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The water corporation and gas people are in Fremantle’s West End and have dug a deep trench for new pipes along High Street.

It is very strange that the Pipes for Fremantle people no longer send media releases to this blog because it would be nice if I could inform the public and businesses about disruptions, as I did last year when PFF used to send me information.

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I walked over to have a look at the progress of the High Street Upgrade project in the east of Fremantle yesterday. There is a lot of work going on there currently.

A large area of land has been cleared north of High Street with several houses removed, and also on the eastern side of Stirling Highway.

FERN is gone and so are the derelict houses south of High Street and many trees have been removed along the golf course. A long retaining wall will have to be built from Carrington Street to accommodate the new road.

The project is meant to make life easier for truck drivers who deliver freight to Fremantle Port, with a large raised roundabout allowing them to take the turn from High Street onto Stirling Highway faster and safer.

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The City of Fremantle has unveiled an updated layout for the revamped Fremantle Public Golf Course.

The course redesign, which is required to make room for the Main Roads WA High Street upgrade, includes three completely new holes, the introduction of a par 5 hole, the replacement of all tees and greens and new bunkering scenarios.

As a result of the extent of the required works, the new course design will also include a renewed irrigation system, new cart paths and renewed course furniture.

The updated layout follows extensive collaboration between the design team from Perth-based landscape architects Aspect Studios, the course operator and local golfers.

The critical goals with the redevelopment are to maintain the 34-par card, take the opportunity to greatly enhance the greens and tees, have minimal impact of the natural landscape and trees, and retain the unique character of the challenging aspects of the narrow fairways.

Project manager Mal Birch said new layout would offer a fun and interesting challenge for golfers, despite it being slightly shorter than the old course.

“The old course was a golfing experience that required accuracy, good club selection and skill over brute force, so the slight reduction in length will in no way diminish that experience,” Mr Birch said.

“Added to this the course now has a genuine par 5 for the first time which will markedly enhance the playing interest, particularly for those many people for whom the course has been a part of their sporting and social lives for many years.

The redesign of the golf course is required to make way for the Main Roads WA upgrade of High Street, which will result in the loss of the existing third and sixth holes.

As part of the High Street project Main Roads will fund a program of accommodation works including the reconfiguration of the golf course and the construction of a replacement club house.

The official opening of the new course with temporary club house facilities is scheduled for May 2021.

A preliminary design for the combined new club house and community facility is expected to be presented to Fremantle Council next month, followed by further community consultation.

The final location and orientation of the new club house may lead to further refinement of the location of the first tee and the practise chipping and putting greens.

Construction of the club house is scheduled to take place between March 2021 and January 2022.

For more information visit the Fremantle Public Golf Course project page on the City of Fremantle website.



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High Street Upgrade


Here a photo of the High Street Upgrade project that is now well under way. Some of the Tuart trees have been removed but most of them will stay and become part of the new median strip, and Mainroads will also be planting hundreds of new trees in Booyeembara Park and around Fremantle to compensate for the loss of trees.

There is a bit of a bottleneck when one turns right onto Stirling Highway, so be aware that traffic might be a bit slow there at times.

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The WA Watercorporation is starting the Pipes for Fremantle works in Essex Street, to replace the old pipes with new ones, so traffic from Marine Terrace to South Terrace is closed but remains open going west for the time being.

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The High Street Upgrade project is well under way at the Stirling Highway intersection, where a large roundabout will be constructed to allow safer and faster freight truck transport to Fremantle Port. Below an update about the progress of the work from the WA Mainroads department:

Works underway Works to realign Stirling Highway southbound are nearing completion. Temporarily re-aligning southbound traffic to the east will enable the construction of the new Forrest Street underpass to commence.

Earthworks and clearing in the southern verge of High Street adjacent to the Fremantle Public Golf Course and Royal Fremantle Golf Club is progressing in stages.

Service locating is continuing to prepare for the relocation of utility assets including Western Power, Water Corporation and communications assets in the coming months.

Stirling Highway realignment

After the Easter long weekend the final stages of constructing the temporary lanes, including asphalt will be completed. Traffic will be switched onto the temporary alignment overnight towards the end of next week. Further information regarding traffic changes is overleaf.

Forrest Street underpass

Once traffic is switched to the temporary Stirling Highway southbound lanes, construction of the first third of the Forrest Street underpass will commence.

This will involve sheet piling in the centre of the underpass, then excavating to the west towards Wood Street.

Pedestrian detours are already in place to divert pedestrians and cyclists via Marmion Street while the underpass is under construction.

Wood Street north clearing

Clearing works in the verge between Stirling Highway and Wood Street (North) from Forrest Street to High Street will commence after Easter. This will enable underpass ramps and retaining walls works to commence. Noise wall footing work will also commence in May, while noise wall concrete design and procurement continues.

Traffic management will be in place on Wood Street during clearing and the street will be narrowed in areas immediately adjacent to clearing activities.

South of the Stirling Highway and High Street intersection

Earthworks and clearing is expected to commence later in April as we prepare to commence construction of the southern portion of the Stirling Highway and High Street roundabout

High Street southern verge

Earthworks will continue in the southern verge adjacent to the golf courses to construct the new westbound High Street lanes.

