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Moon Chow


At the end of the Australian Heritage Festival it is nice to tell a little bit about Fremantle’s history not many people are aware of.

It is generally assumed that most early migrants/settlers here were English but quite a few came from different countries. For example Chinese man Moon Chow was one of the first to arrive in Fremantle in 1829.

He became a well-known boat builder and carpenter. He died in 1877.

Because of the accident that caused Moon Chow’s death compulsory night lights and vehicular speed limits were introduced in Fremantle for the first time.

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The City of Fremantle has released a new destination marketing video aimed at encouraging more Asian visitors to spend a night or two in Freo.

The video, produced in partnership with regional tourism organisation Destination Perth as part of the City’s destination marketing program, is subtitled in Mandarin Chinese.

It highlights Fremantle’s laid back atmosphere, arts and culture, unique heritage and vibrant café, bar and restaurant scene.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the aim was to entice Asian visitors to stay in one of Fremantle’s many new or refurbished hotels.

“Fremantle has always been a popular destination for tourists, but the lack of hotel accommodation has meant Freo has been more of a day trip instead of a place to stay,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“This video will be used to target the corporate sector and promote Freo as the perfect destination for business meetings, incentive groups, conferences and events.

“And because we’re in the same time zone and not too far away, Fremantle is an ideal option for Asian business travellers.”

The video will be featured by the City at the South East Asia Roadshow with Perth Convention Bureau next month, and be shared with Perth Convention Bureau’s corporate and incentive team to use in their work to attract corporate and incentive groups to Fremantle.

It has also been provided to StudyPerth to attract international students to Fremantle and will be posted on Chinese social media through the WA Trade Office in Shanghai.

With advice from Perth Convention Bureau, Tourism Western Australia and Destination Perth, the City developed a marketing plan for the 2017/18 financial year.

Actions included developing a Fremantle destination video in partnership with Destination Perth for promotion to interstate and international markets, promoting Fremantle as a destination for corporate business at the Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event in Melbourne and the South East Asia Roadshow and a digital campaign in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur promoting Fremantle as a winter vacation destination.

To watch the video:



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Beautiful early light made an interesting photo of the Fremantle Port D-Shed and parts of a Chinese ship at berth behind it this morning.

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The People’s Liberation Army Navy ship Yuan Wang of the People’s Republic of China entered Fremantle Port this morning and was welcomed by a small crowd of Chinese people at Victoria Quay.

The Yuan Wang is an impressive looking vessel that looks like a spy ship, but it is a tracking and support vessel for intercontinental ballistic missiles. It was built in 1977.

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ABEAUTIFULCITY is a Fremantle based company that specialises in retail advice. It also has a people counting service for local governments and shopping centres, that monitor pedestrian traffic so authorities are aware of the eb and flow of visitors to certain areas. There are counters in Market and High Street and Marine terrace in Fremantle.

Owner Nicholas Takacs also writes a very interesting blog about retail related issues from highstreets to the shopping experience, window displays, shop frontage, etc. It is well worth reading.

Nicholas wants to do a project importing a small batch of brooches from China to show the huge difference in price. It is best to let him explain it himself, so here is the link to the blog post:

Make sure you browse the site though as there are many other interesting things to read about!

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Photo copyright Roel Loopers

Interesting figures about solar power in China that will interest the Fremantle Green Machine and should be a lesson for Australian politicians.

* In the first half of this year China added 3.3 gigawatts of solar power, that is as much as we have in the whole of Australia.

* China at present have 23 gigawatts of solar power, twice as much as the USA.

* China plans to have 35 gigawatts of solar power by the end of next year.

Time to wake up Australia. We have a very sunny climate and should take advantage of it.

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I am astounded to read in the West Australian newspaper today that a quarter of WA primary schools no longer teach foreign languages. Only four years ago all primary schools taught a foreign language.

Schools claim the reasons for dropping foreign languages are lack of funding, lack of foreign language teachers, and that they want to concentrate on literacy and numeracy instead.

I went to school in the Netherlands and learned French, German and English and it did not affect my numeracy or literacy skills at all. In fact it enabled me to start my career as a photographer in Germany and to migrate to Australia. On both occasions my language skills were good enough to not have a huge culture shock in the new countries of my choice, and over a relatively short time I became very fluent at them.

It is short-sighted to believe English-speaking nations do not need foreign language skills. Western Australian schools should be teaching the languages of our close neighbours and trading partners such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, as this will open up career opportunities both in Australia and overseas.

To be able to read and write foreign languages has been a blessing for me and helped me to follow my love for photography and make it into my profession. It is also very rewarding to see how much tourists to the Round House appreciate those tour guides who can speak their language as it gives a sense of bonding.

Don’t limit the opportunities for our children. Give them a chance to work overseas by teaching them foreign languages!

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I don’t normally watch Channel Nine’s A Current Affair, but when I heard they were going to do a negative story on the co-pilot of missing Malaysian Airlines plane MH 370, my first reaction was “disgraceful!”

This was serious character assassination of  27 year-old co-pilot Fariq Ab Hamid, who might well have struggled bravely to safe the plane and its 239 passengers.

No one has any idea what happened to the missing plane. Was it an accident, terrorist attack or system failure? We don’t know, but ACA decided it was okay to smear the name of this man. It is probably just racist ramble. Two white Western women telling us that Muslim pilots allowed them into the cockpit during a flight, although that is against regulations.

Does that make Fariq Ab Hamid responsible for what happened to missing flight MH 370? No it doesn’t, but who cares when one can air an “exclusive” smearing the name of a decent man, whose family and friends are mourning about his loss. What a disgrace ACA!

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This will frighten the hell out of Pauline Hanson supporters! Western Australian tourism leaders are preparing for a fivefold increase in Chinese tourists, with numbers expecting to rise from the current 15,000 a year to 100,000 by 2020. (Must be a typo though because 5 x 15,000 is only 75,000)

Basic workshops to help prepare the tourism and hospitality industries on how to deal with the new guests will be held in Perth. Most Chinese do not speak English so menus and translations in Mandarin will be needed.

The very bad news for Fremantle cafes and restaurants, who like to stop serving food around 9pm, is that Chinese people like to eat much later than we do, around 9-10 pm. They also enjoy night time entertainment, so here is an opportunity for creative business people to accommodate them.

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The Tibetan leader the DALAI LAMA will visit Fremantle today and speak at the Town Hall at 2pm. The event was booked out within 27 minutes, but for those who could not get tickets, His Holiness’ talk will be broadcast through speakers at King’s Square.

There will be chanting by Buddhist monks and welcome to the country by Aboriginal musician Richard Walley, while Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt, Labor MP Melissa Park and Greens Senator Scott Ludlam will all welcome the visitor.

ABC newsreader Narelda Jacobs will be the moderator of the event.

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P.S. Photos of the afternoon will be on this blog from Sunday morning!


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