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Isn’t it interesting how difficult it appears to be to walk the talk, no matter if one is on the right or left side of politics.

According to the West Australian today the WA Greens are in a bit of turmoil after the dual-citizenship resignation of Senator Scott Ludlam.

The person who came second on the ballot has got the right to step into Ludlam’s position and go to Canberra, but that person is 22-year-old Jordon Steele-John.

Not only is Jordon just 22 but he is also disabled, so now the Greens are lamenting that it should be decided by the grassroots members of the party who will follow Scott Ludlam.

I have witnessed Jordon Steele-John a few times during community forums and he is a very intelligent young man who speaks very well and is really likeable, so why not give him the go he deserves?

It is not as if there are a lot of good breaks in life for disabled people, and if we talk about quotas in politics disabled people are rarely mentioned.

Jordon would be a breath of fresh air in the Canberra Senate and has the intelligence to grow into the job and become an excellent representative for Fremantle.


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It is too simplistic to engage in political point scoring, as a Labor party official did on TV last night, and question why the Greens could not even get the citizenship check of Senator Scott Ludlam right.

Yes, Ludlam should have checked and so should his party, but I wonder why there are no checks and balances in place at our Federal parliament to make sure even honest mistakes like this one can’t happen.

Q: Are you an Australian citizen?

Q: Are you also a citizen of another country than Australia?

Ludlam did the right thing by resigning immediately once his dual citizenship was confirmed, but surely this should not have happened and the bureaucrats in Canberra need to do better at checking the eligibility of future parliamentarians.

I believe it would be unfair to Ludlam to demand he pays back the salary he received as Senator. He did turn up for work and was very active and made a good contribution to Australia, so why would the community he served well want to force him into financial disaster.


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Sad to hear Fremantle Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has resigned after he became aware that he has dual citizenship in Australia and New Zealand, which could be a breach of the constitution.

Ludlam did not want to go through a possible High Court challenge and decided to resign from the Senate instead. He had not realised that he had not renounced his NZ citizenship.

Scott Ludlam only recently recovered from a mental health issue and has been a very active Senator for Western Australia.

It will be interesting to see who will replace him.

Thank you for all your hard work Scott!

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There was not a bookmaker or betting agency in sight when Fremantle Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren joined about 200 people and almost as many dogs at Wilson Park in South Fremantle on Sunday morning to call for the WA state government to join with NSW and ban greyhound racing.

NSW banned the ‘sport’ after acts of animal cruelty were exposed and mass graves filled with greyhounds were discovered there.

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The federal election is only two more weeks away so it is time to make a decision who to vote for in Fremantle.

On Tuesday the 21st at 6 pm there will be a Candidates Debate at Tannock Hall of Notre Dame University, corner Cliff and Croke Street, just opposite the Fremantle Herald, so come along and ask questions and listen to what our local wannabee pollies have to say.

Today Sunday the 19th is also a chance to connect with Greens candidate Kate Davis who will be at the National Hotel from 12 to 2 pm, so go and meet her and find out how she intends to represent Fremantle.

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FRIENDS OF HOLLIS PARK in South Fremantle got together this Saturday morning to plant another 1,000 trees, to add to the 5,300 they have already planted over the last few years.

It is a great community initiative that will be rewarded with a beautiful local park in the near future just east of South Beach.

Lovely Kate Davis, Greens candidate for the Federal seat of Fremantle also got her hands dirty, and this paparazzi suggested she takes on a large tree to show no issue will be too big for her should she get to Canberra. She is in the photo with organiser Adin Lang.

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The Fremantle GREENS party invited the true believers to the beautiful Victoria Hall on Monday night where Senators Rachel Siewert and Scott Ludlam did the presentation after a nervous introduction by Kate Davis, who is the candidate for the Federal seat of Fremantle.

The smell of fresh Eucalypt leaves and the sound of frogs and crickets welcomed the guests. How very Green.

It wasn’t the usual fat headline shouting political event, but a rather subdued, cool, professional and academic presentation of the GREENS ideas and policies for our future.

