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When on Monday cafes are allowed to have people sitting at tables again and offer dine in meals and coffee, it is important that we try to support them as much as possible by still buying takeaway coffee when we are not having a meal, thus leaving the tables free for people who are going to order a meal.

It is not great for business for people like me to only have a double espresso and occupy a table reading the paper, when that table could be used by dine in customers.

I’d love to sit down, relax and read the morning paper at Chalkys, because I do not like drinking coffee out of a takeaway cup, but I will continue with takeaway until more customers are allowed to be inside cafes.

Above a few more Covid-19 photos I took at the Esplanade Youth Plaza and playground on my way to Chalkys this morning.

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That bloody lefty greeny Fremantle Council is at it again! First they ban Australia Day, then plastic bags and balloons, and now to top it all they are banning the Queen of England and are working toward becoming the Republic of Fremantle, as this banner at the Fremantle traffic bridge this morning shows.

Don’t despair yet! It is a promo for the new Republic of Fremantle gin distillery and micro brewery that will open in Pakenham Street very soon. ; >)

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FCC Leaders Lunch


The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce Leaders’ Lunch¬† with the topic Leadership Perspectives on Fremantle on Friday the 18th of October sounds like a very interesting one to attend.

It is at the Esplanade Hotel from 12.30 till 3pm and will have following speakers:

Matthew McNeilly, managing director of Sirona Capital, Julian Smith, Pro Vice Chancellor of Notre Dame University, Eve Clark, managing director of L3Harris, Brodie Carr, managing director of Tourism WA, and Geoffry London, Professor of Architecture at UWA.

Tickets are $ 110 for members and $ 125 for non member. Bookings at

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It appears that the Han’s restaurant in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour will be closing soon with new For Lease signs put up at the building.

I hardly ever saw people in the restaurant while Cicerello’s, Kailis and the Bathers Beach House were packed full.

The premises of the former Mussel Bar in the FBH are still vacant as well, so hopefully those spaces can be filled with new operators soon.

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I do realise that money is tight at the City of Fremantle because of a small ratepayers base and a big new civic centre project, but it would be good if Fremantle took the example of the Town of Vincent and introduced a free online applications for alfresco areas.

Vincent will introduce a free instant approval of alfresco, based on self-assessment and self approval by the applicants.

There will be some traders who will find it very hard to survive in Fremantle during the Kings Square Project construction, so anything that will support them will be a good thing.

The free alfresco could be limited to traders directly affected by the Kings Square Project and encourage them to put a few tables outside without adding cost to their business.

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The Fremantle Federal Hotel in William Street is celebrating their 2nd Birthday with their first very own Laneway Party this coming Sunday.

Inspired by the beautiful sand of the beach, the rum of the Caribbean, the vibes of the tropical islands and so much more, join us as we bring to you, a laneway party you will never forget!

There is a set list of local Dj’s, dance floor of beach sand, alcoholic icy poles, cold tap beer poured by Little Creatures Elsie van and cheap spirits specials.
Sunday 18th February, DJ’s kicking things off from 3pm.

The Federal Hotel, laneway adjacent to the building with direct access into the beer garden and venue.

Serving up ALL DAY specials such as;
– $5 Watermelon daiquiri icy-poles (yes, these are alcoholic!!)
– $5 Ketel One Vodkas
– $5 Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

This is a non ticket event, FREE event for everyone to enjoy!



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VC bar


It looks like Victoria Quay in Fremantle Port will be getting a new cafe or bar.

I noticed the construction of these two adapted sea containers east of the E Shed Markets.

It is the same location where Don Tapa had a pop up a few years ago until they moved to The Mantle on Beach Street.

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The Sunset Events project of a tavern at historic J Shed on Arthur Head  has taken on a new form with the City advertising for public comments on changes. The City of Fremantle seeks comment on an application received proposing- Partial change of use to Tavern (including live music), additions and alterations to existing building.

Project architects CODA write that the new plans “Significantly reduced the scale of the development. Consequentially the impact of the project both from a heritage and community aspect has also significantly reduced.”

Two things¬†stand out for me, the first one a two stacked sea container structure as a micro brewery to the east of J Shed at the southern end, making and end to the thoroughfare to Fleet Street and the steps up to Mrs Trivett Lane and the arts studios at Captain’s Lane. That is very bad for connectivity to Victoria Quay and the cohesiveness of the Bathers Beach Art Precinct.

