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The members of the Fremantle Sailing Club have got a huge challenge on their hands. The historic club has received notice from the Department of Transport that the rent they have to pay would increase from $ 34,700 last year to a whopping $ 760,000 this year.

An increase that is twenty times more than the previous rent sounds pretty outrageous to me and the Sailing Club is not happy about it either, so they are going to arbitration and will try to renegotiate the rent.

Good luck!

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Fremantle Park new building


It has been eight years in the making but work has finally started on the new Fremantle Park Sports and Community Centre at Parry Street.

The existing bowling and tennis club buildings and the bowling courts will be demolished to make way for a new home shared with the Fremantle Workers Club.

The new building for the three clubs will have three function rooms, a bar, commercial kitchen, cafe, alfresco area and balcony.

New synthetic bowling courts will be put in and also two additional hardcourt tennis courts.

The functions rooms and sporting facilities will be available for casual hire by the public and the cafe and alfresco will be open daily to the public.

The $ 4.1 million building is built with $ 1.85 million from the City of Fremantle and the same amount from the Fremantle Workers Club, plus $ 400.000 through the WA Sport and Recreation Fund. The clubs have also invested $ 180.000 for additional items.

The City will also build a new carpark next to the tennis courts in Parry Street.

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The plans for a new clubhouse at Fremantle Park on Parry Street can finally go ahead after Fremantle Council approved it on Wednesday.

The clubhouse will become the new home for the Fremantle Workers Club, Fremantle Tennis Club and Fremantle Bowling Club which will share the two-storey premises.

The City of Fremantle also plans to build a public carpark next to it to accommodate inner city parking.

The $ 4,4 million project will be paid for by the Workers Club, the CoF and the Department of Sport and Recreation.

The Fremantle Workers Club will pay $ 1.85 million, as will the City. The State Department will pay $ 400,000, and Fremantle City will pay another $ 300,000 for the public carpark, if the use is approved by the state.

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It’s going to be quiet again in good old Freo with some 4,000 American sailors leaving today after four days of R&R here.

The USS Bonhomme Richard, USS Preble and USS Green Bay will take part in navy exercising north of here. Thank you for visiting Fremantle and boosting the retail economy. You have been very respectful visitors to our city.

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The proposed new Masterplan for the Fremantle Esplanade Reserve will be debated at Council for the first time tomorrow at the Special Projects Committee and while it will delight local residents and businesses it will probably get heavy thunder from Carriage Cafe owner Kel Smith.

The draft Masterplan by the consultants and COF officers proposes to progressively relocating large commercial events away from the Esplanade, as it could be concluded that such festivals as the Chilli and Jerome Laneway have outgrown the park.

For Kel Smith and the Carriage Cafe it looks as if the planned extension can be put on hold till after his lease expires in 2019, as the Masterplan draft proposes to create a so called ‘park hub’ between the Esplanade Youth Plaza and the Ferris Wheel to accommodate a cafe, shade structures, bike repairs and other short term entertainment.

The consultants believe the current location of the cafe is inappropriate in the long term and might become detrimental to the trees and that could endanger the cafe, patrons and staff. They also believe the (low) heritage value of the Carriage Cafe will be more apparent closer to the railway line

Larger mulch areas around trees to protect them will reduce the grassed area by 40% an way finding paths and restricted truck access are all considered to protect the grass that is seriously damaged and needs to be replaced totally.

It will be interesting to hear the debate tomorrow and see what changes the Councillors want to make, and the excessisve financial costs might make this a very long term project.

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There are at least two sides to every story so the media blast by an Eastern State travel agent that Perth is far too expensive to recommend it to travellers is just one side of the story. The other side is that I yesterday at the Roundhouse talked to many USA sailors who are on R&R in Fremantle this week and who told me with big smiles and real appreciation that this is the best port they have ever visited, so that’s the other side of the coin.

Five US Navy personnel have been living in the B&B next to me and I was fearing loud nights, but they have been exemplary and I have hardly noticed them living next door.

The three ships will be leaving today and I am sure the hospitality industry and retailers in Fremantle did very well this week.

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The concept plan for the Fremantle Park Club amalgamation of the Fremantle Lawn Tennis, Fremantle Bowling, and Fremantle Workers clubs was on the agenda at Wednesday’s City of Fremantle Strategic Planning and Services Committee, which was tightly and professionally chaired by Councillor Dave Coggin.

The “clearly defined project” could become a model for other clubs in the area and is considered major infrastructure in the inner city, with the possibility of also building a City carpark on the Parry Street site.

A merger of the clubs would be very good for the east of the inner city and would create much-needed recreational and sports facilities for new residents, like those of Heirloom by Match, moving into the area. It would sit well close to the Leisure Centre and only a two-minute walk from the future Hilton Hotel, so hotel guests could also benefit from the new clubhouse, that should include a gym.

I believe this would be an exciting development for the rather dull area along Ellen and Parry streets that could invigorate the clubs and that part of the city.

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I know it is still early days to make a considered judgment on the success of the Fremantle YOUTH PLAZA skate park, but it is interesting to read that researchers of the University of Western Australia-UWA-have found that skateparks are more likely to promote good behaviour, instead of anti-social behaviour, feared by some in the community. The UWA report said that young people at skate parks learn from each other, teach, cooperate, help and respect others, and that they learn the art of compromise and negotiation.

From my observations at the Freo Youth Plaza that is how it is. Young kids watch and get shown by older ones how to do certain movements, they respectfully wait till someone finishes before starting their own spin and they are careful not to hurt each other. I have been there on three occasions and was surprised about the lack of foul language and swearing and the relative peacefulness of it all.

It’s a delight to see so many kids on skateboards, bikes and scooters coming from all parts of the city and beyond to have a spin at the Youth Plaza, while others are happy to continue at the old Woolstores ramp. Youth rock!

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FICRA, the Fremantle Inner City Residents Association is not happy with plans by the City of Fremantle to remove the mound on the Esplanade to make way for a skate park there. FICRA claims that community consultation in the past strongly supported to keep the mound as a feature and that this was promised to them by Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt.

I only last week posted an article on this blog warning that the location of a skate park on the Esplanade needs to be carefully considered. Like FICRA I am all for a skate park on the Esplanade as Fremantle needs to attract more young people to the inner city and give them something to do. A skate park is perfect for that. But a skate park right at the back of the Carriage,  the only cafe there, and removing the mound, does not give me much confidence proper planning has been done.

The matter is coming to council on Wednesday, so I’ll report on the outcome then.

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