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September 8 music


New Fremantle music venue ROCK ROVER will open its doors this coming Saturday September 8 at the South Fremantle Football Club at Fremantle Oval, so go and check it out.

I don’t have any other details so far but that the performances start at 8pm.

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It was a busy night at the full Ordinary Council of the City of Fremantle last night.

The Destination Marketing Fremantle was on the agenda, that will probably mean the demise of BID, and it sailed through with just a few mentions that BID had done a good job connecting small businesses and that the Economic Development and Marketing Department had a gap to close with the retailers in that regard.

Councillors expressed they hoped BID would survive in a kind of precinct form so that traders would stay connected and helped as volunteers at events.

It was unanimously decided to go ahead with the new marketing concept but $ 50,000 will be allocated from the budget for the Winter Festival and the Long Table Dinner.

Also-yes still!-on the agenda was the Sunset Venues lease for the No 1 unit at J Shed.

Councillors disagreed with speakers that the operators would not get the go ahead from the Western Australian Planning Committee for a smaller tavern, as there were examples on Rottnest Island and elsewhere where hospitality venues had been allowed on A Class Reserves and in heritage precincts.

It was mentioned that it would be hard to find another business that would be willing to spend a lot of money to put all the required infrastructure in and that Fremantle would get an improved asset.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said they had taken it back to where we originally wanted it to be as a small bar/cafe and restaurant that would activate the area.

The proponents will only have 12 months to start substantial development or the lease will be terminated. Only Councillors McDonald and Jones voted against the item.

Only Councillor Strachan did not support the License Agreement with the South Fremantle Football Club for Fremantle Oval. He questioned why the city was giving the club so much financial support in difficult fiscal times for the City.

The adoption of the new Precincts Policy was also approved with Councillor Sullivan expressing that he would like a more organic precincts system where groups would be less formal.

And the Dog Exercise and Prohibited Area Policy also got the tick of approval from our elected members.

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The monthly Fremantle Ordinary Council meeting will be held this coming Wednesday at 6pm and there are some interesting and controversial items listed on the agenda, so why not observe grassroots governance first hand and attend the meeting at the North Fremantle Community Hall.

On the agenda are Destination Marketing, the tavern lease for J Shed, the South Freo Solar Farm, the license with the South Fremantle Football Club for the use of Fremantle Oval, the Strategic Planning Framework, the new Precinct Policy,  and the Dog exercise areas policy.

Surprisingly listed as a confidential item is the request by Sirona Capital for the extension of the settlement for the former Spicer site, which now is the public car park on the corner of William Street and the Henderson Street mall.

The Spicer site development is part of the Kings Square Project the City of Fremantle and Sirona Capital signed off on, and an important inner city development. Why does the Council debating the settlement extension request have to be confidential and not open to the public?

By the way, the new convenor for the South Fremantle Precinct is Sean Hefferon.


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The Fremantle Council Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee last night approved all, but one, items on the agenda. Some of them will have to go through full council next week before being implemented though.

  • The contract for J Shed between the City of Fremantle and Sunset Venues will be changed for a smaller venue. The Director of City Business explained that is not a planning approval, so the proposed  300 patron tavern might still be stopped when and if Sunset Venues applies for it and for a liquor license.
  • The Solar Farm also got the tick of approval but Councillor Andrew Sullivan said he would have liked to see officers explore the possibility and costs of remediation of the site as it might well be profitable if it could be developed for residential living.
  • The new Precinct Policy was also adopted with Councillor Andrew Sullivan saying he never saw the need for precincts to be managed by the City, as community groups should rise and fall depending on the interest and participation of residents.
  • The contract for Fremantle Oval with the South Fremantle Football Club will also go ahead, so the footy club is getting all their Christmases at once. It appears they have been playing a bit of hard ball with CoF, so I am not sure why we so desperately need the club at the oval as it will not generate any income for the City. Not even the outgoings for power, water, etc. have reached an agreement yet. Councillor Rachel Pemberton was very worried about the big LED sign and said the City should make sure that the SFFC would not put up more of them.

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For a city which is financially challenged the City of Fremantle is exceptionally generous with a professional WAFL football club.

The FPOL Committee of Fremantle Council will debate on Wednesday a new lease for Fremantle Oval with the South Fremantle Football Club and the conditions are that we are given the SFFC the use of the oval and clubrooms for free plus we give them a lot of ratepayers’ money as well.

SFFC will not have to pay any rent for their 20+20 year lease and will receive all kinds of benefits from Fremantle City. I wonder if they will even have to pay for outgoings like power and water.

The City of Fremantle will agree in the lease to pay for the ground keeping of the oval and surroundings, estimated to be $ 120,000-$160,000 a year.

CoF would also transfer the groundkeeper position to it’s staff list, but what that will cost is not revealed in the agenda.

