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Two articles in the West Australian raise concerns about the rents and management of the Fremantle Markets, and that is a real shame because it is one of Freo’s most popular weekend destinations that attracts many thousands of visitors each day of trading.

The West questions if the City of Fremantle is getting maximum value out of its property when the Market operators pocketed some $ 11 million over the last five years and under the contract agreement only paid back $ 3.8 million to the City.

I understand building maintenance is City of Fremantle’s responsibility.

It is alleged in the articles in the West Australian that rents for stallholders in the markets is seven times more than along the Cappuccino Strip, although the markets only trade three weekend days a week and on public holidays. It is claimed that in this time of rent increases in the markets rents along the Cappuccino Strip halved because of the economic downturn.

Some market stall holders, according to the West Australian and Fremantle Herald, claim there is Russian dictatorship management at Femantle Markets after a doughnut trader was evicted for trying to re-start the tenants association, which is denied by markets CEO Natasha Atkinson.

The decision by a previous Fremantle Council to grant an extension of the markets lease to the Murdoch family was highly controversial at the time and created a lot of anger in the community.

The Fremantle Markets are very popular with tourists, visitors from all over Perth, and locals and have in my opinion improved a lot, especially in the food hall. It is the go to attraction in Freo on the weekends, so it is a real shame it is getting so much negative publicity. It is time for Fremantle Council to mediate and support the traders.

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Early birds….. It’s only October 5 but the Fremantle Markets already got signs out to let us know their Christmas trading hours, so take note.

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When Fremantle Council and the Fremantle Oval reference and steering groups are looking at the potential and opportunities for the development and activation of the area one of their main priorities must be the connectivity between the north and the south of Parry Street, as this is going to be a major challenge.

Pedestrian crossing is already a challenge on weekends when the Fremantle Markets are open. The roundabout at William Street is not the safest place to cross Parry Street since motorists are occupied with navigating the roundabout and rarely give way to pedestrians who are on their way to the oval or Fremantle Prison.

The entire precinct will attract a lot more people when Fremantle Oval is activated and when Silverleaf Investments have developed the police and justice complex down the road with a hotel and community spaces and activation, so vehicular and pedestrian movement will increase substantially.

When one also considers that the City of Fremantle has plans to extend Norfolk Street all the way to Mews Road in the Fishing Boat Harbour, which will make Parry Street even more into a ring road, one can start contemplating the challenges ahead to create safe pedestrian access between the markets and the oval.

Serious thoughts need to be had about a possible pedestrian underpass or at least a zebra crossing somewhere halfway along Parry Street between William Street and South Terrace.

There will be events and concerts at Fremantle Oval and residential and commercial accommodation in new buildings to the south and west of it, and the Kings Square activation project will bring heaps more people to that part of Freo, so a lot more people will be in the area, that already is home to two of Fremantle’s most popular tourist attractions Fremantle Prison and the Fremantle Markets.

If Fremantle Council is serious about making Parry Street even more into a ring road from Queen Victoria Street in the north east of the CBD all the way to the Fishing Boat Harbour, it will need to address especially pedestrian connectivity and safety between the new developments in the precinct as a priority.

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The Fremantle Markets is one of the top attractions in our city, for locals and interstate and overseas visitors.

Last year the markets, which has 150 stalls, had a record year and welcomed 2,64 million people. That is amazing!

There is no doubt that the Fremantle Markets have improved a lot, especially the food section that has specialty stalls we should have elsewhere in Freo as well. The variety and quality is great.

The heritage listed Fremantle Markets opened in 1897, so 120 years ago and remains a favourite destination on weekends.

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I am very glad for the Fremantle traders to see so many people in town this week. On Wednesday and Thursday the city centre was packed full, and that is very unusual, and today is the same.

At the Roundhouse yesterday we had a record day with 1,399 people coming through the door, and we might have forgotten to count a few as the three volunteer guides on duty were flat out for five hours.

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Warders 2


The Planning Committee of Fremantle Council last night recommended for approval by JDAP the development of a boutique hotel, tavern and restaurant at the Henderson Street  historic Warders Cottages next to the Fremantle Markets.

The development is valued at $ 3.5 million and the application will be decided by the WA Joint Development Assessment Panel on December 16.

