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I was  at the Fremantle Cemetery this morning to say farewell to the truly delightful Marie France, who died at the age of 73.

As always I was far too early for the 10am ceremony, so had a walk in the sun and took some photos. After all, being on the cusp of my 70th birthday, this is soon going to be my new home as well, so it was a bit like real estate shopping for me.

Wandering around and listening to the very full and adventurous life of Marie France, I thought what an immense place of millions of memories the cemetery is.


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The 10th annual Fremantle Business Awards event was held at the Esplanade Hotel last night and THE WINNERS ARE:

Corporate Responsibility: Fremantle Foundation

Excellence in Hospitality: Esplanade Hotel and Kazoomies. Joint winners!

Excellence in Innovation: Black Swan Health

Excellence in Strategy, Marketing, Communications: Photography Project

Marine Industry Excellence: TAMS Group

Outstanding Community Event: Long Table Dinner (National Hotel, St Patrick’s, BID)

Outstanding New Business: Viewport Virtual Reality

Outstanding Personal Achievement: Amber Kane of Ellen Health

Retail Excellence: The Blue Budha

Sustainability Initiative: CleanSubSea

Tourism Excellence: Fremantle Prison

Business of the Year: Media on Mars


Congratulations to all of you!

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smog 1

smog 2

That was a rather strange day in Fremantle with the smog all over the city most of the day. I had itchy and runny eyes and a headache all day, so that was very annoying.

There could well be an amazing orange sunset tonight but I won’t be photographing it.

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The public gallery at the Ordinary Council meeting in North Fremantle last night was packed full with people, many of them families and children with placards.

They were there for the Solar Farm Business Plan item on the agenda, that deals with the proposal for the solar farm on the former heavily contaminated South Fremantle tip site.

Most speakers supported the Solar  Farm but were very worried about possible health implications for the community if the contaminated soil gets disturbed. They wanted to be assured that all possible safeguards would be in place to make sure that the health of their children would not be affected by any work on the site.

One man in his ignorance claimed that Council had underhandedly sneaked the Solar Farm through without public consultation, when in fact this has been on the public record for nearly a decade and the public consultation process will start with the planning application, since that is a legal requirement. Last night’s item was only about starting a business plan.

The unsuccessful recent South Fremantle election candidate thundered “Shame on you council!” for ignoring the consultation process, but that is factually wrong. She must have forgotten that she attended the community consultation meeting in the Townhall organised by the solar farm proponents and she should also know how due process at local government works and that every box has to be ticked under the local government act, and that the Solar Farm proposal was widely reported in the local media.

It is very frustrating to time and time again hear members of the community complain they did not know anything about planning proposals and blame council for their own ignorance, when these plans have been announced on the City’s weekly page in the Herald and reported in the Fremantle Herald, Fremantle Gazette, on Freo’s View, on the CoF website, Facebook and other social media platforms.

To claim that Councillors try to sneak a planning proposal past the community without them noticing it is insulting and laughable, as it would be in contradiction to the Local Government Act. Our elected members are not crooks who do sinister deals the community is left in the dark about!

Mayor Brad Pettitt assured the public gallery that Council would only approve the proposal if it was safe for the community.

The community needs to take ownership and has the onus to inform itself as one cannot realistically expect to receive a letter in the mail for every new plan in the city.

Health issues are extremely important for the Solar Farm proposal and under the Contaminated Sites Register and EPA laws stringent environmental guidelines will have to be adhered to if any soil disturbance is to occur, and we all will make sure that it will be monitored daily! I too live not far from the site and the southerly wind could easily blow contaminated dust here where there is also a primary school.

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I want to keep you all updated about the asbestos scare at the former Fremantle Workers Club in Henry Street, so here the media release from the City of Fremantle:

The demolition of the former Workers Club on Henry Street in Fremantle will remain suspended after testing revealed asbestos was present on the site.

The City of Fremantle ordered the suspension of the works yesterday following community concerns about the demolition practices on the site and its proximity to the Lance Holt Primary School.

Testing conducted yesterday showed there was no asbestos present in samples of dust and materials taken from the school.

However, City of Fremantle Chief Executive Officer Phillip St John said testing of samples taken from the demolition site showed some asbestos was present.

“We took four solid samples of rubble from the site, of which two were positive for asbestos and two were negative. Soil samples from the site were also negative,” Mr St John said.

“The demolition permit issued to the developers by the City of Fremantle includes specific conditions around dust suppression and the safe removal of asbestos.

