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We live in strange times, where respect for fellow humans and property are often just a second thought, if at all.

I was quite surprised to see it is business as usual at the Fremantle Sail&Anchor pub this Sunday, after a young man fell from their balcony last evening at 8.30 and died in Fiona Stanley Hospital last night.

I am not blaming anyone for the accident, but I wonder why the Sail&Anchor does not show more respect for the dead man and his family by closing the pub for a day.


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flag disgrace


Good to see that the Sail&Anchor have taken down the badly damaged Australia flag I complained about and replaced it with a new one, and rewarding to note that this Freo’s View blog makes a little difference in our Fremantle community.

At Freo’s View I care about the little details because a lot of little things make up the big picture. From little things big things grow. ; >). (Thanks Paul Kelly!)

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tree reflection


A couple of winter reflections I shot in Fremantle today. The top one is at the Sail&Anchor and the second one just a few metres from there in a rain water puddle.

The sunny weather is not going to last very long according to BOM, so I made the best out of today’s lovely day.

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I had a busy day yesterday that started in the morning with photographing the heritage-listed Warders Cottages which are being restored, and ended late afternoon with photographing the fully restored historic Gunners Cottages, before going to Fremantle Council to hear there that the Townhall will also be restored, so a very good day for heritage in Fremantle.

I was a bit early for the Council meeting, so wandered around Freo and took these late light photos of the Cappuccino Strip and Sail&Anchor pub.

Get ready for car free Cappuccino Strip  Sundays during three weekends in April!

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art class 1 art class 2


I took these very Freo photos of an art class session in Essex Street this morning with people painting the Fremantle Markets and Sail&Anchor pub.

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Congratulations to the Fremantle  Sail&Anchor and Clancy’s Fish Pub for being in the top ten of Australia’s best beer establishments in the inaugural Beer&Brewer magazine list.

The Sail came in at number six and Clancy’s at number 8.

Malicious rumours that Clancys’ turnover is dramatically down because I stopped drinking alcohol six months ago, are unfounded. The good news is that I’ll have the odd sip of nice wine and a good old Guinness again as off next week. Half a year of abstinence is enough.

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matty 1 Matty 2 Matty 4Fremantle busker Matty the Blade, the famous sword swallower, juggler and mad pirate entertainer, who died earlier this week, will be honoured during this year’s Street Art Festival on the Easter long weekend. Plans for a mural are also on the way.

Matty held the world record when he swallowed 14 swords at the Fishing Boat Harbour some years ago, and was a regular performer in front of the Fremantle Markets on weekends.

It is disturbing to realise that even those who make us all laugh can suffer from depression and that we often hide behind a facade that does not show our despair and pain.

There is a small shrine for him at the markets and the Sail&Anchor will have a wake for Matty from 2 pm today. Dress up!

RIP Matty!


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I had a quick look at the proposed development by Sirona Capital of the Spicer site on the corner of Henderson and William Street and I quite like the look of it. It is a creative design by architects Cox Howlet Bailey with strong references to the old Fremantle warehouses. It is straight opposite the heritage Warders Cottages and the proposal is respectful to that in my humble opinion. It will be four storeys high at Henderson Street and go up to five storey toward Paddy Troy Lane.

Unfortunately this is again only an office and retail development with no residential aspects, and it is disappointing that the initial ideas for a hotel there have not been followed through either, because real  inner city activation will only happen when more people live in the CBD, not just work there.

What is missing in the plans is a view from South Terrace and to see what impact the new building will have on the Sail&Anchor as it is substantially higher and will be seen from Essex Street. Overall though, I believe the proposed building would be a modern feature for Fremantle.

The artist plan was not very high res on the City’s website, but it will give you an impression anyway.

You can get the full plans on the City of Fremantle website, or come and see them and talk to City planners on Monday January 13 at 5.30 at the meeting room. Enter through the back steps near the former Myer building.

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Spicer site

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