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The City of Fremantle Planning Committee last night unanimously approved the long overdue development of the vacant Sealanes buildings between South Terrace and Marine Terrace in South Fremantle.

The 300 patron venue is proposed to operate as a high quality ‘gastro tavern’ incorporating a working boutique micro-brewery and micro-distillery offering patrons a mix of high quality beverage and dining and ‘cellar door’ in a casual, friendly atmosphere. It will be operated by Running With Thieves.

Alterations to the Marine Terrace and South Terrace frontages, including the provision of new doors, metal balustrades, alfresco bench seating, and new shop front windows will allow views across to South Beach.

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Contractors for Silverleaf Investments have started on the building redevelopment of the historic Manning Building, which takes up the entire south of the High Street mall and runs along William and Market streets.

The redevelopment will include a tavern and micro brewery and will hopefully help to reactivate Fremantle’s CBD.

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Although the City of Fremantle put out a media release yesterday correcting the non-factual report in the West Australian about Fremantle Council wanting to introduce non-alcohol sections in pubs, the newspaper continues today spreading the fake news.

Inside Cover states on page 2 that this needs to be monitored, while the letters to the editors page published a letter by a Leeming man who blames the lefty, greeny, loopy Freo council for the nonsense.

Fact is that Fremantle Council, at the initiative of Deputy Mayor Ingrid Waltham, has asked officers to investigate how Freo City can ensure that there won’t be too many taverns in the CBD, after the applications for new taverns at the Warders Cottages hotel, the Police and Justice complex, both in Henderson Street, the Manning building and the Woolstores shopping centre development.

This is actually not all that new as Fremantle Council also looked at more diversity in shopping a few years ago and how it could control more cafes opening.

So to set the facts straight, there are no plans for restricted non-alcohol areas in pubs in Fremantle, but Council does not want the CBD to just be a boozers’ paradise that will impact on the family amenity and public safety.

It is time the West Australian corrected the nonsense they published!


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One has to wonder what goes on behind closed doors between City of Fremantle elected members and officers and Sunset Events. The concert organisers were given a long-term lease for studio 1 at J Shed and were going to develop a tavern and live outdoor music venue on the A Class Reserve there.

Now suddenly an application has been lodged to only hold live concerts there for the next two summers while details for changes to the tavern approval also have been lodged with council.

I am not the only one around town who is skeptical about this all, as it appears Sunset Event will want to develop the former Fly by Night home Drillhall and hold back on developing the J Shed. How fast do they need to start on developing J Shed as part of council approval? There must be a deadline for it.

The approval of a live outdoor music venue in one of the most historic parts of our state is plain idiocy and those Councillors who voted for it should get booted out at the October election. 

What will happen with the Roundhouse and firing of the 1 pm cannon when concerts are on? The gun deck will be a great location that looks down into the concert area where people can enjoy the music without paying for it. Who will manage that we can continue with the popular tourist attraction?

And who will manage the drunks who will stay on in the area after the concerts have finished? Who is going to boot them off Bathers Beach and off Arthur Head, and who is going to keep them out of the cottages up there? The police can’t be bothered to send regular patrols up to Arthur Head and already backpackers are making a nightly mess in summer.

Parking will be a nightmare and local residents will have to put up with weekly weekend concerts in summer that will prevent them from quietly enjoying their roof terraces and balconies and ocean views.

The approval for a tavern at J Shed is one of the worst decisions Freo council has made and even other local hospitality operators are worried about the noise and likely anti-social behaviour issues.

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The Sunset Events project of a tavern at historic J Shed on Arthur Head  has taken on a new form with the City advertising for public comments on changes. The City of Fremantle seeks comment on an application received proposing- Partial change of use to Tavern (including live music), additions and alterations to existing building.

Project architects CODA write that the new plans “Significantly reduced the scale of the development. Consequentially the impact of the project both from a heritage and community aspect has also significantly reduced.”

Two things stand out for me, the first one a two stacked sea container structure as a micro brewery to the east of J Shed at the southern end, making and end to the thoroughfare to Fleet Street and the steps up to Mrs Trivett Lane and the arts studios at Captain’s Lane. That is very bad for connectivity to Victoria Quay and the cohesiveness of the Bathers Beach Art Precinct.

The proposal to have the entry to the tavern and live outdoor music venue straight next to the workshop studio of sculptor Greg James is madness. It would mean the artist would lose access to his workplace when large queues of music lovers line up in front of his door to gain access to concerts. The entry proposal also affects Greg James’ ability to use a forklift, his ute and trucks that might be needed to transport heavy sculptures from his studio to their destination. I am a big fan of CODA but to put the entry there is a stupid idea that needs to be revisited and changed, because it is unacceptable to the artist who works daily and often on weekends at his workshop. A new operator should not interfere with his livelihood and restrict access to his lease at any time of the day or week.

I also wonder about the planned extension of the boardwalk from Kidogo Arthouse, which the City of Fremantle wanted to create good connectivity between the Fishing Boat Harbour and the Maritime Museum and Victoria Quay. The tavern proposal would mean the pathway would have to go around the restricted live music area of the A Class Reserve, heading west to then come back east to north to Victoria Quay. That creates a wayfinding problem and might stop people from using the north south/south north direction. It also limits the visitors to the art galleries of J Shed as they can only come in from the north and no longer from the Fishing Boat Harbour direction.

