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The Fremantle Kings Square FOMO retail development by Sirona Capital is a finalist in the World Architecture Festival 2018, with judging being held at the RAI  exhibition and convention centre in Amsterdam in November this year.

FOMO Fremantle, designed by HDR architects, has been selected as a finalist in the Leisure Led Development – Future Project category.

The World Architecture Festival celebrates inspiring and outstanding architecture. It is the only architecture event where keynote talks from the industry’s most influential figures occur together with live judging presentations from over 500 award finalists. It is the only global awards program where architects present their projects live to a panel of internationally renowned judges and delegates from around the world.

The $270m Kings Square Fremantle, which includes the new $50m City of Fremantle civic centre, is a transformational renewal project in the heart of Western Australia’s historic port city. It will become a major entertainment, retail, and employment precinct.

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First State Super, Sirona Capital and Altis Property Partners announced they have signed a $190m funding package agreement, comprising construction and term debt, for the Kings Square Fremantle redevelopment.

Kings Square Fremantle is underwritten by a 15-year lease to the WA State Government for 20,000sqm over five levels and across two buildings to accommodate some functions of the Department of Communities, mainly Housing.

The project also includes the introduction of FOMO (Fremantle on My Own), a new urban retail, food and dining destination in a concept which is authentically Fremantle, and the full refurbishment of the 830 bay multi-deck Queensgate car park.

Sirona Capital managing director Matthew McNeilly said he was excited to have First State Super on board as a funding partner for the transformational Kings Square Fremantle project. “What sets this project apart from others is that we have actively sought to conceptualise, plan and deliver it in ways that reset traditional thinking for projects of this type, size and scale,”







The  former MYER building at Fremantle’s Kings Square is a mere skeleton now that the part demolition is at an advanced stage with large sections of the Queen Street facade now also removed.

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When it comes to the Fremantle Kings Square redevelopment project I am like a child waiting for my Christmas presents, so I wanted to see a bit more of what is happening and asked developer Sirona Capital for access to the site.

PROBUILD‘s Nick Croft showed me around on Wednesday afternoon, but unfortunately the photos I hoped to get, looking down into the big demolition site from the adjacent roofs, were not possible because of health&safety regulations. The hero shot from ground level was one taken prior to my visit by Nick on his mobile phone and I thank him for sharing it here on Freo’s View.

The roof of the former MYER building has now also come down, so that later on two new storeys can be added, and inside the building is stripped back to just its concrete skeleton.

The Queensgate building’s William Street facade is now also being pulled back and in about ten days the facade of the Myer building at Queen Street will come down.

I feel sorry for the traders who are negatively impacted by all this, but sometimes in life we need to acknowledge that the big picture has priority over individuals and individual businesses.

I just hope they can all hang in there and hopefully reap the benefits of a rejuvenated inner city in less than two years from now. Good luck to you all!!

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ks 4


The Newman Court facade of the Queensgate building at Fremantle’s Kings Square is almost demolished thanks to the dedicated crusher operator of the DELTA Group demolition team, who worked on the long weekend Saturday.

The crusher operator’s wife and daughters were watching dad at work because it is a special day. The teenage daughter was on the phone with daddy because it is her birthday today. Happy birthday!

There were a lot of people watching and taking photos, so it is a shame the black fences and trees obscure so much of what is going on.

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An officers’ Public Realm Concept Design Plan for Kings Square will be presented to the Strategic Planning and Transport Committee of Fremantle Council this Wednesday at the Townhall at 7pm.

The next stage will then be to produce a sequencing plan for budgeting, phasing, delivery of the project and the start of design development.

It is deemed important to manage and curate activation of the future Kings Square public spaces to ensure they are vibrant, activated and often changing.

The Windows of the Past concept would created windows in the pavement to look down into the recent archeological findings and limestone foundations of the former St John’s church.

The overall budget for improvements to the Kings Square public realm are estimated to be $ 8 million, which has already been captured in the ten year financial plan.

Below some highlights from the agenda:

  •   Re-energise Kings Square and create a destination for people.
  •   Respect the history and cultural significance of the place.
  •   Integrate the various projects that are currently underway.
  •   Create a place that is welcoming, safe and attractive to all.
  •   Deliver a high quality urban space that is civic, resilient and sustainable.
  •   Ensure the project remains strategically aligned with other plans and strategies for the  city.

