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I really like the lightness the London plane trees have brought to Fremantle’s Kings Square, and the old wooden benched underneath them fit in well.

New plants are being put in the area where the former Moreton Bay-Christmas- fig tree was, until the Civic Centre and playground are finished and a replacement fig tree will be planted there.

Builders Pindan have put signs on the fence of the new Civic Centre, so hopefully the contract with the City of Fremantle will soon be signed and construction can start asap.

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UWA fig treet


All those people who were critical of the City of Fremantle removing some of the unhealthy Moreton Bay fig trees from Kings Square might want to learn from what happened at the University of Western Australia, where a huge branch of the iconic  86-year-old Moreton Bay ‘wedding tree’ collapsed, thankfully not injuring or killing anyone.

Imagine if this had happened while there was a wedding ceremony or wedding photos taken. Imagine Fremantle Council leaving the Christmas Tree standing and a branch collapsing onto the new planned children’s playground!

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A media report by the City of Fremantle reports that more than 1800 trees have been planted over the past 12 months as part of the plan to create an urban forest in Fremantle.

In the last financial year a total of 714 trees were planted by the City of Fremantle on residential verges and in local parks, while another 92 were added as part of the landscaping component of City projects like pocket parks, car parks and walkways.

This follows the planting of 500 verge and park trees in the previous year, and is the result of the doubling of the City’s tree-planting budget from $60,000 to $120,000.

In addition, the City also planted 12,000 plants – including 1015 trees – in dunes, bushland and the river foreshore during nine community planting days and 21 volunteer planting days with conservation volunteers and local schools.

The City’s Urban Forest Plan forms part of the Greening Fremantle strategy 2020, which aims to progressively increase tree planting across the City to achieve at least 20 per cent canopy coverage. It stands at 13 per cent currently.

Samson had the highest tree planting numbers in 2017/18 due to the City’s targeted Greening Samson project. Mapping undertaken for the Urban Forest Plan identified Samson had some of the lowest canopy coverage in Fremantle, which meant Samson was on average two degrees hotter than nearby suburbs due to the urban heat island effect.

A total of 212 trees were planted in Samson alone, while another 299 were planted in Beaconsfield, Hilton and Fremantle, and 203 in South Fremantle, North Fremantle, White Gum Valley and O’Connor.

The species of trees planted included red flowering gums, bottlebrushes, jacarandas and tuart trees, with the varieties carefully chosen to best suit the local conditions and surroundings.

What the City of Fremantle did not mention in its media report is the number of trees that have been removed, due to new development, etc. so does anyone keep a record of that?

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It would be nice if the West Australian would get their stories about Fremantle right.

Yesterday they published a lament by Silverleaf Investments about the Woolstores shopping centre development, with a photo that was supposed to be the new development, but isn’t.

Today they report about angry locals who are upset by the removal of the Moreton Bay fig tree- Christmas tree, and claim it will be replaced with a London Plane tree, when in fact it will be replaced with another mature and healthy Moreton Bay fig.

There was lengthy community consultation about this, and it did not at all come out of the blue that the two last fig trees, which were removed yesterday, were very sick and a danger to public safety, so there is really no need for a beat-up story in our only daily newspaper.

Please facts over fiction, West Australian, you are journalists, not politicians!

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The first visual signs of the demolition of the City of Fremantle civic building are there. Specialist asbestos removalists have been inside the building for weeks, but today I noticed the first demolition signs of the exterior of the building on the roof.

Two more Moreton Bay fig trees are also in the process of being cut down, so it is all happening at our city square.

Disappointing though to read the lament of the retailers and the trend of the ABC article blaming Sirona Capital and the Kings Square development for the retail downturn.

Retail has been going down everywhere for quite some years now and Fremantle traders have long asked for rent reductions. There is little doubt that a big construction site will negatively impact on nearby traders, but the City of Fremantle and Sirona Capital have from the very start of the Kings Square Project communicated very well with all involved and try to support them and promote their businesses.

Unfortunately there is always short-term pain for long-term gain, but I absolutely understand that for a small business it is about surviving somehow.

Please do go and support the local traders around Kings Square! There is one-hour free parking along William and Queen streets, so make an effort. And try the yummy Italian food at Parlappa!!

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I am an incurable romantic and a very Sensitive Old Age Guy, so hence me looking for beauty in just about everything.

There is a bit of rain around Freo today and a lot more expected tomorrow, so try to stay dry and warm.

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A few more snippets from last evening’s Fremantle Ordinary Council meeting.

  • Mayor Brad Pettitt introduced a trial where Councillors and staff do not have to stand when they have been given the floor. Only Councillor Jon Strachan said he did not like it.
  • The sound system is not great so by remaining seated Councillors are closer to the microphone and that is good for the public gallery, but please point the microphone at your mouth and pull them close dear Elected Members! Thank you.
  • Councillor Adin Lang suggested when the City removes trees, such as the Moreton Bay fig trees at Kings Square, that the wood be made available to artists, which was extended to the more general word re-use by Council. Good idea!
  •  The Director of Community Development said Council had budgeted $ 15,000 for eventual repairs during the removal of the yellow foil of the very successful Felice Varini High Street artwork. They might be well short here.
  • The love for dogs is always emotional so the community speakers on the proposed on leash and off leash area at Frederick Samson park were not happy, but the pristine bush there needs to be protected from everyone and community consultation is still going on.
  • Council at length debated a potential scheme amendment for a small area of White Gum Valley, after an irate member of the public had twice accused Councillor Andrew Sullivan of having been arrogant at a committee meeting the week before and ignoring the 25 submissions against the scheme amendment, pointing out the relative low votes Sullivan received at the South Ward re-election. The scheme amendment and probable development is a very long way away and still going through community consultation, but Councillor Rachel Pemberton succinctly pointed out that the community feed back of only 29 responses out of 400 direct mail outs was not exactly a very high percentage either. Councillors Ingrid Waltham and Jenny Archibald said the feedback they had received was that the White Gum Valley community is not against infill, but that they would accept two storey buildings but not three storey ones.


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Wet weather creates its own art, with reflections in puddles, photos through windows full of raindrops, and raindrops on tables, cars, etc.

Every day is a good day for photographers who have the eye and are observant enough to see the beauty in the ordinary.

I took this photo at the Fremantle Arts Centre this morning.

Happy winter shooting!

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I know I’ll get kicked in the bum, slapped around the face and abused on social media, but I quite like the much lighter look of Kings Square with the London plane trees.

The Jean Hobson playground is now all demolished in a heap and the public toilets closed, but replaced with large portable loos that are accessible for disabled people.

Freo is on the move and a lot of good things are happening, but patience is required as it will take considerable time for the retail and hospitality economy to turn around in our little city.

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There will be an information session about the health of the Fremantle Moreton Bay fig trees at Kings Square next Thursday June 21, at 6pm in the Fremantle Townhall.

It has been suggested by tree experts that two more fig trees will have to be removed because of bad health and public safety concerns, so if you are passionate about the trees make sure to get all the relevant information about their future, and if they can be saved or not.

Mature replacement trees could cost up to $ 14,000 each, so that would be a considerable cost to ratepayers.

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