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More from the Fremantle Council Planning Committee:

  • A small bar and deli for 29 Leighton Beach Boulevard in North Fremantle was approved by the City of Fremantle Planning Committee last night after many people spoke for and against it.

One of the main concerns was noise from the alfresco area rising up to the balconies of residents because of the hard surface below.

It is a fair concern that could be addressed if council insisted on noise control, such as carpeting the alfresco area and putting a soft noise reducing top over it and plants around it, but a small amendment only addressed the area of alfresco activity and that it could not expand.

  • The development proposal for a cafe/restaurant next to Frank’s the butcher in Wray Avenue came back to the Planning Committee, after the proponent had taken the plans to the State Administrative Tribunal after they were rejected by council. The committee last night was adamant. that not enough changes had been made and that parking in the very popular hub was already and issue that could not cope with another cafe, so the proposal was rejected again.
  • The Solar Farm on the former tip site in South Fremantle was approved. Concerns about contaminated dust were deemed unnecessary as the site will be monitored while it is largely without control now.

It is a bit of a surprise that people now are concerned about contaminated dust when a solar farm will be built over the surface and no doubt acts as dust reduction and the site will be professionally managed. A very good outcome I believe.

  • Bad acoustics in the North Fremantle Hall is still an issue and the large public gallery which included twenty Curtin University students had to move chairs to the sides to get closer to be able to hear the Councillors and staff. Unacceptable.
  • A rather farcical situation at the start of the meeting when chair Jon Strachan ruled that all public submissions would be heard before the committee deliberated, but he was overruled by his colleagues who wanted the procedure to remain as it is and that the public speaks before each item which is then debated by committee. It means that people who are not interested in other items on the agenda don’t have to sit through the entire meeting, so it is a basic courtesy to the community.

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Congratulations to FRANKS GOURMET MEATS in Wray Avenue, Fremantle. Twenty years in business is a huge achievement.

Well done Frank!


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Wray Ave speed limit


It took a year for the City of Fremantle to get the go ahead from Mainroads Department to lower the speed in Wray Avenue to 40 kilometres per hour, but it has finally be improved.

The local community had asked for a reduction in traffic speed as the Wray Ave hub is very popular for its cafes and shopping, and frequented by students and parents of the Fremantle Primary School, and by staff and visitors of Fremantle Hospital.

So next time you drive through Wray Avenue, slow down!


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Traders in the lovely Fremantle Wray Avenue hub are hopeful that the planned new public car park on the Stan Reilly site will be a boost to their businesses, as some of them have seen a significant downturn in trade since the downgrading of Fremantle Hospital and the closure of the emergency ward.

The popular Lenny the OX cafe has closed, but renovations are under way for The MOD, the Modern Cafe that already has a new mural painted on the wall.

My friend Natalie at Luce Del Sol can’t wait for warmer weather, in the hope the sales of swimwear will increase drastically as it has been pretty quiet recently.

I always like walking or driving past Frank’s the butcher and seeing all the signs in front of the shop, and love the atmosphere at Galati’s.

The Fremantle Oval Project will bring Wray Avenue a bit closer to the Cappuccino Strip and some street beautification between Parry Street and Wray Avenue would also help.


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Wray Avenue in Fremantle will be closed next Monday and Tuesday, June 19 and 20, so avoid the area and don’t get caught in traffic jams.

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The long-awaited community parklet at Wray Avenue, designed by Jean-Paul Horre is quite beautiful and will no doubt attract local people.

JPH raised $ 14,000 through crowd-funding and the City of Fremantle matched that dollar for dollar under the One Planet policy.

The big challenge is for the parklet not to become a de-facto alfresco addition for Lenny the Fox cafe, and the designer is aware of that and signs will point that out.

It looks great so well done and even has disabled access, which is very thoughtful!

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The City of Fremantle has installed new banners around the Wray Ave/South Tce intersection to promote the Wray Avenue Precinct. Sadly one at the roundabout already got damaged by a large vehicle, a truck or bus.

