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The City of Fremantle’s Planning Committee will this evening deliberate if it will grant ALDI approval to change the use from shop to liquor shop in their South Fremantle shopping centre premises.

If Fremantle Council approves the application it would mean that three bottle shops would operate from the shopping centre on the corner of Douro and Hampton roads, as Liquorland and Dan Murphy’s already got shops there.


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A West Perth man died in hospital last night after falling from a balcony at the Fremantle Sail&Anchor pub.

He fell through the plastic weather protection that surrounds the first floor verandah to the ground of South Terrace around 8.30 pm.

People who were out and about in Fremantle last night were shocked that the Sail&Anchor remained open after the accident. Many believed it should have closed after the incident.


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There appears to be a bit more to the small bar protest story in Fremantle’s High Street than the initial newspaper report this morning revealed.

This is not just the case of a psychiatrist wanting to protect his patients who have drug, alcohol and suicide issues, but much more about protecting his own patch. It’s classic not in my backyard stuff.

It turns out the good doctor actually lives at the premises and works from home next to the proposed bar and he clearly does not want his evening peace disturbed.

The bar proponents tell me it will just be a tiny 50-patron bar in the cellar with table service and no outdoor area.

Living in the inner city means one has to compromise and realise there will be bars and pubs and entertainment, and a tiny bar operated by responsible operators won’t create anti-social havoc in the West End that is in dire need of  night-time activation.

To put a mental health clinic in an entertainment area is puzzling.

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I find it rather strange to read on Perth Now/Sunday Times on-line that a Fremantle psychiatric clinic operator objects to a new small bar proposal at 10 High Street in the historic West End.

Psychiatrist Dr Keven O’Daly told Perth Now it would be totally inappropriate to have a bar next to his premises where they deal with drug, alcohol and suicide issues.

The proposed bar would be a sister bar to the great Strange Company bar in Nairn Street that is very popular and last Monday even introduced a book club. The new bar would operate from 4.30 pm to midnight, so mostly when the clinic next door would be closed for business.

It is rather bizarre that Dr O’Daly opened his clinic in High Street where there are already licensed premises when that is a concern for his clients. The temptation to grab a drink would be a lot less outside the cbd one would think.

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booze bikes


The WA Police gave Fremantle people and visitors an Easter surprise mid Monday morning on Marine Terrace.

It wasn’t the booze bus but three booze bikes who stopped motorists and tested them for alcohol.

Oooooh, I am over the limit? It must have been the Grand Marnier inside the Easter egg I ate earlier. ; >)

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The FPOL Committee of the City of Fremantle has an interesting and varied agenda for this coming Wednesday so I hope more members of the public will take and interest in local council governance and turn up to observe it all.

The Youth Council, and  Alcohol Policy are on the agenda and also the important question if the City should continue with the BID-Business Improvement District. It looks like the CoF will do that for another three years and once the Kings Square Project is completed it will reconsider if BID will be needed in a very changed CBD climate.

Changes will have to be made by BID and the announcement that former Chamber of Commerce CEO Tim Milsom will head BID from this year on will no doubt be applauded by the business community.

Come along on Wednesday from 6 pm and see how local government works!

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The West Australian reports today that Fremantle’s Bathers Beach House is the first hospitality outlet in WA that has received a liquor license to serve alcohol on the beach. This will no doubt attract criticism from those who believe beaches should remain public spaces and not be leased to commercial operators, but I believe it is a good step forward for our nanny state to catch up with European standards on this issue.

What I don’t like is the awful metal steps that have been added to the timber deck that is part of the heritage interpretation of the area and it is disappointing the City of Fremantle did not insist on timber steps in character with the boardwalk.

That brings me to the issue of locals complaining that people who use the Mortuary area for weddings and functions close off the boardwalk to the public. That should not be allowed.

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It is very interesting to read in the Fremantle Herald this morning that Sunset Events director David Chitty has told them the company will go on and try to get approval from the WA Planning Commission for an 1,500 patron outdoor live music venue and an 850 patron tavern at J Shed on historic Arthur Head, against the vote of Fremantle Council and the wishes of the Fremantle community.

All the talk by David Chitty that he too is a Freo resident and community minded appears to be meaningless, as he wants to force his project through against the latest Fremantle Council and Planning Committee decisions. That is very disappointing for the community but the dollar signs are more powerful that community sentiment.

Sunset Events wrongly did receive approval from the City of Fremantle for a 400 patron tavern and 1,000 patron concerts, but that was not big enough for the proponents, and one can see why. Add another 500 music fans to the 12 concerts a year,  and get 1,500 in at $ 100.00 a ticket plus what they eat and drink and you’ve got a substantial and very lucrative business. Add to that a doubling of patrons for the tavern seven days a week, while paying a mere peppercorn rent to the City of Fremantle and you are laughing all the way to the bank, so why bother about community sentiment and complaints.

But at the end it is not Sunset Events we should blame for being stubborn and greedy but Fremantle Council for being absolutely stupid for initially approving a totally inappropriate tavern and live music venue at one of WA’s most historic precincts. It will now come and bite them back!

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Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt will next week at the full council meeting declare a conflict of interest for the debate on the Sunset Events proposal for a tavern and live outdoor music venue at J Shed at Bathers Beach. The Mayor will declare the conflict because his long-term partner is an employee of CODA, the architects assigned by Sunset Events to design the tavern.

While this is the correct procedure one has to wonder why that conflict of interest did not exist last year when the temporary approval for live concerts was given, when the Mayor already was in a relationship with the CODA staffer.

Cynics might see this as a convenient way out for the Mayor who now won’t have to take part in the debate and won’t have to vote, so whatever the outcome no one can blame him.

Thinking about J Shed I feel this is a lost opportunity to create something special at historic Arthur Head. J Shed could have been a community and arts hub like the lovely Fibonacci Centre in Blinco Street that has artists and yoga studios, a small exhibition and performance space, a cute cafe and a nice deck to sit on. The Fib has small concerts, poetry readings, exhibitions, functions, a monthly flea market, etc. and is such a relaxing venue. Imagine something like that at Bathers Beach, a small deck for alfresco enjoyment of the Indian Ocean and sunset, a space suitable for weddings and wedding function, for art exhibitions and collaborations with the artists at J Shed.

Then imagine the City, with a grant from Lotterywest, uncovering the remnants of the old Whaling Station and creating another historic tourist attraction in the area. Increase the connectivity between the Fishing Boat Harbour and the Maritime Museum by extending the board walk and one has a jewel that will attract people from all over the world and many locals.

Fremantle does not need another entertainment precinct. We already got that well covered in the CBD and we know the often negative impact that has on the community. Check out the FARE (Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education) website or their DRINKTANK blog to see what impact drinking has on the community and our national health system, and it might be time for the City of Fremantle to consider their own alcohol policy.

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monk 1 monk 2


The MONK Brewery on the Cappuccino Strip is applying for a change in license from restaurant to tavern, and I wonder if Fremantle Council will use their alcohol policy to reject the proposal or allow yet another venue in central Fremantle which main target is to sell as much alcohol as possible. Contrary to a restaurant license a tavern license does not require patrons to eat a meal while having a drink.

South Terrace already has the Norfolk, Sail&Anchor and Newport hotels, plus Benny’s Bar, two nightclubs and other licensed premises. Just down the road is the National Hotel and around the corner are the Strange Company and Whisper bars plus the Holy Smoke small bar in Collie Street, and also the Esplanade Hotel with two bars.

The negative anti-social impact of alcohol on society is without debate, and while no one should be a wowser about drinking, I believe the City of Fremantle does have a responsibility to look after the general public, even on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

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