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Solar panels being installed at sporting facilities around Fremantle are set to save local sporting clubs thousands of dollars on their power bills.

The panels are being installed at Gilbert Fraser Reserve in North Fremantle, Ken Allen Field in Beaconsfield and Stevens Reserve and Frank Gibson Reserve in Fremantle.

The project is being funded through a $20,500 federal government grant from Sport Australia and $12,000 from the City of Fremantle.

The clubhouse at Gilbert Fraser Reserve, which is home to the North Fremantle Amateur Football Club, Fremantle Mosman Park Cricket Club and Fremantle Masters Football Club, has had a 20 kilowatt solar system installed which will provide annual savings of almost $6000.

Ken Allen Field, home to the Fremantle City Football Club and Fremantle Roosters Rugby League Club, will get a 13 kilowatt system with annual savings of $4500.

A new 13 kilowatt system at Frank Gibson Park will deliver $4800 in savings to the Fremantle Netball Association, while the Fremantle District Cricket Club and Fremantle Hockey Club will save $3600 thanks to the 10 kilowatt system installed at Stevens Reserve.


This is positive news but in today’s West Australian columnist Paul Murray writes that former Greens member of Fremantle Adele Carles claims that the environmental impact of the proposed South Fremantle solar farm has not been properly investigated.

Fremantle Council and Mayor Brad Pettitt promised the community from the very start that the solar farm would only be approved if all environmental impacts on the community and health had been assessed, so if Adele Carles is correct more tests and checks need to be done before the solar farm can go ahead.

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Will controversial former Fremantle politician Adele Carles make a come back to politics soon? According to the West Australian today the mother of three daughters is ready to come back to public life and a role in government. If that is the case it will be interesting to see if she would  try to make a difference at local, state or federal level and if she would do so as an independent or join one of the major parties.

The Liberal Party has had problems finding a good candidate for the seat of Fremantle, so that could open the door for Carles if she was happy to join the Barnett mob.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 10, 2013

I can imagine that Adele Carles would be devastated about the low number of votes she received yesterday, but I don’t believe they are a true reflection of what people in Fremantle think off her. Many people, including myself, believed that a vote for Labor was a better option than voting for an independent or the Greens. Surprisingly many also thought voting for the Liberal party candidate was a good idea.

Anyway, I just want to thank Adele personally for all the work she has done for Fremantle and that she cared enough not to chuck it all in when times were hard. People who stand for any form of government need to be admired for their commitment and dedication and Adele deserves respect and gratitude from the people of Fremantle.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 10, 2013

The election is over and thank all the gods for that. It was long, and as most elections go, pretty boring. No surprise the Liberals won but they did so surprisingly high. Here in Fremantle voters severely rejected Adele Carles who only received 971 or 5.72 per cent of votes, according to today’s figures in the Sunday Times. Liberal candidate Matthew Hanssen did better than most expected with 6,089 votes and the pre election favourite Labor’s Simone McGurk received 6,629 of the votes and won the seat. Congratulations Simone! Those who believed Greens Andrew Sullivan would be a threat to McGurk were wrong as he only received 2,930 votes. Andrew and the Greens won’t be very happy with that.

The high number of votes for Matthew Hanssen shows Fremantle is no longer a safe Labor seat and that the political parties need to make serious efforts before the next election. Pamper us for a change Libs and Labs!

I am surprised to read in the Sunday Times that Adele Carles might now try to become Fremantle’s next mayor and contest the October election. She’ll need a few more votes than she received yesterday to achieve that.

While Labor never really stood a chance I believe they made two major mistakes in their campaign. Not hitting hard on the costs of living and the very high prices for power, gas and water, and they launched Metronet too early in the campaign. It all fizzled out in the last week when the Premier’s health made headlines and the Libs advertising campaign said Labor’s brand was tainted.

Four more years of building monuments at Elizabeth Quay and Burswood, instead of creating better public transport, more public housing, a better health system, etc. It’s going to be four very long years. ; >(

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 20, 2013

No matter how much certain people will want to criticise Adele Carles, the independent member for Fremantle, she is without a doubt a woman with guts and a good sense of humour. She is also very intelligent, passionate and likable. Her election advertisement under the banner What’s Love Got To Do With It? challenges those who want to make personal attacks on Adele instead of sticking with the political issues as who will represent Fremantle best in state parliament.