Fremantle Society President John Dowson said hotel accommodation was a good outcome for the cottages, but questioned the size of the tavern and heritage issues such as a two storey walkway at the back of the cottages, which is contrary to heritage policy.

Dowson was justifiably outraged when he spoke again later in the evening that none of the Councillors had mentioned heritage considerations when they deliberated the proposal.

It was good to see Councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge reaching out to the Fremantle Society president, as all Councillors and planning and heritage staff should be doing, because the Society has been very influential for over forty years in protecting Fremantle’s heritage.

Without the interference and protests of FS Fremantle would not have become the tourist attraction it now is, as many of our heritage buildings in the West End would have been demolished, and so would have Victoria Hall.

About eight years ago the Society published an nine-page flyer, which I wrote, in which it was recommended that developers and Council engage the Fremantle Society as early as possible when proposing new development, to avoid frustrating delays and negativity. No one ever took up that offer and it is time for Fremantle Council to revisit that and collaborate more and better with FS and other relevant community groups.

The chair of the new Westport task force was adamant a few weeks ago that only when all stakeholders are engaged and consulted a new outer harbour and all relevant infrastructure will get the best outcomes and community acceptance, and Fremantle City needs to move that way as well and reach out to community groups like FS, instead of dismissing them as NIMBY or negative old farts who are against change.

During the recent election Mayor Brad Pettitt and other elected members acknowledged that community consultation in Fremantle needed to be improved, and the administration is also working toward it, so Councillors need to meet regularly with the Fremantle Society and other groups, so we can work all together for a better and modern Fremantle.

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Warders 2

Warders 1

The Planning Committee of Fremantle Council will on Wednesday decide if it will recommend for approval the development of the Warders Hotel of six heritage-listed  Warders Cottages in Henderson Street next to the Fremantle Markets.

The proposal is for six of the Warders Cottages to be adapted to 11 boutique hotel rooms, plus a two storey rear addition for stairs and lift to the upper level, plus a two storey 490 sqm addition for a bar and restaurant, storeroom and toilets.

The development runs from William Street to Market Lane along the Henderson Street Mall and backs up against the market.

The decision-making authority is the WA Joint Development Assessment Panel, so Fremantle Council can only recommend for the proposal to be supported or refused.

The Officer’s Recommendation to the Planning Committee is for approval of the development.

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The City of Fremantle is already a leader in tiny houses development, but now there is an application at the City for what might become the smallest hotel in Australia.

East Fremantle Matthew Crawford Architects have applied for a development license for an eleven-room hotel in the heritage-listed Warders Cottages in the Henderson Street mall adjacent to the Fremantle Markets.

They would renovate the cottages and also build a dining and bar area between the cottages and the markets, plus on-side parking.

The application is for 19-29 Henderson Street, which runs from William Street to the market laneway. The laneway would become the main entrance to the hotel.

The development decision will be made by the WA Development Assessment Panel, not by Fremantle Council.

You can see the plans on the City of Fremantle website. Submissions for or against the proposal need to be in by November 10.


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After yesterday’s blog post about tourism in Fremantle, and the lack of Aboriginal experience for overseas tourists, I was contacted by Fremantle Markets CEO Natasha Atkinson about their indigenous art trial and wildflower exhibition.

The Aboriginal walkway art trail and wildflowers show celebrate one of six Noongar seasons and throughout the year the markets will showcase all Noongar seasons with new displays.

The art trail, celebrating the Djilba season, was painted on the walkway by indigenous artist Deborah Newenham-Coertse and will be there all of September.

On Friday mornings there is also a Welcome to Country by Whadjuk Noongar man Walter McGuire

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The historic Warders Cottages next to the Fremantle Markets in the Henderson Street Mall still have not been sold and the Heritage Council hopes these six will be sold to one owner.

The Police and Court precinct, including the cottages next to it were sold to Freo developers Silverleaf.

The cottages that have been sold so far fetched on average $ 600,000.00  each.

They are very tiny and definitely not suitable for a small bar as the steps to the first floor are very steep and the rooms claustrophobically small.

I wonder though if the new security gate is really the best solution at these heritage buildings and if not something more suitable and sympathetic to the old style could have been installed. Pretty bad taste!

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