The banners look good, and so does the delightful little Wray Ave hub.

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p 8

The Fremantle WRAY AVENUE SOLAR PARKLET is still needing to raise more funds to make the public lingering node a reality, so if you want to support it go here:

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It appears I have to get better at writing in the English language because I don’t seem to be communicating what I mean. The floodgates opened yesterday with people commenting on my article about the proposed parklet in Wray Avenue. It was a negative rant and against the parklet, etc. but that is simply not true! Contrary to some of the people who commented about parklets in general and don’t like them or that they take car parking bays away, I do support some parklets in appropriate locations around Fremantle.

This is the last paragraph of yesterday’s blog post “To make it very, very clear!! I support the parklet at Wray Avenue. I think it will look good and it will help to slow down the traffic a bit, but the cafe is a commercial enterprise like all other hospitality outlets in Fremantle and it should not get preferential treatment from the City of Fremantle. I wish them well with the crowd funding!

For the record. The proposed parklet would take away only two motorcycle parking spots but not a car bay. I hope because it is located near the new pedestrian crossover it might help slow down traffic and that is pretty important as I watched a Transperth bus almost ceaning up a lady who was crossing there. It might well be because the crossing does not look like an official zebra crossing so motorists don’t see the need to stop and give way. Maybe a couple of signs might help to make it safer, City of Fremantle?

So let me reiterate my sentiments about the funding of the parklet that is supposed to become a community hub. In my opinion it will become a de facto, pseudo extension of the alfresco area of Lenny the Ox cafe. It is a popular cafe and it does not have a lot of outdoor seating, so why would patrons not use the ‘community hub’ to have breakfast and coffee? It makes sense that they would and that is the whole point of my argument. For the City to fund it with $ 14,000 creates unfair competition because other hospitality outlets have been paying all the cost to create a parklet outside their cafe or restaurant. To say the intent is to make it a public space is lovely but pretty naive, because the reality will be that cafe patrons will be the main users of it, hence it should not be partly funded by the City of Fremantle, no matter what process was followed.

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p 8

Lack of consistent governance is something the City of Fremantle Council gets criticised for often and it is disappointing that it keeps happening. This time Council is financially supporting a new parklet for a cafe in Wray Avenue, while all the other businesses who installed a parklet had to pay for it themselves. It is no surprise the words mateship and nepotism come up so often in conversations about Freo’s Council.

Only last Wednesday Councillors at the Strategic and Planning Committee were not willing to delete bond for a proposed parklet at 3 Pakenham Street, but today Mayor Brad Pettitt is heralding that the City will match crowd funding at Lenny the Ox cafe in Wray Avenue with $ 14,000 for a first solar powered parklet. It is hard not to be cynical about it when one also reads the parklet has been designed by a member of CUSP, the Curtin Uni sustainability unit our Mayor absolutely loves.

One can also question how effective a solar powered parklet is for a business that is not open in the evenings as far as I know. Is lighting up two trees in Wray Avenue such a big deal that Councillors want to spent $ 14,000 of ratepayers’ money on it?

This is again Council making decisions based on Greens ideology and financially supporting one small business in town while others with no close connections to our Mayor will just have to fend for themselves. It is not fair, it is bias and it is wrong. It also creates unfair competition because it saves the cafe a large amount of money, while others just had to take the risk and have less profits to install a parklet.

Why did the National Hotel, Lapa, Moore&Moore Cafe, Esplanade Hotel, Bread in Common, Strange Company, etc. not receive financial support from the City of Fremantle? Clearly because they have no connections to CUSP and  are not part of the in crowd with the Mayor. It is wrong, very wrong and I hope someone will complain to the Minister for Local Government about this.

To make it very, very clear!! I support the parklet at Wray Avenue. I think it will look good and it will help to slow down the traffic a bit, but the cafe is a commercial enterprise like all other hospitality outlets in Fremantle and it should not get preferential treatment from the City of Fremantle. I wish them well with the crowd funding!

Fremantle Council needs to become far more consistent in its decision making!

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