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The City of Fremantle and Town of East Fremantle will soon roll out the three-bin FOGO rubbish collection so it is important for the community to know what goes in which bin.

The above image from East Fremantle explains that very well, so I hope the two councils will provide fridge magnets or stickers so that we all know what to do.

That is even more essential for those places that operate as B&B and where people from country WA, interstate and overseas have no idea what is expected of them with the three-bin system.

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Three bins CoF


The City of Fremantle is moving towards the introduction of a new three bin system for household waste and recycling.

If introduced the new three bin system will include:

Weekly collection of a new 240 litre FOGO bin (with a lime green lid)

Fortnightly collection of the existing 240 litre co-mingled recycling bin (yellow lid)

Fortnightly collection of a new 140 litre general waste bin (red lid)

The City of Fremantle is part of the larger Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC), where local governments in southern Perth work together to provide waste and recycling services for our residents.

Since 2016 CoF have been working closely with the other member councils to assess the merits of the three bin system, including a trial with 7000 homes in the City of Melville.

The results from the trial so far have been better than expected, with the bins being used correctly and less contamination of the FOGO bins than anticipated.

Subject to final approval, the three bin system will be introduced to more than 13,000 residential households in Fremantle in July and August next year.

The roll-out will include high-profile education program to let people know what to put in each bin and how the system will work.

Because of issues with access and space the roll-out will not include high-density areas like the city centre and some town houses, commercial properties or residential complexes with more than four units, although this will be subject to review over time.

The new system will mean the City will need to carry out an additional 400,000 bin lifts per year.

The capital cost of setting up the system – including purchasing the new bins – will be around $1.2 million, while additional ongoing operational costs will be between $250,000 and $350,000 per year.


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Students of Fremantle John Curtin College spent one hour on cleaning up Port Beach recently and were amazed at what they found in such a short time in winter.

Cigarette butts 166, Cigarette lighters 3, Straws 20, confection sticks and cups 50,Lids and tops 27, Plastic drink bottles 13, Plastic food packaging 38, Cylume glow sticks (mini) – recreational fishing 6, Recreational fishing items 15, Rope and net scraps less than a metre 17, Rope in metres 3 and Plastic bits and pieces hard and solid 162.
Others: Foam buoys 3, Earplugs 8, Glass beer stubbies 4, Broken glass 20, Cloth 9, Aluminium cans 5, Metal bottle caps 29, Paper and cardboard packaging 136, Rubber balls 1 and Rubber remnants 12.

One has to wonder how much other rubbish ended up in the ocean before the students collected it.

It is disgraceful that so many people believe someone else will clean up after them and leave their rubbish behind.


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It is an utter disgrace that the vacant property on the corner of Suffolk Street and South Terrace, opposite the Fremantle Hospital, is being used as an illegal rubbish dump!

It is unacceptable that people believe they can just do about everything and I doubt the many shopping trollies were thrown over the fence by someone, so is the owner responsible for it?

Rubbish attracts vermin, rats, seagulls, etc and is a health hazard that needs to be removed with urgency.

On your bike City of Fremantle and get the crap removed by the property owner!

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And here another complaint about the Sunset Events operations at J Shed on Bathers Beach. The last concert was on Saturday afternoon but this huge overflowing bin of rubbish still had not been emptied on Wednesday at 11 am, to the delight of birds and rats.

It’s a public health issue and not acceptable, and it is disrespectful to the other tenants of J Shed who operate seven days a week there and not just on weekends, and to the hundreds of tourists who walk by there every day.

Clean up your mess, Sunset Events!

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sks 1 sks 2


It is bad enough that the SKS group has decided to delay by two years the development of the Hilton Doubletree hotel on the corner of Point and Queen Adelaide streets in Fremantle, but it is not acceptable they now leave the site in a mess and don’t clean it up.

After I complained about it a few months ago they partly cleaned up the site and put metres of unattractive SKS banners on the fence, but just next to the still standing carpark they have not bothered to clean up this mess or make it safe, as the partly demolished walls are a safety hazard to the public.

This no care attitude of the developers shows little respect for the community and is basically very bad manners. Where is your corporate pride and responsibility SKS?

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The Fremantle High Street Mall upgrade is progressing with new street furniture, new lights and a few new trees, and now these much better-looking rubbish collecting stations are being installed there and around Freo.

For me personally the mall is too cluttered and there are now even less clear sight lines from Kings Square to the Roundhouse, and that might even become less once an artwork is installed as part of the  percentage for the arts scheme for the Atwell Arcade development.

It’s better than it was but a bit half-hearted to me and not the full monty the mall needs. I do realise that it is about money and priorities and that Freo has not the same unlimited budget the State Government thought they had. ; >)

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Those in North Fremantle who claim Freo Council does not look after them can be silent now. These massive rubbish bins I photographed near the Propeller Cafe this morning are hopefully the start of a Fremantle wide roll out in the more frequented and tourist areas of the city where ugly plastic wheelie bins are still creating visual pollution.

Not sure why one of these bins was not made a recycling bin and disappointing the COF still needs to use plastic bin liners because it is probably the most practical way.

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“International zero waste experts, Professor Emeritus, Paul Connett, St Lawrence University, Canton New York and Professor Steffen Lehman, Head of Architecture and the School of the Built Environment at Curtin University, a zero waste and planning expert, will together with Mr lee Bell, heavy metals expert to the International Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Elimination Network (IPEN) and National Toxics Network (NTN) will be participating in a panel discussion, taking questions from the public about the four incinerators recently approved by the WA EPA and alternative solutions.

This is an incredible opportunity to hear from some of the worlds leading experts on the dangers of incineration and the pathways towards sustainable zero waste solutions for Western Australia.

The south metro region has been targeted for two massive incinerators making this an environmental health and justice issue for all south metro regional councils, their constituents and the environment.

As such all WA local governments are under pressure from regional councils to commit to long term waste management contracts to secure the vast waste streams needed to fuel the waste to energy incinerators planned for WA. With four incinerators approved in WA now, this pressure is set to increase. To understand how this dirty energy industry is being promoted, this article may be of interest to you.

Don’t miss this great opportunity. Tuesday 17th Feb 2015, 6pm, Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St, West Perth. (on the Freo train line City West train stop)



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 Paul Connett, Professor Emeritus in Environmental Chemistry at St Lawrence University in Canton, New York will share his expertise and scientific knowledge about incineration impacts and safer zero waste solution. 6pm Tues 17th Feb 2015 Conference room Lotteries West House, 2 Delhi st, West Perth.

Dr Connett is also author of Zero Waste Solutions: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time.

This public forum is brought to you by The Alliance for a Clean Environment and Zero Waste WA.

The WA EPA has approved four waste to energy incinerators for WA, despite claims that these technologies will increase recycling and provide renewable energy. The reality is that they are the dirtiest and most expensive form of energy production, releasing more ghg’s per unit of energy than both coal and gas, as well as toxic persistent organic pollutants, for which there is no safe level of exposure.

Where these plants operate elsewhere in the world they undermine the recycling sector by having to burn recyclable materials to maintain commercial viability. This is not the sustainable waste management future WA needs or deserves.

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