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Dr Noel Nannup, Noongar Elder, storyteller & cultural guide, will be opening the North Fremantle Community Farm at Thompson Road farm with a special Welcome Ceremony this Saturday Morning, March 23. He’ll be sharing his amazing cultural wisdom and insights on healing plants and places.

Hannah Tarrant, Notre Dame Uni PhD Candidate, will talk about her research on the impact of social farming on mental wellbeing. And the social programs we’re running this year for young people aged 18-25 years. And…

Ezereve, who has the voice of an angel will be serenading the community gardeners and visitors. She is a passionate social justice advocate and plays all over Perth including singing with the Perth Symphony Orchestra.

9 am : Farm open to the community
10 am : Welcome by Dr Noel Nannup
10.15 am : Introduction and overview of plans by Dylan Smith
10.20 am : Social farming for wellbeing PhD project overview with Hannah Tarrant
10.30 am : Live music by Ezereve, morning tea available for purchase, chat with the new farm crew and share your ideas and suggestions for the future
12.00 : Farm event finishes

There will be a number of stations set up people can visit and find out more about the North Freo community’s plans for Growing Change  where visitors can share their thoughts about social impact, workshops and venue use, growing, site design, business and events.

BYO picnic rugs, chairs, snacks, hats and covered shoes, and your beautiful mind brimming with ideas.

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It is such a delight to find a community garden in an urban environment, as is the case in North Fremantle.

The garden, together with a few scarecrows, is next to the North Fremantle Bowling Club, so go and have a look one day.

There are some great cafes and restaurants in the lovely North Freo hub, so go north across the bridges this weekend for breakfast!


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I love the new urban community garden at the North Fremantle Bowling Club and wished we had more of them all over Fremantle.

It’s good to break up the monotony of housing with green spaces and we need to be careful to retain them as there is a push to reduce public green spaces to allow for more density in subsurbs. That is a NoNo!

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JAN 8th 2016. 7.30. 16 Livingstone Street, Beaconsfield.

voices of transition

Voices of Transition presents paths towards a new model of human existence: one which is fair, environmentally sound and fulfilling, with soil and people supporting each other in a balanced and sustainable way.

This inspiration film presents innovative and very concrete solutions to the food security challenges of our crisis-ridden age. Its powerful images showcase community-led agriculture in Cuba, ingenious woodland farming methods in France and the influential Transition movement in the UK, where communities are already moving towards local resilience. The pioneers of this global movement share a positive vision: a new food system in which soils and people once again support each other in a balanced and sustainable way. The film offers a tantalising glimpse of a future-proof society – one in which our communities are happier and healthier too.

6.30 for dinner (BYO NOT shared) and 7.30 for the movie.
Bring chairs or pillows-



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Smoke haze at the Swan River.

Smoke haze at the Swan River.

The City of Fremantle’s draft GREEN PLAN is out for community input so make sure to download it from the COF website and put submissions in to make it a really good plan to protect and enhance our public green spaces, increase our city’s essential tree canopy, create more small green lingering nodes all over Fremantle, protect established mature trees from demolition through new development, etc.

Here is some of what the Green Plan says:

The 2020 Green Plan provides the background, rationale and framework to deliver projects and programs over the next five years. Key initiatives and targets include:

 Every resident and worker to be within walkable distance to public open space.  Progressively increase tree canopy across the city to achieve up to 20% by 2020.  Design adaptable open space that allows for future flexibility as the community and open space function and needs change over time.  Planning for future water security to identify opportunities for best available water sources for existing and new open space.  Develop links that increase the amount of flora/vegetation and increase habitats for native fauna and encourage their movement between green spaces and to increase and improve biodiversity areas.

Key projects over the next five years include:  Investigation and identification for accessing public open space in the priority areas of Hilton, O’Connor, White Gum Valley and Beaconsfield.  Investigation and identify options to improve and/or expand public open space is proximity to future high density areas.  Undertaking an Urban Forest Strategy to manage and guide tree and vegetation population across the public and private realm, to increase canopy and biodiversity and to mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect.  Undertaking water demand modelling to inform future fit for purpose water supply options.  Prepare landscape concept plans for green links and develop a biodiversity plan.