    In response to feedback on the draft plan, the following changes/proposals have been made to the Kings Square Public Realm Concept Plan:

    1. URBAN FOREST: Addition of one extra shade tree in the main Civic Space to provide improved amenity and further reinforce the mini ‘urban forest’ concept. This will be achieved through the relocation of an additional mature tree from within Kings Square.
    2. NEWMAN COURT: Set-down/pick-up bays in Newman Court have been removed from draft concept to enable full pedestrianisation to occur in Newman Court for specific times of day/week (yet to be determined). A loading zone remains in the concept – this may be time restricted to occur ‘out of hours’ to minimise impact on the future pedestrianised character of the street.
    3. KERBSIDE USES: Minor adjustments have been made to the draft plan to improve the overall functionality and balance between competing needs in the square:
      • –  new coach/tourist set-down/pick-up bays in William and Queen Streets;
      • –  CAT bus stop introduced to Queen Street;
      • –  a loading zone in Queen Street moved around the corner into Adelaide Street;
      • –  3 ACROD bays (instead of 5 general bays for people with mobility needs);
      • –  4 general parking bays in Queen Street converted to set-down/pick-up bays;
      • –  Minor adjustments to locations for motorcycle parking.
    4. STREET TREES: Two additional street trees have been included in Queen Street, near the proposed CAT bus stop. The preferred tree species for planting around the perimeter of the square is the Jacaranda, subject to availability of suitable stock.
    1. ROUNDABOUTS:Replacementofthetwomini-roundaboutsinQueenStreetwith pedestrian-friendly raised road platforms – extending the urban design detailing of Kings Square. (These elements are still subject to further traffic modelling and confirmation that bicycle route integration will be legible, convenient and safe.)
    2. CHILDRENS PLAY SPACE:Development and integration of the schematic playspace design into the overall concept for the square, noting that further refinement will be guided by safety audits (especially with regard to the close proximity of Queen Street).


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The demolition for the Fremantle Kings Square Project has started with workers removing the exterior awnings while preparing the interior for the main demolition.

There is also an archeological dig going on to find remnants of the original St John’s church, so go and have a look. On Monday they found a horse shoe and what looked like some small bones.

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Things are getting a bit more serious at the Fremantle Kings Square Project development, with new permanent hoardings being erected around the former Myer and Queensgate buildings.

Project managers Sirona Capital have promised creative and attractive hoardings, so time will tell what kind of images about the FOMO retail project they will put up.

An inspector of the CFMEU was already on site today to make sure that everything is done by the book and told me power is off at the Queensgate carpark, so I assume that means free parking in the dark.

Also new temporary fences for the archeological dig that will start this week, looking for remnants of the old St John’s church.

Exciting times are ahead for Fremantle!

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The Western Power failure in the carpark has now been repaired I hear. 3.4opm


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Kings Square


It is reassuring to finally detect some activity at Fremantle’s Kings Square yesterday, as the delay of the demolition of the Queensgate building is of concern to the Freo community, and it invites the inevitable rumours.

The Fremantle Society claims developer Sirona Capital still does not have the finances in place for the Kings Square Project, and to be fair to FS I have heard this from other sources as well, including a senior City of Fremantle staffer.

Sirona’s managing director Matthew McNeilly assured me some weeks ago though that the delay of the demolition will not impact on the building timeline and that the project will progress as planned, so maybe we should just be a little patient and chill.

I sincerely hope we’ll see a lot of high-vis workers at Kings Square in January and that the demolition and construction will start in earnest, because Fremantle can not afford a delay of our most important development in decades.

Roel Loopers

and here, so everyone is up to date here the comment I just received from Matthew McNeilly, the managing director of Sirona Capital:

Hi Roel

I’m travelling overseas at the moment (looking at some outstanding retail concepts) and have just had your blog forwarded to me. For everyone’s piece of mind, funding was secured back in August. Government takes occupation in April 2020 and we are aiming to lauch FOMO pre Christmas 2019. It’s still only December 2017 and we have a quite short 19 month construction program. So there’s plenty of time and we’ll continue to be meticulous in both our planning and curation, as well as the execution of the project’s delivery. As you have noted, preliminary works are underway with the main building works to commence in the new year. Local retailers and the City have been made aware of this timing.

We are as excited as ever and can’t wait to deliver on the renewal of Freo’s CBD… as everyone appreciates, it’s long overdue!



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The Daily. Kings square


It is disappointing that Best&Less in Fremantle’s William Street have closed, but it creates a very good opportunity to promote the Kings Square Project and exciting FOMO retail concept there.

The location of the shop and the huge windows are ideal for an imposing large display of the virtues of the Kings Square Project.

It is highly unlikely the shop can be leased during the KS construction period, so maybe Sirona Capital and the City of Fremantle can come to an arrangement with the property owners to use the big windows to show artist’s impressions of the new buildings and FOMO retail concept.

That should not just be static images, but also large plasma screens with pictures and promotions for nearby businesses which are impacted by the project.

Another screen could live-stream the construction progress from already installed cameras, so that the public is constantly up to date on what is happening at Fremantle’s largest ever development project.


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