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back view


Two rather different photos of J Shed sculptor Greg James‘ artwork in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. Workers who are repairing the jetty have caught one of the bronze fisherman, while the Bathers Beach House looks different when taken through the massive legs of the big sentinel.

The stolen Bella sculpture by Greg James still has not been found.

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Fremantle District – WA Police Force: Fremantle Detectives charged three people as a result of their investigation into a stolen statue.

Around 3.30am on 9 October 2019, unknown person(s) stole the statue ‘Bella’ from Bathers Beach in Fremantle. The statue is valued at approximately $100,000 and is the work of local J Shed sculptor Greg James. Sadly the statue has not been recovered.

As a result of information provided by the public, Fremantle Detectives were able to identify the men.

A 40-year-old man from Fremantle has been charged with:
• Stealing;
• Possess Methylamphetamine with Intent to Sell/Supply;
• Possess Drug Paraphernalia; and

• Possess Stolen Property.

He is due to appear in the Fremantle Magistrates Court on 22 November 2019.

A 38-year-old man and a 33-year-old man, both from Fremantle will be summonsed to appear in court at a later date in relation to drug and stolen property offences.

Anyone with any information regarding the whereabouts of “Bella” is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.





There are some effing morons in this world! Last night the lovely Bella sculpture by J Shed artist Greg James was stolen from its bench at Bathers Beach.

The bronze sculpture is one of the most photographed artworks in Fremantle and is worth well over $ 100,000. It probably weights 150kilo, so it would have taken a few people to lift it up on the back of a van.

If you read this post, crooks, let me tell you that people like you disgust me! Greg James puts a huge effort into his artwork. It takes time and dedication and it belongs at Bathers Beach, not in some fool’s backyard. Return it!

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Overseas tourists relaxing at the great Greg James bronze sculpture in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour on the long weekend.

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It is only a few more weeks until the local government election campaign starts and where negativity about Fremantle Council will be severe and sometimes unfair, so I am trying to make the best of waking up from my winter hibernation with long walks through our delightful city.

Today I did a little photo essay on art and murals.

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arty planters


The Lily Pilly trees in the arty yellow-striped planter boxes look quite cute but they will become a pain when they start losing fruit as the pavement will look very messy.

Nice to see in the background the work on the building of Cliff and High streets still going on after it took so long to remove the yellow foil of the Felice Varini artwork that had damaged the surface.

I have been told the planters were not put along the car park for disability access reasons, but that makes little sense when further up the road they have to ride slalom around A-signs that are randomly put on the footpath without any consideration for pedestrians, and even less for people in wheelchairs, gophers, etc.

It is time the City developed a policy of where signs can be placed, how many, etc. because it is a visual mess and a safety issue for those using the footpaths.


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art 1

art 2


Gone but not forgotten must be the thinking behind the new planter boxes with yellow stripes in Fremantle’s High Street. The yellow stripes will remind people of the fantastic optical illusion artwork Swiss artist Felice Varini created for the Fremantle Biennale Festival two years ago.

The work unfortunately became controversial because the removal of the yellow foil from the heritage buildings proved to be difficult and very costly, so we can only hope the Freo community has a sense of humour or at least acceptance of the debacle.

Lili Pilly trees will be planted in the boxes, but I do wonder why the boxes were not put next to the ugly car park to obscure it a little bit.

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There are a few rumours around town and on (anti)social media about the removal of the yellow foil of the Felice Varini artwork and the patching up and painting of the facades of the heritage-listed buildings along Fremantle’s historic High Street.

I wanted to find out first hand what is going on as claims were made about additional work costing the city a lot more money, etc. so I asked Graham Tattersall, Director of Infrastructure and Project Delivery of the City of Fremantle to clarify what is happening, so that we are all on the same page, as they say, and all white elephants are taken care of.

Here is what he emailed me:

“I can clarify that we received council approval to allocate a budget of $211K (for all removal works and associated tidy-up…inc buildings….and roofs, pavement, lampposts etc…).

Our (internal) measured pre-tender estimate for the building removal works was $130k. This included a 10% contingency for potential additional painting to ensure match-ups.

The tendered works for removal of Art-work (from the High St buildings) was ultimately won by BUDO; the agreed contract sum actually being $113k. There have been some minor variations to this figure (to ensure façade match-ups) but we are still well within our contingency allocation.

At this point I am confident that all works related to remove the yellow foil from buildings will be covered by the contract and contingency.

Some additional work to buildings on High Street is being carried out by BUDO under instruction from the owners (for example, numbers 8, 12 and 32 have opted for a full façade paint). In these cases, the City is funding the removal of the yellow paint and remediating paint work where the foil has been (as specified and tendered) and the owners are funding the rest.

We are also looking to refresh some of the City’s existing assets down High Street (painting of lampposts, tree pruning, relocation of benches to High Street, potted trees). However, this work will be covered by operational, maintenance budgets.”

I walk by the repair works a couple of times a day and am very impressed with the new look High Street, so I hope the work will all get done within budget and on time.

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A lot of people have commented to me on how good Fremantle’s historic High Street is starting to look now that the City of Fremantle is in the process of removing the yellow foil of the Felice Varini Arcs D’Ellipse artwork and partly or totally paint the facades of the gorgeous buildings.

The building at 10 High Street still does have the yellow foil attached but that is because architect Michael Patroni, who owns the building, wants to take it all the way back to the original tuckpointed facade, and no worries, the City won’t pay for that.

It’s great to see heritage building beautified, but that does not mean I condone the mess  the city administration made out of the fantastic public artwork and not doing their homework about how to safely remove the foil. That should not have happened.

I hear that the City also wants to install more seating along High Street and that no doubt will be welcomed by tourists, locals and Notre Dame university students

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Fremantle is getting another good mural public art work on the new FREO.SOCIAL music venue building at Parry Street. The aerial perspective of the painting is fascinating.

Work is still continuing in and around the former Drillhall, but Sunset Events have scheduled many concerts in, starting with An Intimate Evening With John Butler on April 3.

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