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Those of us feeling deflated by the outcome of the Federal election might as well have a laugh and acknowledge this quirky billboard by Ikea.

Of course Clive Palmer’s party’s preferences were very helpful to the Liberals and Nationals, but all that is now history.

Roel Loopers

UPDATE! It has been brought to my attention that this is not in fact a real Ikea billboard but was made by a designer named Adrian Elton (



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How can we stop the ridiculous claims in the media that Fremantle wants to change its name to Walyalup? The Reconciliation Action Plan, that is out for community consultation, suggests to acknowledge Aboriginal names for our city and its landmarks, that means we add Noongar names to the English names, not replace them.

Already there are many negative comments on social media, as if our Aboriginal history is something we should be ashamed about when we should be proud that we are part of a 50.000 year ancient history.

It is not as if before British settlement this country we now call Australia was a fascist society with a past we’d better not mention. It is a huge island where Aboriginal people lived in relative peace and harmony. They lived respectfully in an often nomadic lifestyle off mother earth, in a society with strong tribal laws which kinship and tribal boundaries that were adhered to.

Men in the communities educated the boys and the women were responsible for bringing up the girls, and food was often shared in the best communal sense of extended families.

It is a proud history of stories and songlines and of sacred sites and of deep respect for nature and the earth.

Why should we not share our Aboriginal history by letting people know the names the traditional owners have for all the landmarks and rivers? It is not as if a Big Bang happened in 1829 on the west coast of this huge continent and suddenly there was population in this terra nullius, or uninhabited land. That disrespectful suggestion was soundly rejected by the High Court of Australia which acknowledged that Aboriginal people have lived here for some 50.000 years. A history of hardship and resilience to be proud of!

What is the big deal to have signs that show Fremantle and underneath it Walyalup to acknowledge that history. What is wrong with pointing out that Arthur’s Head is also known as Manjaree and Rottnest Island as Wadjemup?

The acceptance of Aboriginal names is already widespread around Australia. Most people now call Ayers Rock Uluru, the Olgas are known as Kata Tjuta, the Bungles as Purnululu, and Turkey Creek is better known as Warmun.

The TV reporter who smugly told his viewers last night that Fremantle could not change the name of the Swan River to Derbarl Yerrigan because it would need State Government approval to do so was only starting a fear campaign because all Fremantle Council might do is put some signs along the river to also acknowledge the Aboriginal name and history of the river.

No one’s history is threatened people and Fremantle will not disappear from the map of WA and Australia. Our post settlement history and names will remain and be told next to the pre European settlement history of our Aboriginal people. It is showing respect for our now shared past and future, and in my opinion it is very welcome and a long time overdue.


Roel Loopers



One lesson we need to learn from this election is that we should not allow politicians to run fear campaigns, and that applies to all parties!

Fear divides the community and fear allows politicians to take more and more of our liberties from us, because they claim that only then will we live in a safe society.

What we-all of us-need to do is create an environment of trust and safety where we communicate respectfully with one another, instead of campaigns of accusation, innuendo and fear.

Fear makes us less tolerant and less accepting of those with different views, but the others are not the enemy, they are fellow Australians who believe in different solutions and options. That does not make them bad people, or worse than we are, they are different and have the same high hopes for the future as we do. They just believe that it can be achieved in different ways.

When we still live in a country that believes in the urban myth of fair go, we need to grow up and accept that we are not the best country in the world, but among many really great countries. And we need to acknowledge that we are far from perfect and like everywhere else on earth we are looking for strong leadership, but what we are getting instead is political parties who just want to beat the other party. It is about them, not us and that is not good, and only we can change that by demanding better governance.

We cannot blame those who are unemployed for wanting jobs and we cannot even blame them that climate change is not a priority when you are struggling to put food on the table.

Those of us who were hoping for a new government in Canberra are very disappointed, but the sun is shining and the sky is blue in Fremantle and most of us have a roof over our head, so let’s reflect and be grateful for what we have instead of being disappointed.

Australia is still a relatively young country and we have to endure the growing pains. We can do that by nurturing more and criticising less.

