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There are already many interesting sculptures at Bathers Beach where the installation of the 2017 Sculpture@Bathers show is under construction.

The exhibition that showcases 80 WA sculptors will open this weekend and will be on Fremantle’s inner city beach for two weeks.

Bruce Abbott from REPLANTS has planted some trees in the beach sand, so that is something very different

Many of the works will be lit up at night, as is the cliff face at Arthur Head, so a perfect excuse to go and watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean, see some great local art and eat fish&chips.

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Installation of the artworks for the Sculpture@Bathers show on Fremantle’s Bathers Beach started this morning.

Eighty Western Australian sculptors will showcase their art from Saturday for two weeks all around the beach, on the boardwalk and inside Kidogo Arthouse.

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My brand new and delightful friend Sian made me aware this morning that the Shimmer artwork by Freo artist Susan Flavell had been installed outside the Esplanade Hotel, so here a photo.

The work was first shown at the 2015 Sculpture @Bathers show and was sold to a mining millionaire who sent it to Queensland where two bronze casts were made of the orginal work.

Now one of these bronzes is traveling around the Perth metro area to promote the S&B 2017 show which starts next Friday at Bathers Beach.

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One of the things I very much enjoy is showing people around Fremantle and a few of the hidden treasures they might not otherwise discover, so today I spent two hours with the lovely Italian Elisabetta and Matilda.

Matilda lives in Freo and runs the cute fashion boutique and Birkenstock outlet Creato a Mano at Marine Parade and her husband Roberto runs the equally cute Galleria D’Arte West End just a few metres awy, so go and check them out!

Elisabetta though lives in beautiful Rome, so hence the need for a guided tour.

The Roundhouse and Arthur Head had to be the starting point and soon we walked into Bruce from Replants who is setting up a tree installation on Bathers Beach for the Sculpture@Bathers show which starts on the 24th of this month.

The former long jetty and ocean pool and the mortuary and kerosine store were clearly a must and gave me the opportunity to talk about the horrendous Rottnest Island indigenous Quod prison.

From there we wandered into Notre Dame University territory. We had a few sneak peeks inside some of the gorgeous adaptive reuse heritage buildings, the beautiful library and also the stunning Aboriginal art collection of UNDA. I recommend anyone to take a guided tour of the campus on Friday morning which UNDA organises. Contact them to book it!

The flat where FBI boss J Edgar Hoover lived, which is now part of Kerry Hill architects in Mouat Street, is also largely unknown. Kerry Hill by the way designed the new City of Fremantle Civic Centre at Kings Square.

I showed my guests the PS Art Space and studios upstairs, the former Police Station at Victoria Quay and the historic artworks inside B Shed, even the toilets, and wandered around the Maritime Museum under the watchful eyes of a lone Nankeen heron.

The old submarine, the connection to Gallipoli and the migrant wall were a talking point for us that connected Freo to Europe.

From there past the J Shed art studios and back through the Whalers Tunnel for a nice iced coffee at my friends at Chalkys in the former Trams Building.

What is there not to love about Freo. So happy I live here!

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I hear Fishing Boat Harbour traders are telling fellow business people the State Government have promised them $ 200,000 to install a shark net at Fremantle’s inner city Bathers Beach.

This would be a ridiculous waste of money as the beach is hardly used and only a handful of people swim there and I have never heard of a shark scare in Bathers Bay.

I have seen dolphins, seals, pelicans, drunks and even a dead whale there but never a shark, so why waste tax payers money on a shark net?

Some of the major traders down there are treating Bathers Beach as if it is their own property and that does not sit well with the community and other businesses.

There were thousands of people protesting against a shark net at Cottesloe Beach a few years ago so I wonder how the Fremantle community will react to this news.

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The W.A. Nyoongar First Nation people held a major cleansing smoking ceremony at the Fremantle Roundhouse and Bathers Beach this Saturday morning.

The very moving event attracted around 1,300 people to Arthur’s Head and made me quite emotional.

