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Government process and irrational red tape annoys most people in our community, and today’s example in Freo was another one where I left shaking my head.

The mainly senior volunteer tour guides at the Roundhouse have reserved parking bays along the railway line, and for the last ten days a car, probably a Notre Dame student, has parked in one of the bays illegally for the entire day.

The Roundhouse office is no longer occupied every day, so today I stopped my car when I noticed a parking inspector. I told him the story and gave him the rego of the car, but oh no! that’s not how it goes, mate.

You need to call the office and lodge a complaint, and the office will then call a parking officer. That means the process becomes a triangular one that requires two phone calls, instead of the officer walking one minute down the street where I stopped him.

I got muzak when I called the City and since I was on my mobile I decided not to wait, so the matter was not resolved.

Why complicate matters when they could be simple? I don’t blame the officer, whom I know well, as he was following directions, but the process stinks!


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Royndhouse volunteers


It is National Volunteer Week and the Fremantle Roundhouse volunteer guides took that as an opportunity to celebrate the commitment of the 40 mainly senior volunteers who open the Roundhouse every day of the year, but for Christmas Day and Good Friday.

They met for breakfast today at the Moore&Moore cafe and moved on for this group photo.

The guides at Western Australia’s oldest public  building welcome over 130,000 visitors through the door every year.

They are there in 40 degree heat and in rain, storm and winter cold and always with a smile on their face and a joke to share with people from all over the world.

Every day at 1 pm the cannon on the gun deck behind the Roundhouse gets fired and they are always looking for a visitor to push the button. Those who do are given a signed certificate to take home.

Tell your visitors about historic Arthur Head, Bathers Beach and the gorgeous West End!

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The 114th WA Volunteer Fire Rescue Services Easter Championships are being held this weekend at the Gilbert Fraser reserve in North Fremantle. Go and have a look at it from 9am this easter Sunday morning. It’s fun to watch!

Bush firies from as far away as Port Hedland, Esperance and even Victoria are taking part and they deserve recognition and support for their tireless work to protect their communities.

The event has been held at the North Freo oval for over 40 years but I was not aware of it until I read a tiny one line somewhere on Thursday.

It needs to get a lot better promotion so that the local community comes out in droves to watch it. It’s rather pathetic that just under 100 spectators attend the events and they were family and a few supporters.

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Historic Fremantle Roundhouse, the oldest public building in Western Australia, is extremely popular with visitors from all over the world this week.

By 1.30 pm today, so after only three hours of being open, we already had over 900 visitors through the door. Yesterday they had well over 900 visitors and the day before just under 1,000 visitors.

Over 100 people watched the firing of the cannon today.

It is an amazing effort by the mainly elderly volunteer tour guides to keep the Roundhouse open every day of the year but for Christmas day and Good Friday.

Next year the Roundhouse will be part of the Fringe Festival with performances in the old gaol, so stay tuned.

The volunteer tour guides operate on donations from guests only so if there are corporate sponsors out there which would like to donate, don’t be shy and contact the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! to all those dedicated volunteers who regularly clean up our beaches from the rubbish people leave behind or throw into the Indian Ocean.

It is an utter disgrace that there are so many people who believe others will clean up after them, as we see also at markets, festivals, concerts etc. where people simply walk away and leave food and drink containers as if it is none of their business to dispose of it properly in amply supplied rubbish bins.

I spotted a small group of Tangaroa Blue Conservation Volunteers at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach this Sunday morning. Well done!

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Roundhouse visitors


Volunteering at the Fremantle Roundhouse, and no doubt the rest of the tourism industry, is a very positive experience. We meet very nice people from all over the world and engage one on one with them, so many of our visitors shake our hand when they leave because we give them that very personal attention, and find out what they are interested in and where they are going, so we can give them tips for great cafes, nature, the South West or west coast.

It is a really fun day where we meet a lot of quirky and lovely people from all over the world. Today they came from Lithuania , Persia, Saudie Arabia, South Africa, India, China, Pakistan, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, France, etc. and from all over Australia. We had school groups from Kalgoorlie, Coogee and Hillary as well.

The people in the photo were on a corporate team building session, groups turned up as nurses, pirates, ACDC fans, football teams, etc.

Volunteering is very rewarding and very uplifting, so give it a try!