We are lucky to have very good candidates in the race for Freo. May the best one win on March 9.

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Adele's love ad


Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 19, 2013

Jan Ter Horst, the Dutch man who has been accusing Fremantle city council of corruption for many years, is a candidate for the seat of Fremantle at the March 9 State election. Jan is known in Fremantle for driving around with a coffin on top of the roof of his car and for the house on the hill in Beaconsfield that is full with scribbled accusations on the walls against the City of Fremantle.

It will be interesting to have Ter Horst at the Fremantle Candidate Forum next Tuesday. it’s going to be lively.

Set back for sitting member Adele Carles chances to be re-elected with none of the major giving her their preferences.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 19, 2013

Only a week to go until the FREMANTLE CANDIDATE FORUM, where Freo residents can grill the candidates for the seat of Fremantle at the March 9 State Election. What will they do for our city should they be elected?

Get to know them a little better before making a decision who you’ll vote for. Will it be sitting member Adele Carles, the bookies’ favourite Labor’s Simone McGurk, the dark horse Liberal Matthew Hanssen, or the Greens man with heaps of local government experience Andrew Sullivan?

If you can’t make it to the Forum at Notre Dame University’s Tannock Hall on the corner of Croke Lane and Cliff Street on February 26 at 6.15 pm, or if you are too shy to speak in public, you can email questions ahead of the event and moderator Peter Kennedy of ABC fame, will ask them for you if time allows. Email:

See you next Tuesday!

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Debate for State Seat_Debate



Posted in fremantle by freoview on January 31, 2013

The Western Australian state election on March 9 will decide who will govern this state for the next years and who will represent the people of Fremantle. Will independent Member for Fremantle  Adele Carles manage to get reelected or will Labor‘s Simone McGurk, the Liberal‘s Matthew Hanssen or Greens hopeful Andrew Sullivan win the seat?

Find out what the candidates stand for at the Fremantle Candidate Forum debate at Notre Dame University on February 26 from 6.30 pm. Chaired by ABC political reporter Peter Kennedy the evening promises to be a lively debate with passionate community participation.

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Debate for State Seat_Debate


Posted in fremantle by freoview on January 27, 2013

The Sunday Times today reports that the independent Member for Fremantle Adele Carles has announced she will contest the March 9 election. It will be a pretty hard fight and it seems unlikely she can win the seat even with the preferences from the Greens and Liberal parties. They have not decided who they’ll give their preferences to, but I doubt the Greens will give them to Carles, while the Liberals just might because it could affect the Labor numbers.

There is no doubt that Adele Carles has worked very hard as the Member for Fremantle and she should be thanked for that. It must be a pretty hard task to make a difference as an independent, but she worked tirelessly for her constituants.

Good luck with your campaign Adele!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on January 24, 2013

The West Australian newspaper today published half a page about the Member for Fremantle Adele Carles under the headline “Decision time in Freo melodrama.” The opinion piece by Gary Adshead expresses what most Fremantle people I talk to believe and that is that Adele Carles has no hope in hell(or heaven) to win the seat again and that Labor candidate Simone McGurk will win the seat easily because the Liberal party have put up  Matthew Hanssen who is largely unknown around town and not a great public performer, while Greens candidate Andrew Sullivan is either loved or hated for his work as Fremantle councillor. All four candidates are perfectly likable people, but at the end substance and party strength will prevail and McGurk will represent the people of Fremantle after March 9.

I am with Gary Adshead that Adele Carles is a bit unrealistic to believe she can win the seat if the Greens and Liberals give her their preferences. She is a bit naive to believe the people of Fremantle have forgotten, or even forgiven. Many are still angry that she left the Greens, many more sit in on judgment over her affair with Troy Buswell, while others believe Carles acted more as an unelected Freo councillor than as a member of parliament.

My main concern, as expressed previously, are Carles’ daughters, who could well become the targets and victims of a social media bully campaign should all the old rubbish been brought up again. Adele believes she needs to be a role model to her daughters and don’t give in, but stubbornness is not a good adviser and neither is closing one’s eyes and ears to reality. As a friend I say to Adele; save your money and move on. You are wasting your good energy when you believe you can retain your seat.

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