This was an event about Nyoongars and Wadjelas moving forward together and left me with real hope for the future.

This was not anti Australia Day but pro Australia. It was not about victims and perpetrators but about real reconciliation with mutual respect and about considering an alternative day to celebrate Australia.

One Day in Freo continues at the Esplanade today from 2 pm and from 4 pm with a concert with Mama Kin, John Butler and Dan Sultan.

Join in and spread the love!

Non commercial organisations are free to use these photos. Just drop and drag. Credit: Roel Loopers.

Roel Loopers

P.S. Unfortunately I won’t be able to take photos of the Esplanade event as I will be on guide duty at the Roundhouse for the Fringe Festival show there this evening.


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The delightful Kavisha Mazzella  will be playing down at Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach on Sunday January 29 at 7pm with Fremantle musician David Pensa as support.

It is the launch of her CD The Fearless Note.   This is a live CD that was recorded on a full moonlit night last September at Julian Burnside QC and artist wife Kate Durham’s place at his request as he wanted a bootleg style of a live performance.



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Tomorrow, Saturday January 28 will be a very special community day in Fremantle that will celebrate our history and multiculturalism.

It starts of at 9.30 am at Arthur Head with a significant smoking ceremony by Nyoongar elders.

Two four hundred-year-old boomerangs from the South West will fly again from the hands of youngsters.

Aboriginal dancers and representatives will conduct smoking ceremonies in three locations – in the Round House, in front of the Round House and in the Bathers’ Beach area.  Small ceremonial fires held within metal dishes will be positioned in three locations and manned by representatives.

The ceremonies will be delivered in unified sequence across the three locations with the main ceremonial fire inside the Round House and a Ceremonial Progression of Aboriginal and General Community witnesses and participants together with the greater community led by Aboriginal elders out onto Bathers Beach.

Burning of Balga trees will take place on the grassed area in front of J Shed at 6.00pm.

And from 2 pm on the One Day In Freo event is at the Esplanade with family entertainment and from 4 pm on the great John Butler, Mama Kin and Dan Sultan will perform live from 4 pm.

It’s going to be a fantastic day to celebrate our diversity and sense of community and the huge contribution everyone has made to make Fremantle the very special and unique place it is.

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The claim in the Fremantle Herald today by Fishing Boat Harbour traders that Australia Day was a big hit for Fremantle businesses is a very one-sided view of the reality. It’s more like a Donald Trump alternative facts statement.

The fish&chips traders in the FBH might have done very well when thousands of people came to Fremantle in the early evening to watch the fireworks, but during the day there was hardly anyone in the city centre because it was simply too hot, so many businesses did very little trade at all. We had only 114 visitors at the Roundhouse compared to over 1,400 two weeks ago.

No one is to blame for that and it is a shame the Freo Fiesta efforts were hampered by the hottest Australia Day in 79 years, but let’s not try to make a very average day look like it was an outstanding success because the Fishing Boat Harbour people organised it.

Also funny to read that the FBH traders have approached State Government to get $ 500,000 to install a shark net at Fremantle’s most underused beach where one rarely sees more than a handful of people in the ocean. No wonder the City of Fremantle is not keen about the idea, that I believe would be a waste of money.

But having said all that, I believe the City of Fremantle needs to become serious about the activation of Arthur’s Head and what better way to do that than activating the gorgeous inner city beach. More significant signs to promote the beach would also help.

Bathers Beach needs public toilets, showers at the northern end near J Shed and the extension of the boardwalk all the way to J Shed. Creating better connectivity between the Victoria Quay and the Fishing Boat Harbour and linking the Maritime Museum, Roundhouse and Shipwreck Museum would be very helpful.

The Whalers Tunnel also needs to remain open longer in the evenings so there is direct access from High Street for people to watch the sunset and the lit up cliff face there.

There are a lot better ways of spending half a million dollars on Bathers Beach than a shark net.

The FREO FIESTA is on today and all weekend, so check it out! More info on

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