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The Fremantle South Ward by-election will be decided this coming Friday Mach 16, so if you have not sent in your ballot paper yet do it now!

You can also drop off the envelope at the City of Fremantle reception at Fremantle Oval till Thursday and on Friday at the Townhall till 6pm when votes will be counted.

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It was a kind of groundhog day and deja vu all over again feeling at the Fremantle South Ward candidate forum at The Local, that was attended by less than twenty members of the community.

We have basically heard it all before and a lot of it is based on ignorance and the fact that candidates can’t be bothered to attend council meetings, so they have an opinion based on hear say.

The accusations flew wild; There is only one narrative at Fremantle and councillors are too close so there is only rubber stamping. Council looks after developers and businesses but not after residents. There is no due process, community participation, or consultation.

The elected members set themselves low benchmarks, one candidate who has never been to a council meeting said, and that it was questionable if the new South Beach basketball court was a good return for money.

Ignorance always annoys me, but it annoys me even more when it comes from people who want to be our next councillors. If they are too lazy to do their homework and attend council meetings and inform themselves, what benchmark do they set themselves then to be an elected member one has to wonder?

I left the meeting when they started to dig in why there was a by-election and if maybe council or the incumbent should have done more to prevent the inexcusable blunder by WA Electoral Commission staff who allowed an non eligible person to be a candidate.

Did I hear any new ideas about where Fremantle should go, any long term plans? No, none, just good old council bashing. Very disappointing!

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If you live in South Ward of the City of Fremantle and have not sent in your ballot paper yet, please do it today!

Just about 40 per cent of eligible voters participated in the October local government election in Fremantle and that is disappointing.

I already voted for Andrew Sullivan because from my close-up observations of Fremantle Council Sullivan has been a very impressive contributor with a huge knowledge of local government procedure and planning.

The South Ward by-election was made necessary after an unforgivable blunder of the WA Electoral Commission, so now we have to go through the process again.

Voting is not only your democratic duty and right but a privilege that many people around the world envy us for.


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There are just three candidates for the City of Fremantle South Ward local government by-election to be held on March 16, after a blunder by the Returning Officer and WA Electoral Commission.

The October election results were ruled invalid by court after it was deemed that candidate Ben Moodie had not been eligible to contest the election because he did not live in Fremantle.

Long-time Councillor Andrew Sullivan, who won the invalid October election, will stand again, and so will Marija Vujcic who challenged the outcome of the election. She came third after Liam Carter, who will not re-contest.

The new and third candidate for the South Ward seat is Fremantle family lawyer Chris Williams.

Ballot papers will be posted out as early as February 16, so make sure you vote if you live in the ward!

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It comes as a big surprise to read in the Fremantle Herald this morning that Liam Carter will not re-nominate for the March City of Fremantle South Ward by-election.

Carter came only 57 votes behind Andrew Sullivan at the October election, which has since been declared invalid because of a huge blunder by the Electoral Commission, which wrongly accepted the nomination of Ben Moodie.

The election results were challenged in court by Maria Vujcic, who came third after Sullivan and Carter.

It will be interesting to see if new candidates will nominate now that it looks to be only a two people race between Sullivan and Vujcic.

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Never Again


It promises to be a hot Sunday, but there is plenty to do in Fremantle, so don’t stay at home.

The Growers Green Farmers Market is on from 8am till midday at Annie Street in Beaconsfield.

The Fremantle Arts Centre Christmas Bazaar is on from 10-5 and the In Cahoots Aboriginal art show is there as well.

Not far from there the East Fremantle Festival in George Street is on from 1-7pm.

And last but not least the NEVER AGAIN book launch about the Roe 8 highway and Perth Freight Link protests is at the Town Hall from 5-10 pm with live music, readings, speeches, food and drinks.

It’s going to be a busy Sunday for those who like to connect with their Freo community. Have fun!

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The WA Electoral Commission will be calling a by-election for the South Fremantle Ward which was won by Andrew Sullivan at the October 21 election last month.

Concerns had been raised about the legibility of candidate Ben Moodie and it appears the WAEC has agreed that he should not have been permitted to nominate because he lives in the City of Cockburn.

Andrew Sullivan received only 57 votes more than Liam Carter, so it was a very close race between the two greenies.

The results were: Moodie 268, Vujcic 517, Carter 598, Suffling 23, Sullivan 655.