We heard about the significant increase of container movement at Fremantle Port from just 53,944 in 1971 to an estimated 700,000 in 2015 and were introduced to the “Budget Principles” such as Diversity the Green Economy, Raise the Revenue We Need, A Lifetime of Learning, Budget Should Reduce Inequality, Right to Social Security, Designing the Future, Clean Energy by 2030, Transit City, Building Urban Forrest, etc.

The speakers said they wanted meaningful conversations with the people during this election and that the GREENS‘ vision is bold, courageous and possible, but for me they did not get that message across.

Scott Ludlam did most of the talking but he did it without his usual passion and was rather subdued. The presentation was so understated that it became underwhelming and uninspiring, and I left undecided and not sure what I would write about.

The GREENS invited all their followers to bring at least four friends to the major event Perth-Wadjuk Country at His Majesty’s on June 2 at 6.30 pm and I suggest they’ll make it less academic and more passionate so people will leave inspired and full of hope.

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The election campaign launch by the Greens for candidate Kate Davis for the federal seat of Fremantle at Kidogo Arthouse on Bathers Beach this evening was quite impressive, and I am not a traditional Greens voter.

After a plea for support for indigenous people by Noongar elder Rod Collar, the Greens national leader Richard di Natale spoke with sincerity and passion. He is an excellent speaker.

Richard spoke about the fact that a wealthy nation like Australia has 100,ooo homeless people and that some 7,000 will be sleeping rough tonight. One in four of them is under the age of 18. I agree with him that is not acceptable.

Di Natale also mentioned what a disappointment Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has become who does not stand up for his own values but has continued with the old Abbott policies of climate change denial, etc.

He questioned how Australia can cut foreign aid when it has proven to be the most cost effective investment we can make.

The Federal Greens leader said that Freo candidate Kate Davis is well-known for her deep commitment to green values and that his impression after spending the last three days in Fremantle is that there is a real chance the seat could be won by the Greens.

It was rather irrelevant I thought that he mentioned he had met the Labor candidate yesterday and that his impression of him was underwhelming. I don’t think anyone would have expected Richard di Natale to endorse the opposition Labor candidate, so his opinion off him is meaningless. He was nicely complimentary about MP Melissa Parke though.

I really liked the passion, sincerity and lack of spin by candidate Kate Davis who will have a real battle on her hands to snatch the seat from Labor. She was clearly touched by Aboriginal and refugees issues and told us that the other evening at a Night Hoops event from 50 Aboriginal kids there were only three who did not have a relative in prison.

Kate said we need to work better with our regional neighbours to find solutions for the refugee crisis and that we need to “Close the hell hole detention centres!”

Davis also said we need to increase funding for affordable housing and that the waiting list for a family home in Fremantle is eight years. It is time to transition to a new economy, she told the Kidogo crowd.

She said the height of what is wrong with our present economic system is that we even contemplate putting a six lane highway Perth Freight Link through the pristine Beeliar Wetlands. “We should support renewable energy projects rather than the polluting ones.”

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Freo campaign launch invite

The launch of the KATE FOR FREMANTLE Greens Campaign for the Federal election will be held on April 13 at 6.30 pm at Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach.

Australian Greens leader Richard Di Natale and WA Senators Scott Ludlam and Rachel Siewert will help launch Kate Davis’ campaign to try to win the seat of Fremantle from the Labor Party where Melissa Parke will be retiring.

RSVP is essential!

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port 10


Australia’s most prominent consumer watchdog ACCC- the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has warned the WA State Government against the sale of Fremantle Port as there is a risk of higher prices and access restrictions. It warned against selling off a monopoly asset without ensuring future access and pricing controls.

I don’t believe the people of Fremantle would accept more access restrictions at Fremantle Port and would insist any contract will guarantee public access to Victoria Quay and the north and south moles.

We all still live in hope that one day there will be development at Victoria Quay that will link the port better with Freo’s inner city, but a private operator might have other ideas and be less inclined to work with the City of Fremantle and the Public Transport Authority to achieve that vision.

It does not appear though that Premier Colin Barnett will have the numbers in Parliament to proceed with the sale/50-year-lease as the coalition partners the National Party are against it, and there is no support from the Labor Party and the Greens.

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