All the net parking revenue at the oval will be collected and managed by the City but will be donated to SFFC, estimated to be $100,000 a year.

In addition to all that Fremantle City will also make a $ 50,000 a year contribution to the WAFL club, and the club will be allowed to use the oval free of charge five times a year for events other than football games.

It is my understanding that SFFC is a commercial for profit organisation that gets funding from the WAFL and the national AFL through income from Dockers and Eagles contributions, so why does the City of Fremantle have to give away so much of ratepayers’ money that could be better used elsewhere?

This also sets a precedent for the intended move to Fremantle Oval by the East Fremantle Football Club. What financial concessions and incentives will the City of Fremantle offer them?

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The Beatles at Fremantle Oval. I’d like to see that!

It’s on this Friday at the South Fremantle Football Club where the Fab Four will no doubt entertain the crowd with all the old hits.

Tickets at the door at $ 25.00 or pre-sell for $ 20.00.


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The biggest disappointment about the Fremantle Dockers football club wanting a pay-out to leave Fremantle Oval is not just their corporate greed, but that they don’t care about the community and don’t recognise the importance of the development of the oval for the WAFL and for Fremantle.

Plans are to have the East Fremantle and South Fremantle footy clubs sharing the facilities and holding their home games at the oval, which would mean a weekend game at the oval every weekend during the footy season.

The development of the oval and Stan Reilly site will also connect the Cappuccino Strip all the way to Wray Avenue, and part of the masterplan is to go back to the good old days where events and concerts were held at Fremantle Oval, so all that is of great benefit to the entire Freo community and would support two WAFL clubs.

It appears the Dockers only have a narrow focus on the financial triple bottom line and don’t care at all about the Fremantle community, which has supported them for twenty years. That is a slap in the face.

What also worries me is that the City of Fremantle does not seem to have added an exit clause in the lease contract in 1994 that would require the Dockers to unconditionally hand back Fremantle Oval to the City when they move their training facilities and HQ somewhere else.

What did CoF pay its lawyers for when they set up the contract, I wonder? Where the COF officers and the lawyers really so naïve to believe the Dockers would remain at Fremantle Oval for 50 years?

Why are the Minister for Sport and Premier Colin Barnett not getting involved and tell the Dockers management that their demands are disgraceful and unacceptable?

Maybe it’s time for a name and shame protest event at the oval soon, so we can expose the disgraceful behaviour of the Dockers’ management in the national media.

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The invigorating ZYDECATS are playing at the Fremantle Workers Club at Fremantle Oval today from 6-9 pm so put your dancing shoes on and have some fun.

There will be delicious Venezuelan Cachapas, Empanadas and Arepas to eat and the bar is open.

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Zydecats at the Club Sunday May 8th


Hey kids, here something special to buy mum for Mothers Day this Sunday! The dance inspiring Zydecats are playing at the Fremantle Workers Club at the South Fremantle Football Club at Fremantle Oval this Sunday for next to nothing, so bring mum along for high energy music that makes you feel alive in every pore of your body.

To make it even more special Freo music legend Jim Fisher will be performing with the Zydecats, so don’t let mum miss out on it.

Entry fee is $ 5 for members and just $ 10 for non members and the fun is on from 6-9 pm.

It’s happy hour from 5.30to 6.30 and Venezuelan food will be for sale.

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Fremantle Oval


The City of Fremantle’s Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee will on Wednesday debate to work on a masterplan for Fremantle Oval that would see the site developed in collaboration with relevant State Agencies and stakeholders. This would be similar to what is happening at Claremont Oval at present.

The initial development plans, estimated to cost $ 20 million, could start as early as next year and be completed by 2021, and see the oval turned and repositioned closer to the heritage-listed pavilion. The Stan Reilly aged-care site would be sold off to accommodate a six-storey mixed-use building that would house retail, offices and residential accommodation.

The idea is for the rival South and East Fremantle football clubs to be based and play their games at Fremantle Oval, as I and others suggested over a year ago,  which would see a WAFL game at the oval every weekend during the season. This would also support plans by the Town of East Fremantle to develop the oval at Marmion Street.

Fremantle Oval would become a venue for events and concerts as Fremantle City wants to shift events away from the too frequently used Esplanade. That would be perfect for Sunset Events who now lease the former Fly by Night club hall that is just over the road from the oval.

Pedestrian access to the oval would be improved to link it better to the Cappuccino Strip and there could even be a 250 bay underground carpark under the oval. The latter was a suggestion former Fremantle Society President Henty Farrar made during a meeting he and I had with Mayor Brad Pettitt last year.

One hurdle that stands in the way of achieving these significant plans is that the Dockers have a fifty-year lease over the oval and want the City to buy their HQ building off them.

Also on Wednesday’s FPOLC is a stinger net for South Fremantle.

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