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Huge news for Fremantle’s Notre Dame University with their Vice-Chancellor Celia Hammond resigning immediately to try to win the seat of Curtin for the Liberal party in the Federal election in a few month and replace Julie Bishop. It will have to be seen if the Curtin branch will elect Mrs Hammond as their preferred candidate.

Celia Hammond was going to finish in October this year at NDA anyway as she wanted a change, but her immediate resignation from the very popular university will come as a shock to them.

Over the years that I have had contact with Celia Hammond I have found her a delightful and down to earth person who is very much liked by staff and students, so she would be a formidable candidate for the Liberal party in the safe seat of Curtin.

Mrs Hammond is a lawyer and daughter of WA Chief District Court Judge Kevin Hammond and will leave very big shoes to fill at Notre Dame. She was 21 years at Notre Dame, and 11 of those years as Vice-Chancellor.

While I am not a fan of Liberal party politics and even less of many of its leaders I am a big fan of Celia Hammond and wish her all the best. She will make a great politician.

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The Fremantle Artists Anonymous have painted a political artwork at Stevens Reserve in protest of the destruction of the Beeliar Wetlands.

Now that Colin did his Valentines with Pauline I hear the new election slogan of the Liberal Party will be IT’S ABOUT POWER, NOT POLITICS!

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I like politicians to have an informed opinion and make informed suggestions, so I am quite amused by Fremantle Liberal candidate Hayden Shenton’s suggestion in the Fremantle Herald today that BID businesses should offer discounts to Notre Dame University students.

Had the wannabee politician done his research by walking down High Street he would have noticed several cafes and food outlets, and even hairdressers already offer discounts to UNDA students.

I guess this is one of those anything will do to get media exposure thought bubbles by someone who has no public profile in Freo.

The election candidates forum is on Tuesday February 24, 6.30 pm at the Tannock Hall of UNDA, corner Cliff and Croke streets, so come and find out how many more ‘new ideas’ the candidates have for Freo.

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It’s election time so we can expect a lot of promises from all political parties, but I believe some words of caution are due, because many promises made by politicians in the past never eventuated.

Everyone who knows me knows I am strongly against building the Roe 8 highway and the Perth Freight Link because it will not solve the traffic problems to Fremantle Port. I am all for starting to plan the outer harbour that will be needed in years to come, but will Labor leader Mark McGowan be able to keep his promises and not build the PFL or will he discover, if he gets into power, that the state of Western Australia is so broke that there is no money for the outer harbour, Metronet, and other major projects he wants to build?

Will McGowan have to admit that stopping the Roe 8, after three months of frantic work on it by the State Government contractors, is going to be too costly and we can’t afford it?

Liberal party supporters will tell you that the Barnett government has done very well in investing in infrastructure, but opponents ask if Elizabeth Quay was really needed and if it is good value for money. They will rightly question the huge expense of the footbridge to the new Burswood stadium and a new train station there that will only operate during sporting matches and events, so probably only 25 times a year. Opponents will say they squandered state money disgracefully and I tend to agree.

I suggest to take promises from every politician with a huge grain of sand over the next three months, because whoever wins power will tell us they were not aware that the coffers of the state are so depleted that we can’t afford major infrastructure.

As far as the Liberals claim that jobs will be lost if the PFL is not built , surely the bridges, Metronet and outer harbour Labor promises to build will also give thousands of people work, just on different projects.

Don’t get sucked in by political populist promises because the pot of gold is missing to fulfil them all!

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Colin Barnett remains the leader of the WA Liberal Party and Premier of the state after a spill motion was defeated and Barnett received 31 votes and challenger Dean Nalder only got 15 votes.

I hope Nalder will now try to reduce his ego and drastically improve his skills at being a politician.

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public profile of Freo's Liberal candidate

medicare for detentio centres?



My slightly cynical nature sometimes comes through during election time, so I could not resist taken these two photos at the Fremantle Primary School poling station this morning.

The first photo very well portraits the extremely low public profile the Liberal candidate has in Fremantle. I noticed her only once ever during the campaign.

The second photo might be an indication that Labor will roll out Medicare for detention centres. “We’ll put people first.” as long as they don’t arrive by boat, hey Bill Shorten!

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It is very disappointing that the Liberal party candidate for the Federal seat of Fremantle Pierette Kelly has pulled out of tonight’s Candidates Forum because of “prior commitments”

It seems strange that she only did that so short before the event and not when it was announced a few weeks ago, but it shows the Libs know they have no chance of winning the seat and don’t care that the community might like to get to know Kelly, who is largely unknown in Freo.

There appears to be a bit of a pattern here as Liberal Matthew Hanssen pulled out of the Mayoral debate for Fremantle three years ago as well, but at least he did turn up for the Federal and State debates held at Notre Dame University.

The forum is on tonight at 6 pm at Tannock Hall, corner Croke Lane and Cliff Street.

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The Federal seat of Fremantle is jinxed or got very bad karma. Today the Liberal Party candidate Sherry Sufi resigned after receiving the cold shoulder from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull earlier this week, who visited Fremantle without Sufi by his side.

Sufi said that he is putting the interest of the party first and that he did not want to embarrass the Prime Minister.

Sherry Sufi’s controversial remarks against the recognition of indigenous Australians in the constitution and against the apology to the Stolen Generations created uproar in the community, as did his stand against gay marriage and claiming it would create polygamy.

This comes after the Labour Party dumped its candidate Chris Brown last week and replaced him with Josh Wilson.

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It seems the Federal seat of Fremantle is jinxed when it comes to candidates filling out application forms for their parties. Last week the Labor party controversially dumped  Chris Brown because of non-disclosed spent convictions and replaced him with Josh Wilson, and today the West Australian claims that Liberal candidate Sherry Sufi “misdescribed his work background in his application to the Liberal Party.”

The West reports that Sufi worked for state politicians but wrote on his application that he worked for the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. He also claimed to have worked for the Department of Finance and Regulations in 2014/15 when according to the West Australian he worked for Liberal politicians Denis Jensen and Linda Reynolds.

Sherry Sufi is already on the nose with Aboriginal Australians because he opposed the apology to the Stolen Generations, is against constitutional recognition of our indigenous people, and he denies that British settlement of Australia was an invasion. He is a member of the WA Sherlock Holmes Society though, so maybe one day he’ll find the truth.

Its shows how well Sherry Sufi is respected within his party when his federal leader Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull visited Fremantle today without the local candidate by his side. Very unusual indeed!

Fremantle has four candidates for the election in 50 days; Labor’s Josh Wilson, Greens Kate Davis, Socialist Alliance Chris Jenkins and Liberal Sherry Sufi.


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port 10


Australia’s most prominent consumer watchdog ACCC- the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has warned the WA State Government against the sale of Fremantle Port as there is a risk of higher prices and access restrictions. It warned against selling off a monopoly asset without ensuring future access and pricing controls.

I don’t believe the people of Fremantle would accept more access restrictions at Fremantle Port and would insist any contract will guarantee public access to Victoria Quay and the north and south moles.

We all still live in hope that one day there will be development at Victoria Quay that will link the port better with Freo’s inner city, but a private operator might have other ideas and be less inclined to work with the City of Fremantle and the Public Transport Authority to achieve that vision.

It does not appear though that Premier Colin Barnett will have the numbers in Parliament to proceed with the sale/50-year-lease as the coalition partners the National Party are against it, and there is no support from the Labor Party and the Greens.

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