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It is my understanding that the Western Australian Statutory Planning Committee for the second time has refused to support the Fremantle Council decision to close the Pedestrian Access Way(PAW) between Kellow Place and Swanbourne Street.

That the Statutory Planning Committee resolves to:

  1. refuse the City of Fremantle’s request to permanently close the Pedestrian AccessWay (PAW) at Lot 55 Swanbourne Street, Fremantle; and
  2. note that further measures are available to improve the safety and security of the PAW including, the installation of lighting, maintenance of vegetation within and adjacent to the PAW as well as consideration of a ramp to make the PAW more accessible and footpath links in Kellow Place and Bolton Place, if considered necessary.

Fremantle Council decided about two years ago that it wanted to close the PAW, because some local residents claimed there was an increase in criminal and anti social activity in the area. Those allegations were rejected by other residents who said there was no proof of increased crime, and police statistics supported that, and subsequently the WAPC in May 2018 refused the application to close the PAW .

However, the prematurely closed PAW remained closed while Freo City officers were instructed to negotiate with the SPC and see if they would change their mind, but last Tuesday, March 10, the SPC again ruled that the closure of the PAW was not supported.

Now the City of Fremantle will have to reopen it asap, as the two year closure was a pretty bad and questionable move without approval from the state government.


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The Police Union is not happy with the safety of the Fremantle police station in High Street, and that is no surprise really as the former bank building is inappropriate for a police station, and it has no secure parking for police and staff vehicles, as the torching of three vehicles last weekend highlighted.

But Police Minister Michelle Roberts has indicated that the State Government has now identified the new location for a new Fremantle police station, and I wonder where that will be.

There were rumours of the new police station being part of the proposed Woolstores development in Cantonment Street, but also that the girls and boys in blue might take over the Adelaide Plaza in Adelaide Street, and the former St John’s ambulance site in Parry Street also came up as a possibility.

Michelle Roberts has indicated they will announce the new location soon, so stay tuned Freo.

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DSC_8364 (1)


Good to know that police have charged a 27-year-old man from Gosnells for the torching of three police cars in Leake Street on Sunday night.

Damage to the cars is estimated to be $ 160,000, so it is good to get people who commit these crimes off our streets.

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DSC_8364 (1)



There are some brainless idiots around, hey!

Three police cars were set on fire in Leake Street last night at the back of the Fremantle police station.

I have no time at all for those in our society who believe that they should be allowed to break the law and who verbally attack police officers, spit on them, behave violently, or damage police property.

Police officers are not malicious sadists who like to inflict pain upon the community, they do their job, so if you drive too fast, drink and drive, use your mobile phone while driving, steal, attack people, or break any of the laws and rules we as a society have set for ourselves, than just cough up, admit your mistake and don’t blame the police.

Without a solid police force we would live in chaos and anarchy, so show some respect for those out on the beat who do a bloody dangerous job when trying to keep us all safe.

The rate at which police officers have had to use force is up by 54%, due to drugs and a general lack of respect for police and  the community. Think about it!

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There appears to have been a bit of miscommunication this morning when Fremantle traders were invited to a Community Safety Briefing, but when yet another speaker spoke about future social and housing solutions for homeless people, some in the public gallery became irate and wanted to express their concerns about antisocial behaviour, violence, shoplifting and begging. They were not very interested to hear about long term solutions, when they want immediate action.

One Market Street shopkeeper expressed that she feared she might have to stop trading because of the issues and that she herself might end up on the street, while others questioned the slow response time of police and Fremantle community safety officers, and asked if the number of officers dealing with these issues is adequate.

Mayor Brad Pettitt had said before the public interruption that one of the key issues was working together, while Minister Simone McGurk said a lot of resources were put in by Police in Fremantle and Perth CBD with a no tolerance approach to antisocial behaviour.

The state government were spending hundreds of millions of dollars on social housing and housing for homeless facilities, using the best evidence from around Australia and the world as a cornerstone for the government policy. It was important to provide permanent, instead of transitional, housing and that had very good outcomes.

The Senior Sergeant in charge of Fremantle police said that Fremantle and Perth CBD were unique but that total crime reported since July last year was down by 5.6%, however retail theft was up by 22%.

