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new water mains for fremantle


Anyone planning any significant outdoor events in the Fremantle CBD between April and December this year should be aware that the Watercorporation is planning major works in many streets in that period.

Watercorporation are going to renew 4.2 kilometres of water mains pipes in these streets: Market, High, South Tce, Essex, Leake, Marine Tce, Norfolk, Nairn, Phillimore, Pakenham, Short, Henry, Bannister.

This might well have an impact on traffic flow around town and for some businesses.

Check it out on their website and ask any questions you might have about disruptions, etc. Go to:

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A new bridge to replace the Fremantle Traffic Bridge has been added to the list of priority proposals by Infrastructure Australia, according to an article in today’s West Australian newspapers.

WA’s Main Roads believe that the bridge would have to be closed in the near future unless significant maintenance work is undertaken, but this will not extend the life of the almost 80-year-old bridge.

A closure of the old bridge would have significant impact and cause serious traffic delays across the Swan River.

We have seen a lot of patching up of the bridge and fenders put around it to stop large ships from slamming into it, but it has been very clear for many years that a new bridge is needed.

Now here is a challenge for Josh Wilson MP and the Labor Party. Instead of promising a new car park at Leighton for train commuters if you win the election, why not build a far more urgent new bridge and do something really significant for Fremantle!

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The FPOL Committee of Fremantle Council will on Wednesday evening debate minor changes to the Lloyd Street/Hampton Road intersection and the exit from the Peaches/IGA shopping centre car park.

Council in its incredible wisdom decided last year that these pretty irrelevant adjustments were more important than a safe pedestrian and school crossing on Hampton Road between Lloyd and Scott streets.

Councillors decides that they knew much better what is needed and ignored the advise of traffic experts, City staff, and the community survey of local people, who actually use these roads and the school pedestrian crossing daily, as I do.

Now the City wants to spend a lot of money on minor changes which will make very little difference because the awkwardness of the car park exit will remain, no matter what they do, because it is too close to Hampton Road and that can’t be changed.

The frustration there is sometimes and mostly the incompetence of drivers who block two lanes when they turn left out of the Lloyd Street car park exit to either turn north or south onto Hampton Road. Making the two lanes more legible will not make an iota of a difference to those motorists who can’t turn a corner properly and hold up traffic.

So instead of spending some $ 300,000 of State Government money on getting a proper pedestrian crossing on Hampton Road and re-opening the Scott Street intersection the City will be wasting all that money on basically nothing at Lloyd Street. Yes Minister!

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Old plans for Victoria Quay by CODA


I am glad I don’t eat Weet-Bix because I would have choked on them reading the Fremantle Gazette this morning, where on page three it is announced that a ‘steering group’ has been formed with plans for the transformation of Victoria Qiay in Fremantle Port.

I wonder how many more steering and working groups, community and expert consultations and how many more announcements and spin doctoring it will take before we actually see any development on Victoria Quay.

The Steering Group will be chaired by Simone McGurk MLA and will yet again have members of Fremantle Ports, Freo City, Department of Transport, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, the Chamber of Commerce and the Westport Taskfoce on it.

A few years ago CODA architects were engaged by Fremantle Ports to go through a lengthy consultation process and plans were drawn up for Victoria Quay, but nothing ever happened.

Many, many years ago when she was also the Minister for Fremantle Port I walked around with Alannah MacTiernan and other dignitaries where she showed off the Phillimore Street/Cliff Street plans to connect the port better with the city, but nothing ever was done about it. The intersection there is awful with many motorists driving against the one-way traffic flow, while others who want to go to the B Shed ferry terminal end up on the South Mole due to very poor way-finding signs.

So now we’ll have another steering group where Transperth will tell us they don’t want to move the busport further east, we will also not see Pakenham street extended into the port, and I bet that the Cliff Street intersection at Phillimore Street will remain an unacceptable nightmare for motorists for many more years to come.

When will Fremantle Ports and the State Government stop wasting everyone’s time with more talk fests which have no action plans? It is a waste of manpower and taxpayers’ money!

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The body of a 75 year-old woman was recovered late yesterday off the Fremantle South Mole after the Mitsubishi Magna she and her husband were in drove off the South Mole. The 81 year-old husband managed to swim to safety.

The tragic accident happened around 7pm yesterday, and one has to wonder how, as the road on the mole is surrounded by large rocks.

Access to the South Mole was closed early this morning as the police are investigating and asking any witnesses who saw the car before the accident to come forward.

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It does not look as if the Fremantle Market Street traders will be getting much sympathy from Council in their quest to keep the four 15-minute parking bays between High and Bannister Street.

On Wednesday the FPOL committee of Fremantle Council will acknowledge the receipt of a petition with just under 1,100 signatures against the removal of the bays.

The officers recommend to the FPOL members to “continue to monitor any impact to short term parking in adjacent areas after the removal of the bays.”

Now, I am no Albert Einstein, but I have no idea how one monitors something that is no longer there. It will have to be a very futuristic innovation by the City.

The reason the parking bays, plus the loading bay, will be removed is because of the imminent development of the Manning Building by Silverleaf Investments. The developers want to put a new verandah along the building at Market and William streets.

Market Street traders have set up a fighting fund to take legal action against the City but I doubt that will do them any good.

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I received the below message about the High Street upgrade for freight to Fremantle Port from Main Roads, so important to share it with the Fremantle community:

As part of the environmental approvals process the High Street Upgrade project was referred to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). On 6 November 2018 the EPA determined that a public environmental review will be held for the project. As part of the environmental approvals process, we are releasing an Environmental Review Document for a public comment period from Monday 17 December 2018 to Friday 18 January 2019.

In the meantime we are continuing to progress planning and project development. You might have noticed us out and about undertaking a range of geotechnical and site investigations as we further develop the preliminary design.

In October we called for expressions of interest from industry as the first step in engaging a contractor to design and deliver the project.

Our noise assessment process also identified that the project requires noise mitigation in line with the Western Australian Planning Commission Road and Rail Noise Policy (State Planning Policy 5.4). Letters went out to property owners in October providing some initial information about noise mitigation.

Main Roads is also working with the City of Fremantle to develop a landscaping and urban design framework to guide the project.

Look out for future updates early in 2019 or visit the High Street Project page for more information.



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Nov 23 Hilton town party


The Hilton Town Centre Party is on tomorrow, Friday November 23 from 3-5pm so come and enjoy the fun!

It is about celebrating the new look of the town centre which also hopes to have created a safer environment for pedestrians.

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FERN, the Fremantle Environmental Resource Network will be served with a notice that their monthly lease at 26 Montreal Street will be terminated to make way for the upgrade by Main Roads WA of the Stirling Highway/High Street intersection.

FERN has been on the site on a monthly lease since March 2009, so they have been aware for a long time that they will have to move out to accommodate the upgrade of the busy freight link to Fremantle Port.

The community facility will be demolished and the site cleared by the City of Fremantle, but costs for that will be reimbursed by MRWA.

Start for the construction of the intersection upgrade is planned for mid 2019.

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It is long overdue, and something that I have called for for many years, but we are finally getting pedestrian zebra crossings on Marine Terrace in Fremantle, which is a nightmare to cross, especially on weekends.

Main Roads have approved that the City of Fremantle make the raised plateaus at Essex and Collie streets into proper zebra crossings to make crossing the busy road from the CBD to the Fishing Boat Harbour and vv. much safer.

However a lighting audit has found that the lighting at the crossings is not up to Australian standards and needs to be improved at a total cost of $ 60,000 to the City.

The Finance, Policy and Legislation Committee will on Wednesday decide if Council will want to invest that money to get the safer crossings.

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