She also has an outlet at Fremantle Markets on weekends.

ANJEL MS specialises in ethical fashion and supports young designers in Katmandu, India and Bali, so go and check it out and support our struggling local traders.

“We have an amazing city! Which shopping centre has a beach at the end of it! Gaelle said with passion and I could not agree more.

She got laughter and applause when a Notre Dame University student lamented that it cost them $ 1,200 a year in parking. “You are young, walk and use public transport” she encouraged. Yes indeed!

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a b


Gorgeous historic High Street in the West End of Fremantle is one of my favourite streets by day and by night. It appears I am not the only one who believes that as the footfall in the street has significantly increased according to Nicholas Takacs of A Beautiful City.

Wandering through the street that has some of the most beautiful buildings in WA this morning , I took these photos.

The Freo shopping experience is so much better than sterile shopping centres, and there are so many cute cafes to relax in.

P.S. The National Hotel is catering for the wild weather this weekend and have real English roast on special with all the trimmings such as bubble&squeak and black pudding.

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West End Mall


The West End of Fremantle could become one of the most beautiful pedestrian shopping malls in Australia if secret plans by the City of Fremantle become reality.

The plans that are being discussed at the Special Projects Committee and were leaked to Freo’s View show the West End Mall planned in three stages, with stage one going to Mouat Street. Stage two would see the mall extended all the way to the Roundhouse, with the railway crossing relocated to line up straight in front of the Whalers Tunnel. This would no doubt create a greater awareness of Arthur Head and Bathers Beach and help to activate the often dormant west end of the city dramatically. It would also fit in well with Council’s desire to make the CBD more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

Pakenham Street and Cliff Street would remain open and the only traffic crossings through the new mall, while Henry Street and Mouat Street would be closed at High Street and become two-way cul de sac between Philimore street and High street and between Marine Terrace and High street. This would allow south to north traffic through Cliff, Pakenham and South Terrace/Market Street and north to south traffic through Cliff and Market St/South Tce.

The footpaths along High Street would be levelled with the road surface and the entire mall paved and seats, planters, a water feature and artworks installed to create a heritage ambience.

Stage three however is outrageous and in my opinion unacceptable and should be scrapped immediately, as it involves realigning the historic Whalers Tunnel. The officers suggest to take up the idea of former WA Premier Peter Dowding and straighten up the historic Whalers Tunnel so that it will be in line with High Street, so that Bathers Beach will become visible for people walking west along the street. I believe that is totally ridiculous and akin to moving the Roundhouse to another location.

Without stage three the proposed West End Mall could become a great celebration of Fremantle’s heritage and the acknowledgment of the planned West End Heritage Precinct to celebrate the gold boom period architecture in High Street, so I hope the plans will go to community consultation and become reality soon.

What is your opinion?

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