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Fremantle will have four new Councillors after the count of votes this evening for the Local Government Election 2019, with Jon Strachan the only one of the three sitting members losing his seat for South Fremantle .

There were some close calls, the closest one in Beaconsfield where the difference was just 32 votes.

Here all the results:

HILTON: Frank Mofflin 571, Lynn McLaren 372, Tony Miosic 326

EAST: Su Groome 801. Michelle Cunningham 383

SOUTH: Marija Vujcic 937, Jon Strachan 849

CITY: Rachel Pemberton 680, John Dowson 588, Julie Morgan 357

NORTH: Bryn Jones 826, Steve Woods 507

BEACONSFIELD: Geoff Graham 531, Gemma Hohnen 499, Chris Jenkins 351

My apologies for posting the results so late but a very officious gent played it by his own rules and even disallowed the media from taking photos or using mobile phones. It was the slowest vote count I have ever been part of.

My sincere thanks to all the candidates who stepped up and wanted to represent their community. You are all special people!

Returned postal votes in Fremantle were 35.45% with close to 300 ballot papers handed in at the Townhall on Saturday in addition to that.

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Fremantle Council said goodbye to three Councillors last night, who did not nominate for the Local Government Election. Councillors Ingrid Waltham, Jeff McDonald and Dave Hume all attended their last council meeting as elected members and they admitted having mixed emotions about that.

Three other Councillors are fighting to retain their seat with Rachel Pemberton in City Ward, Jon Strachan in South Ward and Bryn Jones in North Ward waiting for the election results on October 19, which is this coming Saturday.

Voter participation in Fremantle has increased a bit and is now on average just over 30%, but that is still disappointingly low.

South Ward is leading with a 39.29% participation at close of business last night, and Hilton comes second with 35.97%, followed by City Ward with 33.31%.

All departing Councillors deserve a huge gratitude from the community because they were willing to step up. We might not always have agreed with the decisions they made but they made them with integrity and what is best for Fremantle at heart.

After Saturday there will be at least three new Councillors in Fremantle, but my gut feeling is that there will be at least four and probably five new ones. Time will tell and I’ll report the election results by about 8.30pm this Saturday here on Freo’s View.

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There is something hypocritical about people complaining about local councils, and demanding more and better community consultation, when seven out of ten people in Fremantle can’t even bother to vote at the Local Government Election, and most of them don’t come to precinct or community consultation events either.

One only has to look at what one of the two South Ward candidates is promising. She will get rid off the speedhumps along South Terrace, but they were installed after lengthy and thorough community consultation. The same candidate also promises that she will only do what the community wants, so how can she get rid of the speedhumps when traffic calming was demanded by the South Fremantle community she wants to represent?

Recent comments to this blog demand consultation about mural art on public and private buildings, but how could we even believe to get consensus on what is good and appropriate art for a building and a street when our tastes are so different? And how many people would in reality take part in that process? Probably just a handful, as history shows.

In City Ward a former Councillor wants parking fee reductions when he is well aware that this populist promise is nonsense because parking revenue is important for Fremantle. If we have less income from parking fees and fines council rates might have to be increased, and no one would want to pay higher rates so that people from out of town and Notre Dame students can park cheaper and longer.

I already mentioned the ignorant nonsense of an East Ward candidate who claims Fremantle Council has done nothing about the impact the High Street Upgrade project by Mainroads will have on the public golf course, when the fact is that the City has engaged a team of architects and golf course designers, and also will build a new clubhouse and cafe on the border with Booyeembara Park.

The disappointing fact is that the majority of people in our community are not well informed about what goes on at Fremantle Council, so they are gullible to believe just about anything, and that is why some wannabe councillors engage in negativity and make accusations not based on facts, and make promises they won’t be able to keep.

Democracy is a two-way road and if you decide not to participate in the process you really have no legs to stand on when you complain about the council you get. And don’t forget that a single candidate will not be able to change anything unless they get the support of other councillors.

Taking unrealistic promises and false accusations with a huge grain of salt is a sensible way of dealing with election campaigns.

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If you have not voted for the Fremantle local government election yet, today Tuesday is the last day for your postal vote, but you can still drop off your ballot paper at Fremantle Council at Fremantle Oval until Friday 5pm and at the Fremantle Townhall on Saturday till 6pm.

Up until today only 28.82% of eligible voters have returned their vote for the Fremantle Council election and that is disappointing-as always.

South Ward is leading voters’ participation with 33.51% while East Ward is the lowest with only 24.20% of voters returner their vote.


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I am disappointed that the vast majority of the Fremantle community is not voting at the local government election. The numbers of the returned ballot papers is very low and the last chance to post your vote is next week Tuesday as the votesĀ  have to be at the City by Friday October 18. Counting will start at 6pm on October 19.

So far only 19.04% have voted in East Ward, 24.21% in City Ward, 27.20% in South Ward, 20.82% in North Ward, 25.64% in Hilton and 22.33% in Beaconsfield.

So where are all those social media keyboard warriors who blast Fremantle Council so often and have quick fixes for everything? Where are all those ‘engaged’ community members who believe that Fremantle Council is called Brad, and where are all those ‘engaged’ eligible voters who too often fail to inform themselves when criticising what goes on in Fremantle?

If you want improvement you need to vote! If you want to kick out sitting members you have to vote! If you want sitting members to retain their seat on council you have to vote! Not voting is not an option.

It is not good enough to have strong opinions about your local councils in cafes and pubs and at the computer keyboard, when you can’t be bothered to fill out your ballot papers. It really is lazy and pathetic!

