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PT 6


The cruise ship Astor arrived in Fremantle Port today, so that gave me the opportunity to have a close up look at the new shade structure in front of the Passenger Terminal.

It looks pretty good I reckon and provides plenty of shade.

I am an impatient SOB, so would not wait for the morning light that would create better photos, so here the shots I took around 3pm today.

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The first cruise liner of the summer season arrived in Fremantle Port this morning. The Sea Princess started her circumnavigation of Australia in Sydney and will continue this evening north along the WA coast.

It is a shame that the new shade structure, promised by Premier Mark McGowan several months ago, has still not been installed, but the two huge shade umbrellas that used to be there were removed months ago, so no shade for the passengers.

Nice to see that Councillor Rachel Pemberton  has joined the Fremantle Visitors Guides. I saw her up at the Roundhouse, which I opened an hour earlier at 9.30am to accommodate all the international visitors. It was a lovely day in the sun.

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The Fremantle Passenger Terminal at Victoria Quay will get a $ 3 million facelift this year with works starting this month.

There have been complaints from passengers and cruise ship operators about the heritage building which was built in 1960 and refurbished about twenty years ago.

The McGowan government will erect a new large canopy over the entrance to provide shade and shelter from the elements, the building will be painted and permanent screens will be put in front of the large windows.

144,000 cruiseline passengers arrived in Fremantle last financial year.

The facelift will do nothing though about passengers having to lug their luggage along either side of the railway line rain or shine and the ugly footbridge they have to conquer.

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One has to wonder why the WA government is so keen to sell profitable Fremantle Port that made a $ 52.3 million profit, a rise of 9 per cent, last financial year although there was a dip in trade.

Container trade was down by 3.8 per cent and bulk loading at the outer harbour at Kwinana was also down.

Cruise ship visits increased to 58 ships and 152,734 passengers and this year 60 tourist ships will visit Fremantle.

It is estimated Fremantle Port is worth $ 2.4 billion.


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Fantastic news for Fremantle today that the ADINA group will build a $ 120 million, 142 room apartment hotel on the Woolstores shopping centre site owned by Freo-based company Silverleaf. The shopping centre will also be upgraded.

The hotel will mainly feature one bed apartments, 60 studios and a few two bed rooms.

Construction will start next year and completion will be in 2018.

This is extremely good news for Fremantle after the delay of the Hilton Doubletree hotel development at Point Street, which might not happen at all when a new hotel is being built just over the road.

The Adina Hotel operators hope to take advantage of the cruise ship industry and people attending conferences in Fremantle.

All we need now is for the Department of Housing announcing they will move into Kings Square and Fremantle would be well under way of economic recovery and support for our retailers and hospitality industry.

My real big hope now is that we will get an exceptionally beautiful building on the Woolstores site. Come on Gerard O’Brien, you and Silverleaf can do it!!!

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There is an interesting report by Kent Acott in the weekend West Australian today about the City of Fremantle’s plans for Victoria Quay, which the consultants call South Quay.

The report by MacroPlan Demasi for the City of Fremantle is interesting because it basically is nothing new and the plans ‘revealed’ have been debated for quite some time in Fremantle.

The report wants waterfront homes and a cruise ship terminal of international standards and claims it could make the State Government $ 946 millions over twenty years.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt told the West Australian that this could be a special project for the W.A. bicentennial celebrations in 2029.

During the Victoria Quay development community consultations the idea of a convention centre, entertainment area, retail, office space, etc. all came up, so I see no need to again pay an external consultant fees for this and reinvent the wheel. With the present buffer zones in place residential or hotel development along Victoria Quay is not possible.

There are extensive plans by Fremantle Ports for Victoria Quay designed after very good community consultation by Fremantle based architects CODA. This involved stakeholders such as the City of Fremantle, Public Transport Authority, Chamber of Commerce, etc, so why the COF needed another report is hard to understand. I wonder if we will be told how much the report cost Fremantle ratepayers.

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Two giants of the ocean are in Fremantle Port today with the 2260 passengers Costa Luminosa joining the  261 metre-long Sun Princess this morning. It is a very impressive sight so go have a look at it!

I am surprised there is no shuttle bus offered to the train station for the cruise ship passengers. When they arrive in Fremantle both sides of the railway line resemble the migration of the crabs on Christmas Island, with the mainly older passengers pulling their suitcases behind them toward the station.

Someone with a small bus with trailer could charge just $ 2 per passenger and make a nice bit of extra cash on the days the cruisers come to Freo. Any takers?

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The City of Fremantle PULSE magazine was delivered in my letter box, so here a few facts I picked up:

# Over 500 residential apartments are under construction in central Fremantle.

# Over 150,000 cruise ship passengers are expected to visit Fremantle this year.

# Fremantle’s population is forecast to grow to over 42,000 people by 2036. It stands at around 30,000 now.

# Fremantle’s CBD vacancy rate has reduced from 10.7% to 9.2%. Out of 641 premises 59 ground level retail and offices are vacant. This is better than many national and international trends.

# Fremantle’s annual budget has grown to over $ 100 million and the city’s capacity to invest in major projects has significantly improved.

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With a predicted boom in cruise ship visits to Fremantle in the next twelve months, one wonders what Fremantle businesses can do to take advantage of it. I often witness a long row of busses taking passengers on tours and straight out of Fremantle to Perth, the Pinnacles and Swan Valley. If the ship is only in Freo for a day, it means our retailers and the hospitality industry miss out, so how can we offer more attractions to the maritime visitors, so that they spend the day in our city? What tours could and should we offer, what will entice them to not commute to Perth for another big city boring experience, but instead enjoy our gorgeous historic city? Is it feasible to offer welcome events for cruise ship passengers with music, in for example the Fishing Boat Harbour, can the City work closer with the cruise ship operators, so we can better promote our city on board, etc.

32 cruise ships, bringing 65,000 passengers, will arrive in Fremantle this season and that is a lot of dollars for the local economy, if Fremantle can take advantage of it. But often when the ships arrive on a Monday or Tuesday morning many Fremantle cafes and shops are closed to recover from a busy weekend. That is not good and should somehow be addressed.

Australia is reported to be the fastest growing market for cruises in the world, so Freo should benefit from that.

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