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Place Partners


I just saw this poster or billboard of PLACE PARTNERS  on Twitter and thought that it is very relevant to Fremantle.

PLACE PARTNERS-Placemaking Consultancy Australia are in beautiful Paddington in Sydney, NSW, but no doubt they will be happy to advise WA local councils about placemaking as well. Phone 02-8065 7401.

The future is ours if we are daring enough to reach for it and embrace it, Freo!

By the way, retail will thrive in WA over the next five years according to Deloitte, so the draught might soon be over for our struggling traders.

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For these school leavers pondering what to do next in life at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach, the horizon is the future. Only the limitations we set for ourselves prevent us from reaching the great potential we all have.

It is better to fail than not to have tried!

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Steve Grant of Fremantle Herald fame was doing a photo shoot in front of Chalkys cafe in Freo’s West End this morning when I had my coffee there, so I had to take a photo of the new TESLA electric car that was being test driven by Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt, Councillor Jon Strachan and ABC TV garden guru Josh Byrne.

When the doors are opened it looks rather futuristic. I am worried though about all the stuff falling out of the side pockets every time one opens the doors. ; >)

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The sun has set on another year and Fremantle survived largely undamaged, but for a few ugly buildings, but such is life.

We need to be pragmatic about it and move on to a great future and learn from the mistakes we made last year, so from me to everyone in Fremantle


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The monthly FREMANTLE NETWORK talk is on at the National Hotel this Tuesday from 5.30 pm, so come along.

I really enjoy the talks as they are very diverse and informative. Last month someone from St Pats talked about homelessness and tomorrow we will see a youth perspective on Fremantle and the world when Liam Carter speaks.

We often believe that young people are not interested in local politics so it will be interesting to hear from Liam what he believes young people are contributing to making Freo a better place.

Liam Carter is a passionate local youth advocate who grew up and has spent his entire life living in South Fremantle. After asking how best to give back and make a difference in the Freo community, he decided to work with the City of Fremantle to create a Youth Advisory Council.

Liam has been working to change the debate around youth issues and enable young people to engage in community problem solving to the benefit of Fremantle, and its surrounds.

The extent of youth engagement in many cities is service provision, but Liam is working to increase the accessibility of planners to young people and create a lasting dialogue that gets good results not just for youth, but for the whole community.

It’s a free event and the National Hotel bar and kitchen are open, so stay on for dinner and drinks and network.

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daring future


I like the optimistic message of the graffiti on this temporary wall in the Fremantle High Street mall, so when Freo identity and artist Horatio B. Birdbath walked by I had to ask him to pose for me.

Horatio is well-known for his detailed artwork on the wall behind Gino’s in market street and some columns at Kings Square.

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dr noel nannup


A reminder that today from 5.30 indigenous leader Noel Nannup will present his vision for Fremantle upstairs at the National Hotel as part of the Fremantle Network speakers series.

It will be fascinating to hear and Aboriginal perspective on the future of Fremantle and no doubt there will be many questions from the public. The event is free and the bar open for a drink.

Noel is a well respected elder who also does Aboriginal tours with his son Greg in Fremantle and Perth. Go and join one of them. Check out it out the website Indigenous Tours WA.

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I don’t know what it is with February 29 and leap years, but the planets must have been wrongly aligned as I had a terrible dream.

I dreamt that there had been a civil uprising in the Town of Freotopia by CAC-Citizens Against Change, a rebel organisation lead by Jezus Domino, better known as the Messiah, and his right hand Daniel Whiteflesh, who was colloquially called Guinness the Gambler.

The first public meeting after the coup d’etat was held at Kings Square where the Messiah told the crowd that the Council of Elders had been arrested and its leader Bad Pit shot when he offered his captors Chai.

“The days of development, progress and change are over for our town” the Messiah thundered. “The heathens who believe in these sins no longer rule Freotopia and we will return to our roots of heritage and history. We have been governed for too long by those who believe that building for the future is as important as the preservation of our heritage, and we had to put a stop to this madness that was destroying our town. I am the only one who knows what is best for Freotopia.”

“Development is all about greed, and the days of entitlement where everyone has a home and a roof over its head are gone. I have ordered the CEO to abandon the planning department and create a demolition department instead of it, as I intend to have every modern building higher that three storeys demolished or lowered to the three-story height that is respectful to our ancient town.”

“We CACers will also stop the silly tolerance of equality and Fremantle Park will be fenced off to accommodate those who have no place in our society. Town planners, placemakers, buskers, homeless, drunks, dope smokers, hippies, tarot card readers, cyclists, healers and their ilk will be detained, as will those who engage in yoga, and markets and events organisors and musicians.” Jezus Domino yelled. This prompted the crowd to start chanting “Laneway, No Way, Blues and Roots gets the boot, and Sunset Events this is the end.”

“The days of embracing the future are over for Freotopia, the Messiah said, and we will return to the past and reject progress for ever. Ugly solar panels and airconditioners will no longer be allowed in our town and we will also ban internet and mobile phone access, so we no longer get bombarded with the silly ideas of placemakers and town planners.” This created a murmur in the crowd as it was far more acceptable to them to live without a roof over one’s head than to not be able to check every five minutes irrelevant messages on Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram.

It is then I woke up in a cold sweat and with goosebumps all over my body. But soon I realised it had only been a bad dream and Fremantle was growing into a modern and even better city that would comfortably juxtapose with our heritage.

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Thousands of people each week read this Freo’s View blog and that is great, but I encourage you all to also read the comments that you can access underneath the posts, as there are often very robust conversations going on that sometimes are more informative than the posts.

I would love to have more people commenting, as it will create a better balance and different view points, so please make the effort and engage in the Freo conversation. We can all make a difference by participating in community debate and let our elected members know what we think, or what new ideas we have for the city we love.

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There is a new community movement in our city named Greater Fremantle. Their Facebook page states “Greater Freo is a community campaign aimed at finding out if the people of Fremantle and Greater Fremantle, would like to see their City become Greater.” That does not mean a lot really so I wonder who and what is behind this movement.

What would a “greater Fremantle” be? For some it might be more free parking, for others the ban on plastic shopping bags.

Anyway we can all find out who the people behind Greater Freo are during an information session on Thursday January 21 from 6.30-7.30 pm at the Swan River Ballet at 1 Rockingham Road, Hamilton Hill. I’ll definitely go as it intrigues me to find out more

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