Public submissions closing date is November 11, so participate and be part of the solutions!

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My mates Shani and Tim run Fremantle ECOBURBIA, so here some info from them about the next course at the Growers Green Markets:

10 things about a Living Smart course you might be interested to know:

– it covers ten topics – gardening for food and wildlife, water, power, transport, healthy home and you, living simply, waste and community,
– it goes for seven weeks, 2.5 hours per session
– there is at least one outing,
– what you do in the course depends on what the group wants to do,
– there are hands on or discussion activities in every session,
– the focus is not on lots of information but on taking action,
– participants say their favourite bit is taking action and meeting like minded people,
– people also say they don’t want it to end,
– it only costs $80 / $40 concession,
– this term there are courses in Beaconsfield, Spearwood and Rockingham
So really? – you should enrol now –

This term there are courses in Fremantle on Sunday mornings (at the Growers’ Green market in Beaconsfield), on Thursday nights in Spearwood (at the Cockburn Civic Centre), and Tuesday morning in Rockingham. There is even a course in Sydney!

The courses in Fremantle and Spearwood will be facilitated by Ecoburbia. Tim and Shani are the most experienced facilitators in Australia, so you will be in good hands.

The course is only $80 for the full seven weeks, which includes Living Smart membership. Call Shani if you have questions. 0417 941 991 or

There are more details below. Have a look and then head to the Living Smart website for more information and to enrol.
Sunday mornings 9am – 11.30am
Starting October 25th
South Fremantle Senior High School

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162.


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Now this, in my opinion, is a much better project for the City of Fremantle to support. It is not another parklet, not another cafe/ restaurant but something really new and creative and a fantastic way of using coffee waste to grow mushrooms. That is real recycling in coffee-mad Freo and I have no problem with Fremantle City supporting this, so I copied this from Mayor Brad Pettitt’s blog:

Julian and Ryan from Life Cykel turn coffee waste into gourmet mushrooms at their Fremantle Urban Mushroom Farm.
What will 300 tonnes of coffee ground waste and mushrooms do for human and planetary health? Follow their journey to find out!
Life Cykel is a new, locally owned, social enterprise using coffee ground waste to create Australia’s first Urban Mushroom Farm.
Collecting coffee ground waste from Fremantle coffee shops, Life Cykel will grow gourmet organic mushrooms to be sold to local restaurants, food outlets and local markets.
And no, they don’t taste like coffee!
The City of Fremantle has jumped on board, already committing $15000 to the project. Now Life Cykel is calling on more like-minded people who believe local food, local economies and a greener future is what we should strive for.
To support this project check out:

Roel Loopers


Writtena dn authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Mazwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162.


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I went to the PECHA KUCHA event at the Fremantle Fibonacci Centre last night and what a ‘food for thought’ evening it was. What impressed me most was that the audience was made up mainly of young people under 35 and that the place was packed. It shows that only when groups do things differently they remain relevant. Some struggling established community, political and artistic groups should take heed off that.

The format was very simple. Invite 12 people from different parts of the community to show 20 images and speak about each one for twenty seconds. Toby Whittington from Green World Revolution, graffiti artist Lady Bananas, Paul Pule from Men Alive Australia, the founders of Higher Ground Coffee, Fibonacci’s own delightfully quirky Robby Lang, photographer Aaron Bradbrook, designer Sheree Dornan from Love in Tokyo, games designer Kate Raynes-Goldie and Freo Mayor Brad Pettitt all talked about REVITALISATION, that was the theme of the night.

It was a fascinating, inspiring, thought provoking and a very relaxing evening, and it was also nice to see that the organisors were happy to only charge $ 5.00 entry fee and the same price for beer and wine. The Blinco Street Cafe served yummy curries.

I will make sure to remain in contact with the worldwide Pecha Kucha movement and be at the next events in Freo or Perth.

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