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Two new exhibitions open this Friday at Fremantle’s Japingka Gallery at 47 High Street, so if you are interested in great Aboriginal art go and see the shows!

Camel Camp & Beyond – Utopia Artists of the Eastern Desert. Showcases the beautiful and uplifting work of both the Elders and the emerging younger generations of Artists in what is a breathtaking and beautiful depiction and celebration of ties to the land and to country. Elders represented in this stunning Exhibition include: Angelina Ngal Pwerle, Josie Petrick Kemarre, Cowboy Loy Pwerle, Gladdy Kemarre, Kathleen Ngale, Susan Pitjara Hunter and Polly Ngale. There is also a wonderful and exciting group of paintings by younger generation Artists such as : Sandy Pitjara Hunter, Joy Kngwarreye Jones, Denisa Hatches, Bessie Pitjara and Elizabeth Mbitjana amply demonstrate that the Utopia Art Movement is alive and well and in very talented hands!

 George Tuckerbox Exhibition – Art from the Great Sandy Desert. George Tuckerbox presents his paintings from the Great Sandy Desert at Japingka Gallery, opening on Friday 2 September. While Tuckerbox has exhibited with his fellow community artists since 2003, this will be his first solo show. Tuckerbox lives at Wangkatjungka in the south-east corner of the Kimberley and made his first paintings in mid 1990s. He walked in from the desert with his family when he was a child. His recognition maps of the desert are his testimony to his ancestral desert homelands.

 Exhibitions open 6.30pm Friday 2nd September, and run daily until 28th October, 2016


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Two acclaimed young Aboriginal artist, sisters from Katherine in the Northern Territory will be returning in person to Fremantle’s Japingka Gallery for a major exhibition of their evocative paintings.

Gurindji artists Sarrita (27) and Tarisse (29) King have had four Exhibitions with Japingka Gallery over the years.  Both sisters have exhibited in major Exhibitions in Paris, Berlin and Singapore.

The show opens at the High Street gallery at 6.30 pm on Friday 8th April, 2016.

There is also a show by 12 Desert Artists who work in the ‘panel format’ which can be hung either in the landscape or the portrait format.


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Fremantle’s Japingka Gallery in High Street is launching its 2016 Exhibition Program with 2 diverse Exhibitions that go to the very heart of Indigenous Fine Art.  In Gallery 1: Ochre Painters of the Kimberley demonstrate how Kimberley artists have maintained strong links to the ochre painting of their forebears, a tradition that is expressed in rock painting and ceremonial body designs that are embedded in the culture.  Paintings by acclaimed artists Rover Thomas Joolama, Queenie McKenzie and Jack Britten hang side by side with new and emerging Kimberley ochre painters such as Marcia Purdie!

In Gallery 2, Turbo Brown. Exciting and quirky Murray River Artist, Trevor Turbo Brown, paints colourful and joyous images of the wildlife from his childhood and the outdoor world of birds & animals around the outskirts of Mildura,.

Both Exhibitions open 6.30pm Friday February 19, and run daily until 30th March 2016.


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Fremantle Japingka Gallery in High Street is opening two new painting exhibitions by Gabriella and Michelle Possum and by Debra Young Nakamarra and Katherine Marshall Nakamarra, that show the passing of the baton from a well-known artistic parents to their talented daughters. In both cases with the passing of the parent who was a significant and acclaimed Indigenous Artist, the two sets of two daughters have sought to keep both the tradition and their parents’ Dreaming story alive via their own vibrant interpretations of their late parent’s Dreaming Story and artistic tradition.

Against  strong odds, the ancient tradition of passing on Custodianship of a sacred story from one generation to the next is still alive and keeping the Culture strong. In some cases and in a remarkable demonstration of both oral and visual storytelling, such traditional passing on of Custodianship of a particular Dreaming Story is traced back in an unbroken line for tens of thousands of years.

In Gallery 2 the two talented Daughters of the world famous, late great Anmatyerre Artist, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, ably carry on their Father’s Legacy. Both Gabriella and Michelle Possum are extremely talented Artists in their own right, but their Father’s reputation and inspiration drives them to carry on the family Story into the future.