“Work on the site will remain suspended until the City is satisfied those conditions are being met.”

The material is contained to the site and poses no risk to the general public.


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Tests show no asbestos at school

Testing has shown there is no asbestos in samples of dust and materials taken from Fremantle’s Lance Holt Primary School.

City of Fremantle Chief Executive Officer Philip St John said independent analysis of nine samples taken from locations around the school earlier today found no trace of asbestos.

The City has advised the school of the findings and will continue to liaise  with Lance Holt staff and parents and closely monitor the demolition works on the site of the former Workers Club at 7 Henry Street.

The City took action to instruct the demolition contractor to cease works until further notice while testing could be undertaken in response to concerns about dust emissions from the site.

Mr St John said the City was yet to receive results of the soil tests taken from the demolition site which was closed and contained this morning.

“Our immediate priority was to clarify the situation regarding Lance Holt Primary School. Now that the tests conducted at the school have come back negative, we will focus our attention back on the demolition site.

“As soon as we receive the results back from the laboratory where they were sent for testing, we will determine any further action.”

UPDATE at 18.17 hours: Testing has revealed asbestos at the former Workers Club site but not at the Lance Holt School opposite the demolition site!


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Workers Club


The City of Fremantle has taken action to stop demolition works on the site of the former Workers Club at 7 Henry Street, Fremantle, pending tests to see whether dust emanating from the site contains asbestos.

Responding to community concerns about the demolition practices at the site and its proximity to the Lance Holt Primary School, the City today instructed the demolition contractor to cease works until further notice.

“Field services officers were on site this morning taking samples of material both at the site and at the school. We will have those samples urgently tested today and will notify both the demolition contractor and the school of the outcome,” City of Fremantle Chief Executive Officer Philip St John said.

“We have been in touch with the school principal over the weekend and again today to advise of the action taken and we will continue to remain in contact throughout this process. It is hoped we will have the results of the testing back as soon as possible.”

Mr St John said the demolition site, in Fremantle’s historic West End, was contained and the City would determine any further action once it receives the results of the tests.

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It’s a beautiful warm final day of the long weekend, so after the street arts don’t forget to go to the Under the Bridge Fremantle Foodtrucks at the East Street jetty from 5pm today.

Great food, great sunset at the river and port and also the very important fundraiser for EAT NO EVIL co-owner Ben French who had a horrible life threatening accidents in Thailand and needs our financial help.

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It is the first Sunday of the new month so there is a BIG Fremantle Growers Green Farmers Market today!

Not only will there be fruits and vegetables, organic products, fresh produce, breads and pastries for sale, but also art and craft.

There is also live music, Farmer Damian’s touch farm, Fairy Sandy and face painting.

Great breakfasts and coffees and a really cosy community get together.

Proceeds from parking will be donated to the Ben French fundraiser, for Ben of Eat No Evil who had a horrific accident in Thailand and is fighting for his life.

The Growers Green is open from 8am till midday at the Fremantle College Grounds on Lefroy Road in Beaconsfield.

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Terrible news about one of Fremantle’s nice guys Ben French of the Eat No Evil foodstall fame many know from the Under the Bridge Foodtrucks, Bathers Beach market, etc..

Benjamin ventured to Thailand on what was meant to be a break from reality.
When suddenly things turned for the worst. On the 28th of March 2018 Benjamin was involved in an accident which has now lead to the fight for survival. With extensive and life threatening injuries, Ben is currently in a critical condition.

Some of his current injuries include severe brain trauma, broken spine, punctured lungs, broken ribs, many broken bones throughout his body and severe damage to his skull. Several brain surgeries and blood transfusions have already taken place in order to stabilise his condition before the rest of his injuries can be attended to and assessed properly, but as his condition is extremely critical the hospital costs are continuing to rise – currently at $44 000 on day 2.

Ben is currently in a coma and alongside the extent of his injuries, the doctors have given us a time frame of 2 weeks to 3 months of ongoing hospital treatment for small gains to take place.

This page has been organised in hopes to help fundraise enough money to partially cover his hospital treatments. With positivity and blessings we hope to see his condition stabilise, where he can return to his hometown here in Perth and be surrounded by his family and friends with the continual care he requires. We are extending all helping hands in this time of need and are hopeful that you can find it within you to donate anything possible to help us reach the target. Thank you in advance to everyone who has extended their generosity. Please keep Benjamin in your thoughts and prayers.

If you can help financially please go to the Gofundme page:

Please share this information, so that we can get a lot of funding to help Ben!!! Thank you.


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