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What a shame that the Karla Nulla Boodja Wardarn sunset ceremony honouring Fire, Earth and Sea, which will have Bruce Abbott’s Seawall Bunker as the centrepiece, is on Sunday March 1 at sunset, the same day the huge Highway to Hell event is on Canning Highway, with the Fremantle part of it around 8.30.

The Seawall Bunker is part of Sculpture at Bathers and is a community participation artwork facilitated by Sculpture at Bathers artist Bruce Abbott. The ephemeral work reflects environmental themes relating to climate change and sea-level rise.

The Bathers Beach event deserves to have a lot of people watching it, but I fear most of them will opt for the once in a lifetime Highway to Hell spectacle.

Would it be possible to change the Karla Null Boodja Wardarn event to the Saturday or Monday of the long weekend?

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A new Freo Fire Fund website has been launched to help people raise money to support the communities affected Australia’s devastating bushfires.

The website – – allows people looking to raise money for bushfire relief to register an official Freo Fire Fund event and download a handy event kit with information and promotional material.

It also has a Freo Fire Fund events calendar, information about the fund and where the money raised will go and a link where people can donate directly to the fund.

The Freo Fire Fund was set up last week by a group of Fremantle community members who came together to collaborate, share skills and resources and raise money to help fire-affected communities.

The fund is held by the Fremantle Foundation as a separate Named Fund.

Fremantle Foundation Chair Carrie Clark said the money raised will be distributed to not-for-profit organisations that are assisting with the bushfire relief effort.

“The fund has identified a number of different focus areas where the money raised can be directed, including emergency assistance for people displaced by the fires, support for volunteer bushfire brigades and care for wildlife affected by the fires,” Ms Clark said.

“A full list of organisations that may receive funds is available on the website, but they include organisations like Australian Red Cross, Foodbank and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

“People hosting registered fundraising events or activities can nominate which specific focus areas they wish to donate to, and as the bushfire relief effort evolves the recipient list will be updated in response to community needs.”

To find out more about bushfire fundraising activities, register an event or learn more about the fund visit the Freo Fire Fund website.




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I agree with WA Local Government Minister David Templeman that local councils have evolved and are much more than just about rates, roads and rubbish. The unfair criticism in the media and from many in the community ignore the facts that councils do a lot more for their communities than in the past, and that is mainly due because people demand more and better services and because some of the services state governments supplied have been pushed to local councils.

What would Fremantle be for its residents, traders and visitors if all council did was look after the rates, the roads and the rubbish collection? Think about it for a moment.

Should Fremantle get rid off the Samson Rec. Centre, the Meeting Place, the Hilton PCYC and the North Freo Community Hall? Should councils no longer be responsible to look after playing fields  and sporting ovals. Would the State Government happily step in and take over all these services, and at what financial cost to us?

Should Fremantle Council sell or lease the arts and leisure centres because running them is well beyond rates, roads and rubbish, and what about our festivals? Would the Freo community prefer to not have the Fremantle Festival, Hidden Treasures, Wardarnji Aboriginal festival, One Day in Freo events, etc. because they are not part of the basic rates, roads and rubbish local governments have to do? Surely not.

What about the library, legal advise service and social services, and why should the City of Fremantle have community safety officers when law&order is the responsibility of WA Police?

If we got rid of all these services rates would come down, but will Freo be a better place for it?

Would those who whinge about councils having lost the plot really be more happy if all the things that make Fremantle the special place it is be scrapped because councillors supposedly are only elected to look after the rates, roads and rubbish? I think not!

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Although I have been closely following what goes on at Fremantle Council for over ten years I am still not sure why certain agenda items are considered to be confidential, and the public is excluded from attending the deliberations about them, while other similar topics remain open to the public and are not considered confidential.

On Wednesday the license agreement with the South Fremantle Football Club is a confidential item, but the license agreement for the public golf course is not.

Commercial confidentiality can hardly be the reason as there are no other clubs queuing up to lease Fremantle Oval, especially since the East Fremantle Football Club has decided to stay at East Fremantle Oval and not share Fremantle Oval with the South Fremantle footy club.

So what are the reasons for making an agenda item confidential in Fremantle?

Also confidential at the Ordinary Council meeting this coming Wednesday is a report about the Summer Event Series at Port Beach and another confidential report about a Port Beach Music/Lifestyle event. But the Winter Festival on the Esplanade was not a confidential item. Why?

Plus there is also the confidential report about the performance of the Chief Executive Officer.

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new water mains for fremantle


Anyone planning any significant outdoor events in the Fremantle CBD between April and December this year should be aware that the Watercorporation is planning major works in many streets in that period.

Watercorporation are going to renew 4.2 kilometres of water mains pipes in these streets: Market, High, South Tce, Essex, Leake, Marine Tce, Norfolk, Nairn, Phillimore, Pakenham, Short, Henry, Bannister.

This might well have an impact on traffic flow around town and for some businesses.