In Gallery 1, the same is true of Debra Young Nakamarra and Katherine Marshall Nakamarra who are the remarkable Daughters of the late great, Pintupi Artist, Walangkura Napanangka. Walangkura died much too young yet managed to inspire her two young daughters to continue the tradition of painting and recording their Mother’s ancient stories of Womens’s Ceremony for which Walangkura was the Custodian in a long line of women. Whilst both Debra and Katherine are fairly faithful to their Mother’s story and painting composition, they bring their own interpretation and a clear love of colour to this ancient Story.

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Sisters Sarrita and Tarisse King have an exhibition opening at Japingka Gallery in Fremantle on 29 August.

Sarrita and Tarisse started their art careers as teenagers. Now in their mid twenties both sisters have had successful exhibitions around Australia, Europe and the USA. Their work is also appealing to younger audiences and one of Sarrita’s paintings was used on reality TV show The Block.

The sisters started with painting together on works in the one place, but now they live 2,000 kms apart. The sisters now use collaboration as a way of staying connected. They each take turns in starting a painting then send it to the other to finish. The free flow of ideas is then a surprise when they see the finished work.


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Fremantle Japingka Gallery will be showing Private Eye, a group exhibition showing the works of famous Aboriginal artists such as Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Naata Nungurrayi, Jackie Giles, Johny Warrangkula, Elizabeth Nyumi, Lucy Yukenbarri, Mitjili Gibson, Maxie Tjampitjinpa , Jimmy Pike and many other well-known indigenous Australian artists.

The exhibition will be open from July 18 to August 20. Japingka is in High Street in Freo’s West End.

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Rover Thomas - Cross Roads - Argyle HillJack Britten - Joalingi - Round HillsDavid Downs - Kurtal

























The works of some of my favourite Aboriginal artists will be exhibited at Fremantle’s Japingka Gallery in High Street from this Friday until July 9. The KIMBERLEY OCHRE ARTISTS show will feature works by Rover Thomas, Queenie McKenzie, Jack Britten, David Downs, Freddie Timms, Henry Wambini, Shirley Purdie, Lily Karadada and Nancy Nodea.

Also on show will be MINI MASTERS, paintings from desert artists, and there will be Tiwi carvings and sculptures as well.

The opening is at 6.30 this Friday. It will be a feast for the eyes for those who appreciate Aboriginal art.

Roel Loopers


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Fremantle Japingka Gallery will be showing two new exhibitions from Friday April 4 in their High Street premises. Desert Song will bring together 50 paintings by signficant women artists from the Western and Central Desert.

Also on show is The Pike Family, an exhibition of works by the late Jimmy Pike‘s brother Edgar Pike and Edgar’s daughter Francine Steele. This will be a show of paintings, silkscreen prints, etchings and silk scarves.

The great Jimmy Pike made Japingka the well-respected Aboriginal Gallery it has become, so it is good to see the gallery’s long association with the Pike family.


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Next Friday will be the opening of the final exhibition of the year at Japingka Gallery in Fremantle High Street. Highly acclaimed artist Rosella Namok comes from Lockhart River on Cape York, while the second exhibition will show the works of artists of the Ampilatwatja community, 320 kilometres North-East of Alice Springs  in the Northern Territory.

The exhibition opens at 6.30 pm on Friday November 22.

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JAPINGKA GALLERY, one of Fremantle‘s longest surviving art galleries, is showing a tribute to the great Warlpiri artist DOROTHY NAPANGARDI, who created strong minimalist paintings of Mina Mina that have become emblematic of the women’s ceremonial site in the Tanami Desert.

Also on show this Friday is the 75th anniversary of the Hermannsburg artists, which started with the first show by Albert Namatjira in Melbourne in 1938.

That means two art openings in Fremantle’s West End this Friday August 30, so wander over to Japingka on High Street at 6.30 and move on to the all new Mutima on Arthur Head after that. That should make for a very special Friday night out.

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