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There is nothing more annoying for me than sitting in the public gallery at Fremantle Council and Council Committee meetings and not being able to hear everything the Councillors are saying.

I admit that I am an old fella whose hearing is no longer as good as it was when I tried to pretend I had not heard my parents, and later on when I grew up, my gorgeous partners, when they told me off, but I just wished the elected members would take my less than 20/20 hearing into account and actually speak INTO the microphones supplied to them.

Councillors Ingrid Waltham and  Jenny Archibald have the softest voices of all elected members, but they keep the microphone somewhere left or right of a shoulder so I find it very difficult to hear their valuable contributions to the debates.

Other Councillors do have the microphone in front of them but then turn their head away to address the Mayor and that makes the mike rather useless, and it makes my life pretty frustrating when I do my very best to get a proper and fair account of the debate, so I can report it on Freo’s View.

Thank you so much for your consideration Councillors! Should I wish for hearing aids for Christmas?

Roel Loopers


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The musical chairs with faulty microphones at last night’s Fremantle Planning Committee was embarrassing and not acceptable.

Microphones were either not working or spluttering and stuttering so that the packed public gallery had real difficulty understanding what was said by Councillors and staff. Councillors were swapping microphones but mostly it did no good. One applicant came forward after his application had been approved with an amendment to find out what the outcome was because he could not hear anything.

This is the third time in the North Fremantle hall that the sound system did not work properly and that is pathetic. We can fly to the moon but the City of Fremantle can’t get the sound right in a small community hall? Very unprofessional!

I get better sound on Skype talking to my sister in the Netherlands, so the CEO needs to make absolutely sure that the sound system is repaired or replaced before the next council meeting.

Just put two speaker boxes in the hall and rotate roving microphones among the councillors and staff so that those who attend the public meetings can actually hear the deliberations by our elected members.

What happened last night was just not good enough and was unfair to the Minutes Secretary who tried to deal with a problem that required a sound technician.

Oooooooooooooh Freo!

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The new artwork in the Fremantle High Street Mall by Tom Mueller and Arianne Palasis is more than just three boring big poles with small artworks on top of them, there is also a sound effect with them.

Unfortunately the sound is barely noticeable and one has to be really close to hear it. That makes it ineffective, as most people walk by without knowing there is another element to the visual art component.

I do understand the consideration for nearby traders and that the sound can’t be too loud, but it needs to be cranked up considerably, otherwise the concept is totally lost.

I could only detect sound out of one of the coloured round speakers.

Roel Loopers


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The Fremantle Fly by Night Club in its new premises at Victoria Hall is looking for rugs and carpets. It’s not like they want to fly around like witches but it is to keep the sound down so they won’t get nose complaints from residents.

Below is their Facebook post:

Do you have a spare rug of carpet to help the Fly control the sound made on stage?

We have made Victoria Hall sound great, but we need to keep the sound within the Hall. The Fly by Night is required to do some sound proofing to Victoria Hall, which the Fly has quotes for and it is achievable but until the lease and liquor licence are all in place the Fly requires to implement a short term solution.

Our neighbour is getting upset with the so called noise so we need to action asap before the Fly host South Fremantle High School’s band showcase.

If you have any rugs or carpets the fly would appreciate the donation by this Wednesday.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield ward. Truly Independent.



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North Fremantle Councillor Robert Fittock has confirmed he will be contesting the Local Government election in October. There is already another candidate for that ward so it looks like more seats will have to be fought for at this election. Fittock was unopposed four years ago, so this will be testing the waters in North Freo.

Robert has been an astute participant at Council and Committee meetings, so it will be interesting to see if the North Freo community appreciates what he has done for them or if they want a change and go Green.

Just back from holiday in Europe Fittock remarked at the Special Projects Committee last night about filthy toilets he had encountered there and said that the public toilets in Fremantle are very clean. That bowled a few people, including me, over because more often than not the state of our toilets is a disgrace. The one at the Roundhouse is disgusting and toilet paper is missing by mid morning, the one in William Street with the automatic doors was a pigsty the last three times I wanted to use it, and the ones at Kings Square and on the Esplanade are hit and miss.

That brings me to the point on how often Council Chambers get cleaned. Rubbish is left in the public area for weeks and the media bench had weeks of dust on it last night. Not great for the decorum of our civic chambers!

And why is the sound system such a mess and the public can barely hear what is said in chambers? Are we waiting for a new civic centre that is many, many years away before we get improvement there? It would help a little if Councillors gave us the courtesy of actually speaking into the microphone and get closer to it, but for some of them that seems too much hard work.

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There is an overall increase in higher-density living in Australia but, according to a report on Crickey, building regulations don’t keep up with the modern trend and hence there are more complaints about neighbours smoking on balconies, noise from amplified sound, traffic, pets, etc.

Neighbourly behaviour in apartment buildings is often less than satisfactory and many show little consideration for their neighbours. This is partly due to the fact that apartments are often not occupied by the owners and tenants are less inclined to bother about good neighbourly relationships.

An interesting environmental aspect is that people who live in apartments often install airconditioners instead of taking advantage of natural ventilation to keep street noise and smells out.

Previous reports have warned that high-density living can have a negative impact on mental health, especially in older people who feel more isolated and threatened by the behaviour of inconsiderate neighbours.

We in Fremantle need to be aware of all good and bad aspects of higher-density living and provide a lot of urban green public spaces for people to relax and get away from neighbours. I lived in a townhouse in Swanbourne street for ten years and had a continuous battle with neighbours about noise. That was not because they were inconsiderate but because the units had been badly built with little noise protection. Listening to people doing the dishes, watching TV, using the toilets and even just having conversations is not my cup of tea. Listening to someone else’s music through the walls and floors makes one feel invaded and not in control of one’s privacy. All that should be addressed in building codes where noise reduction should play a much bigger part.

Perth, at 22.8 percent of multi-unit dwellings in the total dwelling stock, is below the Australian average of 24.8 percent and Sydney is leading with 40.7 percent.

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aqua art






By chance I happened to come across City of Fremantle Street Art Festival director Alex Marshall standing waist-deep in the Fishing Boat Harbour together with members of the French group ACQUACOUSTIQUE, who will be performing Concert in Sea Minor there over the long weekend.

Alex showed his dedication to the event by helping to put down some pallets for the artists to perform on, so they are slightly more elevated out of the water. Great commitment, Mister Marshall!! Alex is the topless one, by the way

Roel Loopers


I got it wrong! Of course South Terrace is closed for traffic on the weekend, not Marine Terrace as I reported previously. Sorry!!!



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For all those interested in the history of Western Australia and the awful treatment of the Aboriginal people, the art exhibition by South Fremantle artist Tania Ferrier at the Heathcote art gallery in Applecross is something not to be missed. The ROTTNEST QUOD PROJECT is both fascinating as well as immensely disturbing, but it is a part of Rottnest Island’s history that has been almost kept silent but needs to be told.

The quods were the prison cells for Aboriginese and many of them died there. Now they are used as rooms at the Rottnest Lodge for visitors and tourists from all over the world. Most would be totally unaware of that part of the building’s disgraceful history.

The story of the quods and the plight of the indigenous prisoners is told in moving video and sound bites, photos, prints and paintings. Tania Ferrier also built a replica of a quod.

I hope many high school art and history teachers will make the QUOD PROJECT exhibition an assignment for their students.

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howling winds and pelting rain

waves pounding beaches

and river walls

breaking branches

the sound of tires on the wet

and drum rolls on the roofs

longing for a concert hall instead

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