Have a brilliant Sunday. The sun will rise again tomorrow and we will still wake up in a peaceful country that offers many opportunities, so embrace that.

Roel Loopers



voting 4

voting 2


It is a very crisp morning in Fremantle so voters must have decided to sleep in a bit longer as it was extremely quiet at the two polling stations I went to.

No queues at Fremantle Primary School and at St Patrick’s Primary, so I was in and out in two minutes.

I could not resist the backlit poster where it appears the ScoMo mob is behind bars. 😳


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It’s D Day for Australia. Decision Day-Democracy Day, and to find out if all together we were intelligent enough to not get sucked in by Palmer’s rubbish and the one-sided pro Liberal reporting of the West Australian and Murdoch press.

The best thing about election days is that it is the end of boring and negative election campaigns and that there is a sausage sizzle and cake stall at many of the schools where we lodge our vote.

In about 13 hours from now (it is 6.42am as I write this) we should know if we got a new PM or if the old one has managed to hold on. Good luck Australia!

Roel Loopers

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RIP Bob Hawke. A man of principles and values, willing to take risks, trying to find consensus and bringing people together instead of dividing them.

He was also a big fighter against racism. A brilliant man has died.

He changed Australia for the better. Thanks Bob!

Roel Loopers


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A reminder that the Fremantle Federal Election Candidate Debate is on this Wednesday at Tannock Hall of the University of Notre Dame in Cliff Street from 6.30pm. Doors open at 6pm!

All candidates were invited and here is the list of those who will be participating.

Liberals – declined

ALP – confirmed to attend

Greens – confirmed to attend

Christians – still TBC

Socialist Alliance – confirmed to attend

One Nation – confirmed to attend

WA Party – confirmed to attend

UAP (Palmer) – declined

The forum will be moderated by the esteemed political journalist Peter Kennedy with support from Steve Grant, Chief of Staff at the Fremantle Herald, and Notre Dame academics, Dr Mignon Shardlow and Dr Jamal Barnes.

Adopting a ‘Q&A style’ approach this year, we welcome questions in advance and on the night.

Follow our event and have your say on Facebook and Twitter #FreoDebate. RSVP and submit your questions to

I keep hearing the same argument at every election that Liberal candidates do not participate in the debate because Fremantle Councillor Rachel Pemberton is involved in organising it, and allegedly that makes the event biased. That is pretty insulting to Notre Dame University, Oxfam, Fremantle Chamber of Commerce and all involved. It’s rubbish!


Roel Loopers



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The Federal Election is now becoming serious with early voting centres opening today, like this one at the Adelaide Plaza in Fremantle. It’s next to the St Patrick’s Basilica.

The first debate is also on here in Perth today between the leaders of the not much party and the even less party, so that will be as exciting as watching grass grow.

Whenever an election commercial is shown on TV I switch channels because I am sick and tired already of the negative campaigns of the major parties and the rubbish of Clive Palmer’s  Un Australian Party.

If voting was not such a privilege I would not bother to vote this year, but I’ll just have to live with the frustration and bite the bullet to vote for the party I’ll believe will do a slightly better job.

Roel Loopers



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click on photos to enlarge!

It was a busy day in Fremantle with ANZAC Day attracting a lot of people.

Fremantle Ports volunteers handed out Australian flags for the 13th year in a row and that is always very popular with young and old.

Here some photos I took of the parade marching through the Cappuccino Strip. I could not stay on for the ceremony on the Esplanade as I was on volunteer tourist guide duty at the Roundhouse, where we welcomed 722 visitors in five hours.

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Black PM?


The ABC screening this Sunday at 7.40 pm of Will Australia Ever Have a Black PM? is very timely three weeks before the Federal Election.

I remember the joy of a first female PM, when Obama was elected President of the USA, and marriage equality, so I hope that a black PM, or president, of Australia will still happen in my lifetime, but I think that might be a bit too optimistic.

It is special for me that my friend young Fremantle Aboriginal woman Shari Hutchison was the Attachment Producer of the documentary. She traveled all over Australia with the team to film the interviews, so I am looking forward to viewing the result of all the hard work.

Roel Loopers



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