Check it out on their website and ask any questions you might have about disruptions, etc. Go to:

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FBH firework


I do know that April Fools Day is still four months away, but what the …. There are people who celebrate Christmas in July, so why should April Fools only be in April, and there is far too little to blog about, so I might as well do what the mainstream media and Donald Trump are so good at and report fake news and hopefully make the New Year start with a smile for you.

Anyway, I had this nightmarish kind of a dream that the progressive Fremantle Council, always keen to lead with innovation, will be changing the date of New Year’s Eve to June 30. Fremantle already changed Australia Day to One Day and celebrates it a day or two after the rest of the nation.

The reasons for it are that those lefties on Council believe that there are already too many celebrations and inebriations around Christmas time and that there are a multitude of events and fireworks to compete with for our small port city.

For those reasons Fremantle Council has already decided that the Fremantle Festival in 2019 will be a winter festival in July, when the rest of greater Perth hibernates. This will link the festival with fireworks and the celebration of the new financial year.

So we will be seeing a return of the Fremantle fireworks, but it won’t be on Australia Day or New Year’s Eve, but on June 30. That will make it far more family friendly, because the sun sets earlier in winter and that means the kiddies can be in bed at a far more appropriate time than when the fireworks are in summer.


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The needed stabilisation of the North Bank foreshore in North Fremantle created the longest debate of the evening at the Fremantle Council FPOL Committee on Wednesday evening.

Questions were asked why the City of Fremantle should spend money on it when clearly the onus had been on the developers at the time, who went into receivership, to build a seawall to protect the residential properties.

Councillors also made it clear that the City would not be able to spend approximately $ 600,000 on this so it was a long way away from the issues being resolved.

Staff were asked why the elected members had not received more information, as they had requested some months ago when the item came before the committee, so the item was deferred and will come back to council in about three months.

Another long debate was about the implementation of a Sustainable Events Policy, which would demand that plastic water bottles, straws, balloons, styrofoam, polystyrene, etc. would no longer been used at Fremantle events.

The High Street/Stirling Highway project will need EPA approval so that will change things a little but the City is still required to remove FERN from Montreal Street and hand over the site to Main Road by the start of February next year.

The preferred builder for the Fremantle Park sports and community home was approved, as were the well overdue two zebra crossings on Marine Terrace, and the extension of the lease for the South Beach kiosk.

Also approved was that Cleanaway will be responsible for the collection of the new FOGO green organic waste collection.

An offer has been made for the sale of 12 Holdsworth Street, but that was a confidential item, so I had to leave the chambers. This is the building where the Fremantle Dental Clinic is in, which offers a great service to those on pension, concession and health cards, who can otherwise not afford to go to a dentist, so the city should lobby State Government that the dental clinic will remain in Fremantle as it is needed here!

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Got a special event this coming summer, but have not found yet the special location you are looking for? Try B Shed on Victoria Quay in Fremantle Port!


Fremantle Ports are now seeking EOIs for community-based activation and family friendly entertainment/events to be held at B Shed, Victoria from November 2018 – March 2019.

To submit your ideas and obtain EOI documents, register on the Fremantle Ports Tender Portal.

Reference No: FREPRT-811895 – B Shed Summer Activation
Closing Date: 2.00PM WST, Friday 13 July 2018

For furtherurther information: Call Franco Andreone on (08) 9430 3555 or visit the Fremantle Ports website:



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Anyone who believes that being a Councillor in Fremantle is just a walk in the park, should check out the agenda for tonight’s meeting.

The agenda for this evening’s Fremantle Ordinary Council meeting is a very long one and will probably attract a lot of people in the public gallery.

First agenda item is the very controversial proposal for a tavern at J Shed on Bathers Beach and the next item is about new terms of reference for the Design Advisory Committee.

There is the Overdue Debtors report, Audit and Risk update for Assets, Toy Library report, the implementation of the three waste bin FOGO (not to be confused with the FOMO retail concept for Kings Square), the lease with the South Fremantle Football Club for Fremantle Oval, request for proposals for the old Weighbridge in Phillimore Street, Sets on the Beach events at Port Beach. There will also be a motion to ban gas filled balloons in public.

The replacement for the Moreton Bay fig trees at Kings Square will also be debated. This will be a very expensive exercise, but I hear Council want to replace at least two trees with other mature Moreton Bay figs, so that will be nice in addition to the relocated London Plane trees.

The agenda is 229 pages long and there are additional agenda attachments as well, so anyone keen to read it all should download it from the City of Fremantle website.

I’ll be there at the meeting of course, so will report back to you about it tomorrow.

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clean up!


I noticed this sign at Pakenham Street this morning. It is unfortunately an ongoing problem in Fremantle that event organisers plaster our city with info about upcoming events, but once the events are over they can’t be bothered to take away signs.

I removed three signs about the Queen’s Baton Relay which was held two and a half weeks ago, but the onus is on organisers to remove the stuff they put up.

We would not need Clean Up Australia Day if everyone had a clean up after yourself day every day!!!

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