There will be at least three new Councillors after the election, in Hilton, Beaconsfield and East Ward, so if you want to shake up Freo Council this is a good year for it. If you are happy with the direction Fremantle Council has taken and you want to continue with a progressive council that is pro development this is also an opportunity to let them know you believe they are on the right track.

How many people around the world envy us for being allowed to vote. How many women on the planet still have no voting rights, and how privileged should we consider ourselves to live in a democracy where we have a say in the destination of our country and can vote for our local, state and federal governments.

The duty and privilege of voting should fill us with pride. Do it today!

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With only ten days to go until the local government election votes will be counted on October 19 the low participation in Fremantle is very disappointing so far, so people get off your lazy arses, instead of complaining throughout the year!

East Ward has had a voter participation of only 14.65%, City Ward 19.65%, South Ward is second best with 21.02% and North Ward is second last with only 16.28% of voters having returned their ballot paper.

Hilton tops it with 20.04% and Beaconsfield is also low with only 17.96% of voter participation up till the close of business today.

It really is not good enough to whinge about and criticise our council when the vast majority of people can’t even bother to do a postal vote. We should be better than that and more engaged with local politics, Freo!

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In a fortnight today voted will be counted for the Western Australian local government elections, so have YOU voted for Freo yet?

Fremantle Council will change after October 19 because three sitting members have not nominated, so they can’t be re-elected.

Don’t be complacent and think that your vote does not matter much because it does! There notoriously is a small voter participation at local council elections and only a handful of votes can make the difference which of the candidates wins the election and gets a seat on Fremantle Council, so VOTE!

Local councils make crucial decisions for their local communities so it is real and tangible grassroots democracy where you are consulted and have a say in the future of your city and suburb.

Grab your ballot paper this weekend, tick a box, sign the declaration, stick it in the reply paid envelope and put it in a mail box.

Good luck to all the candidates and thank you for nominating and stepping up!

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The ballot papers for the local government election have now been arriving, so make sure to tick a box, sign and put it in a return envelope and in the mail box.

It is a simple procedure that makes a whole lot of difference, so take advantage of this important democratic right and vote!

Your vote will help decide who will represent the Fremantle community on our council, so it is very important that everyone participates, no matter which candidate you prefer.

The election is on October 19 when votes will be counted in the Townhall from 6pm.

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Local government election candidate events are always interesting because the community is divided on many issues, but the packed room at The Local hotel showed that Fremantle people are passionate about their city.

The Trumpian quote of the night for me came from candidate Michelle Cunningham who told the crowd that she is a scientist and is not worried about climate change, because it really is very slow. Yep, that might well be, but we were talking about the future of Fremantle, with one public speaker warning that our heritage buildings would be two metres under water because of climate change and the rising oceans.

Chris Jenkins said he wanted a free public transport zone in and around Fremantle so people could come to Freo for free. I wonder if the State Government will be happy to fund that.

Gemma Hohnen wants more informal recreation for the community to connect, while Julie Morgan wants a seniors and disability shopping card and council to focus on local issues. Rachel Pemberton wants the community to have a say and to prioritise projects council wants to undertake, which would create genuine decision-making by the community.

Su Groome mentioned the Newcaste model of revitalising the inner city and that new buildings should be true to Fremantle’s character.

Lynn McLaren wants us to be able to take our bikes into buses, and pointed out that the community needs to target the decision makers if it wants change and improvement, e.g not much use yelling at council when it is a State decision.

Jon Strachan wants to embrace smart technology and said the Fremantle Hospital looks very sad.

John Dowson called to simplify the parking system and that the perception of parking issues is enough to discourage people from coming to Fremantle. Too many car parks have gone, what is the next one?

Bryn Jones hopes to get some 5,000 people living in a one kilometre radius of the Townhall.

Maria Vujcic said that if elected she will listen to the people and formulate policy from that. It does not matter what I think, it is about the community. South Beach looks tired and needs a generational upgrade.

Public speakers bemoaned antisocial behaviour and crime in Fremantle, but there was some passion when several said we needed to bring the sense of community back and work together across the divides.

There were no places were people on low income could meet for free and that creates isolation.

John Dowson said Council and the community need to lobby State Government that the planned new police station would be built in Fremantle, and Mayor Brad Pettitt said that police numbers were not the issue for Fremantle, but that not enough officers were actually on the beat.

Marija Vujcic said that council was low resolution consultation and she was not happy about the planned solar farm and the speedhumps in South Fremantle.

One public speaker called for the community to work together and “make Fremantle suicide free!”

Moderator Rob Delves called for the planting of many more trees so that cyclists could ride in the shade.

Another public speaker said that there are too many divided passionate voices and that we don’t work together. He said there was lack of new ideas at the meeting and that Fremantle is going through a revolutionary retail change.

It was great to see many younger people at an election event, so I finish with what one of them aid. “Community is a collective. We can all work together.”

It was a surprisingly positive evening that did not have the council bashing arguments from the previous elections. Yes indeed, we might not all agree, but this is a great community that should be able to work together despite our differences. Go Freo!

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Nominations for the Fremantle local government election close this Thursday September 12 at close of business, so if you have the desire to become one of Freo’s new Councillors don’t miss the deadline.

The postal election is on October 19 and East Ward and Hilton Ward will have new elected members as Ingrid Waltham and Jeff McDonald have announced they will not nominate.

We know that Rachel Pemberton in City Ward and Bryn Jones in North Fremantle will try to get another four years and South Ward Councillor Jon Strachan told me last Wednesday that he will nominate as well, while Beaconsfield Ward Dave Hume had not made up his mind a week ago.

Local councils are very important and give the community a chance to particip[ate, so please don’t waste your vote!

If you have nominated, or intend to do so, let me know please so I can let the Fremantle community know who the candidates are.

Roel Loopers


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