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Volunteering Program Officer
City of Fremantle – Fremantle WA
$59,928 – $72,488 a year
Volunteering Program Officer

The City of Fremantle offers you the opportunity to become a valued team member in an organisation committed to its people and community. Consider us when planning your next career move and help us make Fremantle a great people place and a great place to work.

Position details

Position number: 33109

Applications close: 26/08/2016

Type of appointment: Permanent part time

Business unit: Service and Information

Permanent part time – 45 hours / fortnight

Salary range $59 928 to $72 488 p.a. pro rata + super

*Eligible for upcoming EBA increase!

Do you have experience successfully recruiting and managing large groups of volunteers and good knowledge of the tourism industry in Fremantle?

Then this job may be for you!

The City of Fremantle Visitor Services is seeking a passionate Volunteering Program Officer to coordinate the activities of the Volunteer Ambassador program which includes Cruise Ship Ambassadors and City Ambassadors.

This busy and fun role will see you coordinating the activities of the Ambassadors, developing policies and procedures related to the service, managing rosters, developing monthly newsletters, promoting the Ambassador program, recruiting volunteers and ensuring that they have required skills to undertake tasks. You will also develop a culture of recognising and rewarding volunteer contribution and achievement, and also administer expenditure in line with budgets and delegated authority.

To be successful in this role, you will have evidenced successful experience managing or coordinating large volunteering programs, superb communication and report writing skills and the ability to collect and present data. You will also hold tertiary qualifications in volunteer management, community development or similar, and be available for weekend and afterhours work as required.

Candidates must address the selection criteria for this role.

Applications close 5pm Friday 26 August 2016.


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I often noticed the puzzled or annoyed expression of people who try to buy parking tickets in Fremantle. I have heard many times that the credit card facility does not work or is hard to navigate, so how many people does it take to pay for parking in good old Freo?

The text on the machines is also small and hard to read, and of course it’s only in English. Any ideas how we can improve this and make it easier?

I would love to see the City of Fremantle recognise more that we are a destination for international visitors and install multi-lingual wayfinding signs, or interactive ones that on touch will display the language the foreign visitors speak. I would also like the hospitality industry to supply multi-lingual menus, or even better a tablet with the flag ikons of countries so that patrons can read the main menu in Japanese, Chinese, etc.

At the Roundhouse one of the most appreciated services is the translations we have in many languages. It is a basic service to international tourists, so if a volunteer organisation can do it surely professionals and governments can do something similar

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What an absolutely brilliant, positive and interesting day we had at the Fremantle Roundhouse today! It is such a delight to talk with people from all over the world who all love Freo and have got nothing negative to say. Only a few might mention that it is expensive in WA.

Volunteering as tourguide at the state’s oldest public building really makes you appreciate people and how nice, funny and delightful most of them are.

We had school kids from the Manjimup area, groups from Malaysia and Brasil, many German, Dutch, French and Swiss people, and Chinese, Korean, Italian, Belgian, USA, Canadian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Kiwis, English, Scottish, Irish, Aussies from all over the country, and more from elsewhere.

If you are thinking of doing volunteer work, contact the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides and bring international positivity into your life!

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LEEUWIN Open Day Oct 17

I promoted the Fremantle LEEUWIN Foundation Open Day this Saturday but did not know what it was about, so here some information I was sent by them.

The event is to launch and raise awareness about our 100s and 1000s campaign which is a fundraising campaign to keep the Leeuwin’s youth development program continuing to run as we approach our 30th anniversary. We are seeking the community’s support to ensure we can keep the STS Leeuwin II, Western Australia’s very own tall ship, in ship-shape for the next generation of 14-25 year-olds to engage in our award-winning youth development and leadership program.

 Basically the idea is there are 100s and 1000s of ways to support our Foundation which has 100’s of dedicated volunteers and 1000’s of young trainees whose lives have been positively changed from a Leeuwin voyage. Putting a quirky spin on that concept we are using the idea of “Fairybread Fridays” as a suggestion of ways to raise some funds – also the idea behind the open day this Saturday. We will have volunteers dressed up in colours representing the 100s and 1000s and while inviting the public for tours of the ship, fairy bread, face-painting and photos – also informing them of the campaign to keep the Leeuwin running.

More info can be found here:

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