High Street east

Clearing in the southern verge of High Street between the Royal Fremantle Golf Club and Carrington Street is scheduled to commence after Easter. In areas where trees overhang the road, some after-hours clearing will be required.

Roadworks to remove medians along High Street between Carrington Street and Frank Gibson Park will also commence after Easter so traffic can be shifted north, and lane widths reduced to enable construction of the new westbound carriageway.

Traffic changes

Stirling Highway

When the temporary re-alignment of Stirling Highway southbound is complete, traffic will be switched to this temporary deviation after Easter to enable construction of the Forrest Street underpass.

High Street

To construct the new westbound carriageway, High Street lanes near Carrington Street will be re-aligned and reduced in width. From late March, traffic will no longer be permitted to turn right into or from High Street at Wilkinson Street, Chudleigh Street and Onslow Street.

Details regarding the traffic switch will be provided via and emailed to those subscribed to the project.

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Why does the City of Fremantle allow taxis to park in the Henderson Street mall in the evenings? It’s a mall!

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Newish South Fremantle Councillor Marija Vujcic claimed at the FPOL Committee meeting on Wednesday evening that the speed humps along South Terrace were not successful, but did not provide any evidence as to why she is of that opinion.

The officers’ report states clearly that traffic calming and reduction of speed along that stretch of road has worked, and the average speed there is now between 35-40 km/h, and that is exactly what the locals, through various intensive precinct meetings wanted to achieve. I was at at least four Sth Freo precinct meetings about this issue.

People had been complaining about the dangers to cyclists, the difficulties crossing the road, and exiting side streets onto South Tce, and hence the speed humps were installed as a temporary measure, to convince Main Roads that a 40 km/h speed limit should be introduced.

Vujcic claimed last night that side roads had become rat runs, but traffic counting by the City of Fremantle last year, showed that is not the case.

Quite funny also the South Freo Councillor complaining about a delivery truck parking across her Commercial Street driveway at 9am in the mornings. Might that be the truck delivering goods to her son’s South Beach Hotel, I wonder? ; >)

I have the feeling that Marija Vujcic simply does not want to admit the success of the speed humps, because one of her election promises was to get rid off them, which by the way was also what Fremantle Council wanted to achieve and have a permanent speed limit of 40km/h without the speed humps.

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Slowing down while sitting down in Fremantle?


The West Australian has this as one of their headlines today, and claims this is on the Council meeting agenda today:

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt leads council calls to slow down streets to 30km/h

but the agenda for the FPOL Committee which is held this evening will be considering this:



  1. Request officers formally seek approval from Main Roads WA for a lower speed limit of 40km/h on South Terrace between Wray Avenue and Douro Road.


It is nothing new anyway as the traffic calming along South Terrace in South Fremantle has been an ongoing process, which started with long community consultation at the South Fremantle Precinct meetings.

The temporary speedhumps from South Street to Douro Road are all part of the process to get Main Roads to allow the City of Fremantle to lower the speed limit along that stretch to 40 km/h.

Nothing in the agenda indicates that the Freo Mayor wants to put a motion forward tonight to lower the speed limit even more, so what’s the story?

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The Town of East Fremantle will be doing road upgrades along Riverside Drive, starting mid March, so be aware that traffic delays might occur.

Residents are advised that this project will upgrade approximately 1.5km of Riverside Road from East Street to the Leeuwin (No 1) Carpark. Works will entail:

  • stabilisation and resurfacing of the road pavement
  • upgrading of the kerbing, plantings and traffic management treatments along the route
  • reclaiming approximately 2000m² of riverside/foreshore land for use as public open space

View a copy of the final plans

  • 2/3 of the project funding has been provided by Main Roads WA (MRWA)
  • New intersection works to improve safety and facilitate improved traffic flows at the intersection of Pier Street
  • Riverside Road will be rezoned to 40kph to create a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists and road users
  • This project will provide appropriately selected street trees and enhance the riverside landscaping
  • The existing road pavement will be reused via foam bitumen stabilisation, which has a minimum design life of 40-years
  • Foam bitumen stabilisation reuses the existing pavement material, eliminating the need for virgin quarry products and reducing the transportation and haulage of carting new materials
  • Foam bitumen stabilisation has a rapid construction period, and will take approximately 7 days to stabilise the full road.  Additional time will be required for other ancillary works.
  • Riverside Road will remain accessible throughout the construction period
  • Asphalt surfacing will be undertaken using polymer modified asphalt where the polymer is specified as TonerPlas
  • TonerPlas uses recycled toners, soft plastics and recycled glass to create a fatigue resistant road surface.  Paving Riverside Road with TonerPlas will use approximately:
    • 800,000 reclaimed plastic bag equivalents
    • 252,000 glass bottle (stubby) equivalents
    • Unused toner from 1900 printer cartridges
    • 20% reclaimed asphalt pavement

Please direct any enquiries to the Town of East Fremantle via phone (08) 9339 9339 or email

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