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Many Fremantle people have made comments about the poor cruiseship passengers having to push and pull their luggage  rain or shine along either side of the railway line to the Fremantle train station, so it is good to receive this message from Fremantle Ports:

Fremantle Ports is now providing a free shuttle bus service between the Fremantle Passenger Terminal and the Fremantle Train Station for cruise passengers leaving or boarding turnaround cruise ships calls (where there is a complete passenger exchange and most passengers are locals).

The service will start this Friday when Sun Princess is visiting. The City of Fremantle already provides a shuttle bus service for passengers on transit cruises (passengers just here for the day). Find out more:






The Fremantle railway station was closed for over two hours from 8am this morning when PTA transit guards found a suspicious package and the bomb squad was called in.

Traffic along Phillimore Street was diverted and some train and bus commuters experienced delays.

The parcel turned out to be harmless.

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It’s always an interesting view point to see a ship at berth in port straight behind the Fremantle railway station.

This one is the Canberra class amphibious assault ship and landing helicopter dock HMAS Adelaide.

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Arthur Head


Fremantle Society president John Dowson has called for a public meeting on February 11 about the proposed State Heritage listing for the West End Heritage Precinct. The meeting will be at Kidogot Arthouse on Bathers Beach and starts at 7 pm.

Dowson writes in his email to FS members that Fremantle council chopped in half the precinct proposed by the West End Working Group, a group made up of members of the community, business and experts. Dowson wrote that the committee recommended to Council to include the whole area including Kings Square be listed, but that appears to be incorrect.

The West End Working Group was given two options, surprisingly neither included Arthur Head and the state’s oldest public building the Roundhouse, and the WEWG decided to recommend to Council to adopt Option 1 with boundaries at Market Street/South Terrace and not Option 2 that went further and included Kings Square as far as Queens Street and Newman Court.

The option recommended by the WE Working Group was unanimously voted for at full Council meeting on September 25, 2013 and subsequently accepted as the area by the State Heritage Office which is now investigating to consider to ask State Government to include the Freo West End Heritage Precinct on the State Register of Heritage Places.

The State Heritage Office and I have made several attempts to talk to each other but have not been successful so far, so will call them back again later today.

I would specifically like to know why Arthur Head is not included in the present proposal.

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15.45 pm update: I have talked to the State Heritage office and added a comment in the comment box in reply to John Dowson’s comment, so please click there.



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I am a big fan of community consultation but that the City of Fremantle is asking its residents where they should put up way-finding signs is quite ridiculous. Putting signs up is not a personal preference but where they are most effective and practical. It is not something the community needs to be part of as we have expert officers who can decide those things. Not much use me saying I’d like one for my back yard.

Basically most signs need to be where most tourists wander through Fremantle, so one of them needs to be up at the Roundhouse to point out the Maritime Museum, Rottnest ferry terminal, Shipwreck Museum and Fishing Boat Harbour. A prominent sign also needs to be put at the railway station pointing to all the attractions.

I have noticed that many tourists find it difficult to find the Fremantle Markets and Fremantle Prison so that needs to be improved, and I often get asked where the railway station is, so a few more signs to point in that direction will be helpful.

I am glad COF will finally put new signs up around Freo as what it there a present is insufficient.

Talking about way-finding, the connectivity between Victoria Quay and the Fishing Boat Harbour is severely compromised when Sunset Events put fences up at J Shed when they have events there, so signs need to be put up there fast.

On another note, why on earth is the Whalers Tunnel closed so early again? We lobbied the City for years to get it opened earlier and close it only at 10 pm, but I hear it is now being closed around 7 pm and that is far too early and will affect the number of patrons getting to the new J Shed venue. As I have suggested before, increase the light in the tunnel and make it a feature that people can see from far away. Better light will also help prevent stupidity in the tunnel.

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I had not seen this artist impression of the planned Fremantle Ports Victoria Quay development that Oneperth published on-line, so wanted to share it with you. The publication reports State Planning Commission has recommended the approval of the plans.

What is missing in the picture is the railway line crossing at Pakenham Street that was going to connect with the extended Peter Hughes Drive, that was proposed, but we do see a substantial building taking up most of Pioneer Park.

The independent Oneperth also suggests there would be a four-storey bus exchange, probably to the east of the railway station. From memory it was suggested a pedestrian bridge would connect with the to be developed Woolstores shopping centre.

It will be interesting to see if State Government will release final plans for the project ahead of the planned sale of the port as that might well increase the price and put more money in the empty mismanaged coffers of our state.

According to Oneperth there had been no submissions received during a 21 day period, which seems extremely strange, but then again, I am not aware a submission period had been advertised, so most people in Fremantle probably would not have known about it.

I believe the ten-storey tower just to the east behind the railway station needs to be lowered to no more than six storeys as it overpowers the heritage station, and the huge building at Pioneer Park is unacceptable. Mayor Brad Pettitt has just written about increasing public open spaces and Fremantle can’t afford to lose Pioneer Park as a lingering and recreation point to offset the proposed commercial ugliness at Victoria Quay.

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Beautification of Pioneer Park opposite the Fremantle Railway Station started with the addition of flower beds and new trees planted on the corner of Market and Phillimore Street. It is starting to look like a real cute park now and a few more seats in the grassed area would be a good idea as well.

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Although I welcome projects that will improve Fremantle, it bothers me that councils seem to need external reasons to implement change. We are used to things not being done or done badly, but suddenly big improvements are planned when a sporting event is on our doorstep.

Fremantle council announced it is spending $ 800.000 on beautifying the city for the Perth 2011 ISAF Sailing Championships. If we believe ISAF’s John Longley’s claim of 500.000 visitors for the event, we are only spending $ 1.60 on each visitor. A bargain for our city hey!

The Little High Street end of High Street will be cobble stoned and an art work installed, Bathers and South Beach improved, Cliff Street lit, and Pioneer Park in front of the Railway Station will be upgraded.

$ 250.000 will be spend on a boardwalk and landscaping at Arthur Head. The Round House precinct is where ISAF will be concentrated, so that is a necessary move that will benefit tourism in the long run. Let’s hope the city will also repair the Round House and the stairs leading to it, install seating near one of our top tourist attractions, have drinking fountains for dehydrated visitors, plant  trees, and install much needed security cameras in the West End of town.

Most importantly Captain’s Lane needs to be made safe for pedestrians, and easier to ride wheelchairs and gophers on, as the lane is the only wheelchair access to the area. Many tourists walk down there and so do people who are attending one of the many weddings held on the lawn next to the Round House. A ramp up to the grassed area would be very useful.

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