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Wray Ave speed limit


It took a year for the City of Fremantle to get the go ahead from Mainroads Department to lower the speed in Wray Avenue to 40 kilometres per hour, but it has finally be improved.

The local community had asked for a reduction in traffic speed as the Wray Ave hub is very popular for its cafes and shopping, and frequented by students and parents of the Fremantle Primary School, and by staff and visitors of Fremantle Hospital.

So next time you drive through Wray Avenue, slow down!


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Traders in the lovely Fremantle Wray Avenue hub are hopeful that the planned new public car park on the Stan Reilly site will be a boost to their businesses, as some of them have seen a significant downturn in trade since the downgrading of Fremantle Hospital and the closure of the emergency ward.

The popular Lenny the OX cafe has closed, but renovations are under way for The MOD, the Modern Cafe that already has a new mural painted on the wall.

My friend Natalie at Luce Del Sol can’t wait for warmer weather, in the hope the sales of swimwear will increase drastically as it has been pretty quiet recently.

I always like walking or driving past Frank’s the butcher and seeing all the signs in front of the shop, and love the atmosphere at Galati’s.

The Fremantle Oval Project will bring Wray Avenue a bit closer to the Cappuccino Strip and some street beautification between Parry Street and Wray Avenue would also help.


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Fremantle Council approved a ten-year extension of the lease to Moore&Moore cafe owner Simon Naber.

I have been a regular visitor to the quirky cafe in the Henry Street art centre since it opened, and am very happy to know it will continue to operate under the same management.

The Moore&Moore has a cosy courtyard and a children’s playground, and a one-hole mini golf for kids, and was the first Fremantle cafe to build a parklet.

There are issues with operating within the art centre and with a tiny kitchen, but they could be addressed with a bit more flexibility from the City’s Fremantle Arts Centre management.

It is not very practical for example that the centre manager’s office is at the start of the building, when that area would be ideally suited to extend the kitchen and coffee service to. The art centre manager could relocate to one of the two artist’s studios at the back, to accommodate the need for the cafe to have a larger kitchen/barista area.

If the Fremantle Arts Centre has a need for more artist in residence spaces one or two of the Pilot’s Cottages at Captain’s Lane next to the Roundhouse would be well suited for that purpose.

The Moore&Moore cafe is a well-established and much liked cafe and function centre in the West End and should be more actively supported by Fremantle City.


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carriage 1

carriage 2


The lovely Carriage Cafe on the Fremantle Esplanade has new owners(again), a new name CARRIAGE COFFEE SHOP, a new coffee brand, new menu, new chef, new events and new ideas, so make sure to try them out soon!

Owners Rochelle and Dave are well-known local musicians who live in Freo’s West End and are members of the FLUID GROOVE band.

On weekends they are running Commotions@The Carriage where local buskers play on Fridays from 2-4 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 4 pm.

The Carriage Coffee Shop is close to the playground, Esplanade Youth Plaza skatepark and the Tourist Wheel, so perfect for families.

They can operate for another two years before the City of Fremantle wants them to move on. That is a real shame, because the cafe should stay and also become a small bar at night.

It is questionable if the building can be relocated without destroying it, as the roots of the trees have grown into the foundations.

The City has offered the owners three locations to consider; the grassed area at South Beach, where there are already two cafes, Pioneer Park, that is close to many cafes in the area, or the grassed area at Bathers Beach near Kidogo Arthouse.

The Bathers Beach option is remarkable and shows how inconsistent the City of Fremantle can be, because Kidogo arthouse was not allowed to build toilets to the south of the gallery as it would affect the view corridor to the ocean. The Carriage building is much bigger and would impact on the historic interpretation of the area.

Anyway, go and support the Carriage Coffee Shop and tell Fremantle Council we don’t really need a new hub near the ferris wheel and another burger bar.

They are on Facebook, so keep up to date with what they do.

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The owners of the KIOSK at Fremantle Beach Street, opposite the East Street Jetty, can thank their good luck that Fremantle Council did not sign off on handing over the former DADAA building next door to become the new location for the Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

I doubt that under those circumstances the City of Fremantle would have agreed to change the popular cafe from cafe to tavern, as they requested, and will be debated at the FPOL Committee this Wednesday.

The KIOSK wants to expand their business and have applied for a variation in license from 240 sqm to approximately 418 sqm, and they want to apply for a tavern liquor license to accommodate small functions and groups that is up to now restricted to table service.

The City of Fremantle is at present liaising with Aboriginal elders and groups to find out what they want to achieve with a cultural centre and then find an appropriate building in Freo for our Noongar friends.

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morning news at the waves cafe

Fremantle Arts Centre


My love for so-called Street Photography is well-known to readers of this blog and my Facebook friends, so here two more street photos I took this morning in Fremantle.

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I did not realise that the World of Renovation showroom that opened a few weeks ago in Fremantle’s historic West End also has a very classy cafe at the back that would make a great small bar.

Debretton&Bennett serves Gesha coffee and is open daily from 8 am to 2 pm.

It can be hired for functions.

It is very tranquil and away from High Street and is next to the Police Station.

As one of the few patrons yesterday remarked. “It’s not very Fremantle, more like Claremont.”  I really like it. Check it out!


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It’s quite clear what the people of Freo’s Chalkys cafe at the Roundhouse want you to vote for.

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The Fremantle Moore&Moore cafe in Henry Street is holding a Kids Nature Play event from tomorrow December 21 to January 20.

There will be a nature play area, market stalls, children’s entertainment, games, craft and more and it’s FREE, so take the kids for some hours of fun in the beautiful heritage building.

The coffee and food at M&M is very good and the staff delightful! They are my mates.

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A lovely new cafe has opened in Fremantle’s Little Market Street below Freo’s best Italian restaurant La Sosta.

BOTTEGA is much more than just another cafe though as it also sells bread, take away meals, preserved chilli, peppers, coffee, etc. and it is fully licensed so it is also a new small bar in the centre of town.

It is a very cosy and comfortable place with huge wheels of cheese on display and large salamis hanging from the ceiling.

The food varies daily and is international from pasta dishes to slow cooked brisket with spicy Korean mayo and kimchi, or braised pork belly with rosti, spicy Thai chicken rolls, salads, field mushrooms with goat cheese, sage and pancetta, etc.

But there is more! The Sri Lankan pastry chef makes yummy-looking sweets in house, so there is something for everyone at Bottega.

I really like the ambience of the place and will most certainly pop in there for a coffee and catch up with friends. It’s open from 6.30 am to 6 pm.

La Sosta upstairs also caters for functions so if you are planning a wedding or corporate event, keep them in mind.

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Disclaimer: This post is a community service for which I do not charge money or accept free meals for!



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