It is very disappointing that we now have to go through the whole process again, and it is likely that voters will be fed up and that the return of ballots could be very low.

One has to wonder though why no one seems to be responsible for checking the legibility of political candidates. We have been witnessing the dual-citizenship shambles in Canberra and now this is happening in Fremantle.

It is not fair to all the candidates who spent a lot of time doorknocking, and money on printing flyers. They’ll have to do that all again.

When I nominated for City Ward I was not even asked to show proof of identity, proof of citizenship, or even that I am actually a permanent resident of Australia, so the process is far from perfect and needs an urgent overhaul.


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Australia voted YES! for marriage equality, and in my opinion it is well overdue and Federal Government should implement it as soon as possible.

The City of Fremantle posted following media release which I want to share with Freo’s View readers and also the fun photo they took of Councillors Jenny Archibald, Bryn Jones, Jeff McDonald, Mayor Brad Pettitt, Hannah Fitzhardinge, Ingrid Waltham and Rachel Pemberton and her dog:

The City of Fremantle has welcomed the resounding support for marriage equality in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics announced the results of the survey earlier today, with 61.6 per cent of the 12.7 million respondents voting in favour of marriage equality.

In Fremantle, 70.1 per cent of people voted yes.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt said the result was a win for equality in Australia.

“Fremantle is a progressive, culturally-diverse and inclusive society and it’s the duty of the council to represent and uphold the values of the community,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“That’s why we campaigned in favour of marriage equality and why we welcome today’s result.”

In April this year the Fremantle City Council unanimously adopted a proclamation in support of marriage equality and resolved to write to all Federal MPs and political parties urging them to allow a conscience vote on the issue.

Councillor Jeff McDonald, who moved the council’s marriage equality proclamation, said the federal Parliament must now move quickly to amend the Marriage Act.

“Whilst the divisive and damaging plebiscite may be over, the issue of marriage equality is not yet resolved,” Cr McDonald said.

“The federal government needs to act fairly, with consideration and compassion, and legislate civil marriage for same sex couples in a prompt manner.”




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Fremantle City Ward candidate Julie Morgan has taken legal action against the Fremantle Society for an email its president John Dowson sent to the members, writing that Morgan should be run out of town because of the, in Dowson’s opinion, inappropriate veranda she and her husband built in High Street.

Fremantle lawyers Ralph Legal sent the following letter to the Electoral Commission.

Please accept the attached letter as formal complaints under section 4.96(2) of the Local Government Act 1995 (LGA) by Mrs Morgan in relation to certain publications by the Fremantle Society in relation to the following:

That a statement by Mr John Dowson on behalf of the Fremantle Society published on 3 October 2017, as detailed in the attached letter, amounted to a threat or suggestion of detriment under section 4.85(2)(a) of the LGA.

That material published by the Fremantle Society as detailed on the attached letter is deceptive and contrary to section 4.88 of the LGA.

That material published by the Fremantle Society detailed in the attached constituted electoral material within the meaning defined in section 4.87(3) of the LGA not having been authorised constitutes an offence under section 4.87 (1) of the LGA.

I am instructed to request the Electoral Commissioner and the Returning Officer for the 2017 Local Government Elections to the Fremantle City Council that the Commissioner formally investigates the actions of the Fremantle Society and of the person who caused the material to be published in the name of the Society.

This comes after Local Government Minister David Templeman called for a stop to on-line bullying of local council candidates and supporters and to show more respect.

Templeman said that trolling and negativity does not help in attracting quality and diverse candidates for local government elections.

I experienced courtesy and respect while door knocking, but sadly there are a few people on social media who delight in name-calling, innuendo and conspiracy, and that is very disappointing.


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This will be the last post about the Fremantle local government election, so here the winners of the wards and the people who will represent you for the next four years.

The new faces on council are former Freo Mayor Jenny Archibald in East Ward and Adin Lang in City Ward.

Councillors Andrew Sullivan, Doug Thompson, Hannah Fitzhardinge and Sam Wainwright all retained their seat.

This is overall a resounding rejection of the negative voices in Fremantle and a clear message that the community wants progress, development and the revitalisation of our great city.

Like all those who lost I feel soundly rejected and am deeply disappointed,  so I will pull back from my community engagement and scrutinising council. and will use my passion for Fremantle in other activities.

Thank you to all the candidates and to all the people who voted. Well done!


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