In my opinion this is a selfish plan where Sunset Events rides rough shot over the long-term artists who have been at J Shed for twenty years. These plans need to be changed to show more respect and consideration for the existing operators at J Shed.

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There are community concerns about the micro-brewery and mixed-use development proposed for the former Fremantle Energy Museum site at 12 Parry Street with some people worried about a pub so close to St Patrick’s and local schools.

While I don’t see a big problem having a micro brewery and restaurant there I do believe the proposed five-storey residential building behind it is too bulky and high for the location, as it is surrounded by low-rise heritage buildings such as the Basilica and the former school buildings at Princess May Park. The bulk of the building would have a big impact on the also heritage-listed residence behind it at 3 Quarry Street.

One also needs to question the need to demolish the Easter part of the Energy Museum building, as it should remain intact, and architects will just have to work around that.

There is a lot of development going on in the East of the CBD and that is a good thing, especially since there will be more people living in that run down part of town, but there is also a charm about many of the older buildings in the area that needs to be respected. The proposed mixed-use development behind the Energy Museum does not show respect for or reflect on the heritage of the site and the surrounding buildings.

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Developers MATCH are proposing a micro brewery for the mix-use development of the former Fremantle Energy Museum building at 12 Parry Street which has as neighbours across the road the Basilica and Clancy’s and is only a stone’s throw from the HEIRLOOM BY MATCH residential development of the former Dalgety Woolstore at Queen Victoria Street.

The proposal for a five-floor 4o residential apartments development and street level micro brewery would greatly assist the activation of the East of the CBD, where other new development is already under way or short before commencing.

The former Boys School as Princess May Park should also find new operators soon and I noticed development activity next to the Australia Hotel at Beach Road as well on Friday, so there is a lot going on in the east end of Freo.

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The article in the Fremantle Herald that Sunset Events is keen to get the Drill Hall, that is at present the Fly By Night Club, is and interesting one as it could well have implications for J Shed at Bathers Beach. Against the wishes of the majority of people who sent in submissions to Fremantle council, Sunset was granted approval to start a micro brewery and outdoor music venue at the Arthur Head A Class Reserve. I hear though that Sunset Events and the City of Fremantle can’t agree on contract details, including how much they will be allowed to add to the building.

There is still no application at the Minister for Lands to ask for the approval of the use of the A Class Reserve, so one wonders if Sunset Events is already looking elsewhere and have put the J Shed plans in the too hard basket. It’s hard to imagine they would want to run two music venues, that would compete with each other, in Fremantle. Time will tell.

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On this special day for Christians I would like to reach out to my friends at Fremantle Sunset Events and give them this tip:

As part of the Leighton Beach Reserve upgrade the City will be demolishing the building that was utilised as a kiosk and fabricating a new building as replacement. Applicants are invited to submit proposals to lease and fit out the new kiosk. The kiosk needs to cater for general beach goers by providing convenience take-away type snacks and be non exclusive, but may also include sit down facilities as well.

I know the City is only advertising for a kiosk, but should you at Sunset Events decide to put a proposal for a micro brewery and outdoor music venue there, I am certain it will be warmly embraced by most Councillors, who like to ignore their own Expression Of Interest requirements, so go for it!

You will find there will be less opposition by local residents, and less parking and noise issues at the Leighton location than at J Shed on Bathers Beach. There are also no heritage considerations at Leighton Beach.

Happy to have been of assistance to you, Sunset Events. No payment required. ; >)

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The Mayor of Fremantle continues his Brad Knows Best crusade against anyone with more knowledge and a different opinion than his. His latest blog post on the J Shed proposal questions the claims by historians and Nyoongar elders that the area is of historic significance. It isn’t according to Dr Pettitt, who writes that “….lack of understanding about the multi-layered history of this area has lead to a number of incorrect assumptions being made …”

Brad, the world renowned history expert, also writes that it is misleading to suggest that the area around J Shed shared the same heritage values as the Round House and Captain’s Lane area, and that the proposal to build a pub won’t affect  a future interpretation of the archeological sites, e.g. Whaling Station, Mews fisheries building.

One needs to see the Mayor’s claims in the context of also telling us recently that the proposed pub won’t actually be a pub but an arts venue, like  Fringe World in Perth was. That statement of course showed our great leader’s modesty, as he should really have claimed that the Micro Brewery proposal by Sunset Events is like PIAF, the Perth International Arts Festival, or Cirque de Soleil, or something else grandiose that does not resemble a pub.

Fact is that the entire Arthur Head/Bathers Bay area is of enormous historic significance to Western Australia and Fremantle. Fact is also that Sunset wants to extend the building and an alfresco deck to the south that would be too close to the archeological sites to make any future interpretation there realistic, as it would be straight in front of the deck. Fact is also that the community does not want the live music venue, and fact is that we do not want to lose more green open space and an A Class reserve, and another major fact is that SE proposed a pub/micro brewery/live concert venue for J Shed.

What Brad Pettitt’s blog post shows, is his unwillingness to listen to the traditional owners, historians, experts and the community. Brad Knows Best, like a stubborn tantrum-throwing two year-old, who will not take no for an answer. Freo’s Mayor is always right. Got that Freo? Now sit down and shut up and stop complaining.

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