The best crime prevention is police visibility, so there were more cops on the beat and on bikes and spread all over the day.

There were other speakers, and some who were there to speak but never got to it, so there is a lot of scope for the City to do better here and do a very specific safety forum for retailers, addressing the specific issues and trying to find specific solutions for the short and long term. Trying to cover everything, as was the case this morning, did not work and left traders frustrated.

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mural 1

mural 2


The effort some morons go through to destroy art they do not politically agree with.

The lovely mural at Steven Reserve in Fremantle has been vandalised again, with idiots painting over the artwork. Get a life!

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When on the early Sunday morning walk through Fremantle the first thing one sees is vandalism, one knows that there is something wrong in our society, where the entitlement I do what I want is not restricted to some politicians, but to other morons as well.

Idiots had pushed over the big dinosaur in front of the Fremantle market at night and owner Tony just arrived when I took a photo of it.

The Fremantle Community Safety Rangers came to the rescue and helped Tony lift the heavy attraction back on its feet.

Walking further down town there was a racket coming from the balcony of the Fremantle Beach Backpackers in High Street just after 7am, with loud music and swearing, and I understand there are very often complaints of antisocial behaviour from and near the hostel.

The I don’t care attitude of far too many people, and the impact it has on the community, needs to be better addressed by our governments and police.

Fremantle will have more taverns and bars in the near future, because we live in a society where the desire for activation appears to equal the consumption of alcohol, and there needs to be a way of restricting the number of alcohol outlets through our planning system.

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crime 1

crime 2


A crime scene has been established in front of the Fremantle Esplanade hotel by WA Police with forensic officers and detectives on site this morning.

I have not been able to get any details of what happened, but that there was a fight that started somewhere between the Esplanade Youth Plaza and the Carriage cafe last night that spread to over the road on the corner of Essex Street and Marine Terrace, with one resident telling me there had been a lot of blood behind the cafe on the Esplanade.

Just down the road a resident of Norfolk Street has taken residential property protection to a different level with a razor wire, or was it put up by the Norfolk Hotel?

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The City of Fremantle is helping raise awareness of violence against women by hosting a White Ribbon Day event on Friday 22 November.

White Ribbon Day, which is officially commemorated on 25 November, is an internationally recognised day of action and calls upon all Australians to stand up, speak out and act to stop violence against women.

Fremantle Acting Mayor Andrew Sullivan said on average per year, one woman was killed every week in Australia as a result of domestic violence.

“Violence against women in any way is unacceptable and we hope Fremantle’s White Ribbon Day event will raise critical awareness of an issue that is very important in our community,” Acting Mayor Sullivan said.

“It’s imperative we all work together to build and foster a community where every woman lives in safety, free from all forms of abuse.”

This year, the Fremantle Community Legal Centre, Fremantle Library and The Meeting Place have joined forces to build an origami display ahead of Friday’s White Ribbon Day event.

Fremantle residents, workers and visitors are encouraged to visit Henderson Street Mall (the open space between Fremantle Markets and Sail & Anchor) between 11am–2pm and take part in the origami display.

People can hang their own white paper crane, which will have stories of victims printed on them, and support the campaign to end domestic violence.

While White Ribbon Australia has recently closed its doors, supporters and communities are encouraged to continue raising their voice alongside the international White Ribbon movement. For more information, visit



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Fremantle District – WA Police Force: Fremantle Detectives charged three people as a result of their investigation into a stolen statue.

Around 3.30am on 9 October 2019, unknown person(s) stole the statue ‘Bella’ from Bathers Beach in Fremantle. The statue is valued at approximately $100,000 and is the work of local J Shed sculptor Greg James. Sadly the statue has not been recovered.

As a result of information provided by the public, Fremantle Detectives were able to identify the men.

A 40-year-old man from Fremantle has been charged with:
• Stealing;
• Possess Methylamphetamine with Intent to Sell/Supply;
• Possess Drug Paraphernalia; and

• Possess Stolen Property.

He is due to appear in the Fremantle Magistrates Court on 22 November 2019.

A 38-year-old man and a 33-year-old man, both from Fremantle will be summonsed to appear in court at a later date in relation to drug and stolen property offences.

Anyone with any information regarding the whereabouts of “Bella” is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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