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Yesterday I saw a notice on Facebook by the PTA that Fremantle trains would not be running at night this weekend but a Roundhouse volunteer guide just told me she had to take a bus from Mosman Park because the trains are not running during the day either.

With WINTERWORLD just starting today it is amazing how the Public Transport Authority so often cancel Freo trains when festivals are on. Is there any collaboration with the City of Fremantle at all?

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Work is under way to create the 2019 Fremantle WINTERWORLD skating festival at the Esplanade.

The event is on from this Saturday June 29 until July 21 and is open every day from 10am onward till mid evening.

It is always a fun spectacle to watch with little kids hanging on a parent’s leg or a penguin for their dear life, or seeing grownups hitting the ice with a bang.

And a friendly reminder to the boys and girls in blue that not every old man with a camera is a paedophile. Last year I was stopped by two Fremantle Police officers who wanted to know why I took photos of people skating. Because I wanted to, and under Australian law I am allowed to photograph anything and anyone in a public open space.

At the first WINTERWORLD a security guard told me I could not take photos unless I had family members on the ice rink. Bulldust!

It is insulting to regularly being confronted when next to me dozens of people take photos with mobile phones, but I stick out because I use a real camera.

I promote as many Fremantle events, festivals and businesses on this blog as I can and don’t want to be intimidated by police or security when I do absolutely nothing wrong!

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The agenda of the Fremantle Ordinary Council meeting was 250 pages long, so there were many items on the agenda, too many to go into too much detail here on the blog, but there are two more articles below this one about it.

  • The Freo Street Doctor will receive $ 20,000 sponsorship.
  • Winterworld‘s funding application for $ 25,000 cash for the next three years, plus in-kind support of $ 45,000 for using the Italian Club carpark, has been reduced to $ 25,000 cash this year, down to $ 20,000 next year and down again the year after to $ 15,000. The in-kind support remains the same for the three years.
  • McCabe Street in North Fremantle will be getting traffic calming in the form of a speed-reducing plateau near Tasker Place, but Councillor Andrew Sullivan said more needed to be done about the public realm and the area needs more forward planning.
  • Improvements to the Hampton Road and Lloyd Street intersection in South Fremantle will be made.
  • Improvements to the Parry/Adelaide/Queen Victoria streets intersection also on the cards.
  • A container deposit scheme for plastic bottles will be investigated.
  • A City Centre Land-Use Mix policy to avoid too many of the same businesses, such as taverns in the CBD, is being considered.
  • The Fremantle Alternative planning policy is almost there. It just needs some tweaking required by the Minister for Planning.
  • Gas-filled balloons will no longer be permitted on City of Fremantle property.
  • Officers have been asked to write a Film Friendly Freo policy for Council to consider.


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To keep sponsoring the more and more successful Fremantle WINTERWORLD Festival we should get some guarantee of exclusivity, Councillor Rachel Pemberton argued at the FPOL Committee on Wednesday evening. There is a Winterworld in Perth and Hillaries at the same time as Fremantle, she said, and we don’t want another one at Bibra Lake or near Fremantle..

Winterworld this year will for the first time coincide with the Fremantle Festival, which has been moved from a summer to a winter festival, so that means more and better promotion for the festival.

The Winterworld organisers have again asked for cash sponsorship of $ 25,000 from the City plus $ 45,000 of in-kind sponsorship for a waiver of car park fees at the Italian Club, so a total of $ 70,000. The proposal is for a three-year sponsorship up to and including 2021.

Councillor Doug Thompson was the only one who does not like the cash sponsorship, but the FPOL members asked for the CEO to renegotiate the contract, because a more successful Winterworld creates more profits and hence should be able to do with less financial sponsorship from the City.

80,000 people attended Winterworld last year and it is estimated 100,000 will visit it this year.

I think it is quite funny that the City officers claim in the agenda that “the event created strong attendance from interstate” but the figures provided with the statement show that only 300 tickets were sold interstate, so that is hardly a strong attendance from the eastern states.

And one more issue I have been raising since Winterworld started. Where are the posters and flyers so that tourist destinations such as the Roundhouse can hand them out and make interstate and overseas visitors aware that the skating festival is on?

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WL 1


The Fremantle WINTERWORLD skating festival opened yesterday to the delight of young and old.

The ice rink has been made all weather proof with a roof over it, because last year there was a lot of rain which discouraged people from skating.

The big blue slide is always a big attraction and so are the mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. There are a lot of food stalls, from Indian to pizza, so head out to the Fremantle Esplanade for some hours of real winter fun.

WINTERWORLD is open every day till mid July.

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Parents have been complaining about all that rain during the school holidays, so with the weather back to Freo fantastic I wanted to see how busy the Winterworld ice skating n Fremantle was this morning.

I took a few wide-angle shots to show the crowd and when I turned around two police officers looked at me inquisitively, so I took my sunnies off and said hello.

Once I crossed over to the Esplanade Hotel side I noticed they were behind me and I hear “excuse me sir”

The officers wanted to know why I was taking photos, and while it is my lawful right to take pictures of anyone in a public open space, I explained I published a Fremantle blog, gave them my business card, even let them look at the few photos I had taken, and explained I was very well known in Freo, even by the head of police media who is a mate of mine, but they still wanted to see my drivers license.

I absolutely accept that the officers have a job to do, but I find it extremely offensive that an old man with a camera is automatically classified as a potential deviant paedophile, and questioned.

There were plenty of people taking photos with mobile phones, but I stood out with a professional DSLR Nikon. Would a child abuser really be that obvious and stupid?

I adore children and believe they are sacred. Anyone who interferes with a child should be shot as far as I am concerned, but it is not right to target professional photographers just because they are male and over 50.

I have great respect for police officers and the often awful job they have to do, but I feel quite insulted right now.

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Fremantle WINTERWORLD on the Esplanade is a lot of fun, so don’t forget to go there.

There is no greater pleasure for me than seeing happy children and they love the ice skating, the big slide and also the snow dome where they can build a real snowman.

There is mulled wine and spit roast, coffee, cakes and other yummy things and the Esplanade Youth Plaza skatepark next to Winterworld is also heaps of fun.

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Leeuwin sunrise


What a stunning clear and crisp winter morning it is in Fremantle today.

I took this photo of the SS Leeuwin in Fremantle Port just before 7 am and it was pretty cold, but a warm coffee upstairs at the Attic made it all better.

Off to take photos at the WINTERWORLD on the Esplanade later on and then German winter dinner at Gasthof Loopy. Sauerkraut, pork sausages and braised pork belly.

Mulled wine would be nice too. ; >)

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The Fremantle WINTERWORLD skate season is on again at the Esplanade from this Saturday June 24 to July 16, so make sure to take the kids there for a day of fun and sore bottoms.

It is in the Italian Club carpark just metres away from the Esplanade Youth Plaza, so if the weather remains as sunny as it it the two combined make a perfect day out for families.

There will be food stalls, a bar, mulled wine, so a great celebration of winter and the Freo lifestyle.

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