The proposal to have the entry to the tavern and live outdoor music venue straight next to the workshop studio of sculptor Greg James is madness. It would mean the artist would lose access to his workplace when large queues of music lovers line up in front of his door to gain access to concerts. The entry proposal also affects Greg James’ ability to use a forklift, his ute and trucks that might be needed to transport heavy sculptures from his studio to their destination. I am a big fan of CODA but to put the entry there is a stupid idea that needs to be revisited and changed, because it is unacceptable to the artist who works daily and often on weekends at his workshop. A new operator should not interfere with his livelihood and restrict access to his¬†lease at any time of the day or week.

I also wonder about the planned extension of the boardwalk from Kidogo Arthouse, which the City of Fremantle wanted to create good connectivity between the Fishing Boat Harbour and the Maritime Museum and Victoria Quay. The tavern proposal would mean the pathway would have to go around the restricted live music area of the A Class Reserve, heading west to then come back east to north to Victoria Quay. That creates a wayfinding problem and might stop people from using the north south/south north direction. It also limits the visitors to the art galleries of J Shed as they can only come in from the north and no longer from the Fishing Boat Harbour direction.

In my opinion this is a selfish plan where Sunset Events rides rough shot over the long-term artists who have been at J Shed for twenty years. These plans need to be changed to show more respect and consideration for the existing operators at J Shed.

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Nice for a change to read a good food review for two Fremantle institutions. Reporter Shaun Turner of WA Today gave himself the difficult assignment of testing Parmigiana all over Perth and it was good news for Freo.

Fremantle CHEF NIMROD KAZOOM, who is well known for his excellent food stalls at markets, got 5 out of 5 for his Chicken Parmigiani at his pop up restaurant at the Laneway Festival and the South Beach Hotel got a 4.5/5. However the Ocean Beach Hotel  in Cottesloe received just a 1/5 for their parmi, so not all is that upmarket in the Western burbs.

Nimrod also caters for weddings, functions, etc. and does far more exotic and creative dishes than just parmi, so Google him and check out his website: if you are looking for top quality catering.

Read the full review by Shaun Turner here:

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I have had feedback from quite a number of people on the thousands of words Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt has written on his blog under the header¬†Retail in Fremantle,¬†specifically the third and last part The Future of Fremantle High Streets, so I had another read and agree with those who say it’s more fluff than substance.

The Mayor writes that Fremantle retail needs to be more than just food and beverage and no one would disagree with that, but Brad Pettitt does not say how the City wants to achieve that, and that is probably because the City has little to none to say about what kind of retailers the shop owners lease their spaces to, hence we will suddenly have four 7-Eleven shops in Freo.

I do agree with the Mayor that High Street in the West End has the potential to become Freo’s most attractive shopping strip because of its retail diversity, but just hoping for a retail mix of unique shops such as Love in Tokyo and Common Ground together with national mainstream brands like Zara and Country Road is pretty much unrealistic dreaming for at least another five years, until the planned increase of central city residents and office workers has become a reality. But will existing retailers survive that long?

The Mayor writes that we need “to curate our high streets to make them more coherent, diverse, attractive….” but he does not say how the City is going to try to influence that, but saying that pop-up shops can be part of the short-term solution. He admits in a comment under the blog post that the present planning scheme does not allow the City of Fremantle to not allow certain retailers to open shop even if we already have enough of similar retailers, so how do we curate against that?

We are aware than plans are in place at Kings Square, etc. to build 70,000 square metres of A-grade office space, but that development keeps being pushed back and unfortunately won’t be happening for many years to come I fear.

Our only hope it seems is the, to be developed, new economic development strategy that should be outcome based and deal with reality rather than dreams. Director Tom Griffiths is a very capable officer who left his mark in Perth, so I believe the new strategies he and his team will come up with will be very positive for Fremantle.

The one reality we will all have to live with is that substantial change will not happen in Freo for another 3-5 years, so patience is required and trying to work harmoniously together to achieve that. Constant criticism by locals is not helpful as it will create the perception in outsiders that Fremantls is just going down hill and no longer worth a visit. Fremantle is still a great place to live and relax in so we need to tell that positive story while avoiding spin.

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