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Fremantle Notre Dame University students came up with a creative idea to raise awareness for mental health and R U OK? DAY.

Students were handed small bags with paint in them to throw at a canvas, that will become an abstract painting depicting all the moods and nuances of life.


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We are lucky to have such a highly-regarded and loved university in Fremantle. Notre Dame University consistently rates as one of the best in Australia.

Maybe it’s time to change our signs at entries to Freo and promote it as University City, like they do in the old country, where there is a real pride in Oxford, Cambridge and elsewhere.


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Great news for my friends at Fremantle Notre Dame University

Announced today (Monday 28 August), Notre Dame University achieved five-star ratings in eight of the Good Universities Guide’s 13 categories:

·  Overall Experience

·  Teaching Quality

·  Learner Engagement

·  Student Support

·  Skills Development

·  Graduate Employment

·  Median Graduate Salary

·  Student Retention

The University, which has Campuses in Fremantle, Broome and Sydney, has received the top five-star ratings in The Good Universities Guide for the 11th consecutive year.

The Good Universities Guide (GUG) bases its ratings on the performance of all Australian universities using a broad range of indicators from Federal Government-led surveys which track data collected from both students and graduates on their educational experience and outcomes, including results from the Quality Indicators for Learning & Teaching website (

To achieve a five-star rating in any category, a university has to score in the top 20 per cent all higher education institutions Australia-wide.



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Here some impressions of today’s OPEN DAY at Notre Dame University in Fremantle.

It is on till late afternoon, and a perfect day for it, as it is absolutely gorgeous out there. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and it’s just a brilliant good old Freo day.

You can go rock climbing or abseiling, once you have gathered enough information about our fantastic Fremantle uni. There is also live music and food. It feels good!


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Former Liberal Senator Chris Ellison will become the new Chancellor of Fremantle Notre Dame University, when present Chancellor Peter Prendiville steps down at the end of this year.

Ellison was a Senator in Canberra from 1993 to 2009.

Rio Tinto director Michael L’Estrange was appointed Deputy Chancellor in April this year.

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Life is so much more beautiful when there are young people around, I believe, so I am delighted to see the Fremantle Notre Dame University students back in the West End.

When the students are in Freo the energy changes to a positive focus on the future, and that is so much better than backward looking and complaining.

And the West End cafes are delighted as well to have the students back.

Notre Dame is one of the great universities in Perth and it’s OPEN DAY on August 20, so all you high school students and parents, come and get some info about studying in Freo.


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It has been a long time coming but Fremantle Notre Dame University is finally implementing its West End Activation Plan that is part of the Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Fremantle.

UNDA spends $ 75,000 yearly on community activation, but will now get really serious with moving university departments and offices from high profile to low profile locations.

Already three university offices have been moved from High Street to make way for three commercial tenancies to help activate the historic West End.

As part of enhancing Notre Dame activities in the public realm the Mouat Piazza will be created on the corner of Croke and Mouat streets, as well as the Gateway Park on the corner of Mouat and Phillimore streets.

Also part of the plans are activation nodes on the corner of Mouat and High streets and the Vice Chancellery entry to Mouat Street.

We will see new paving, seating, lighting and shade structures appearing in the West End soon and possibly a new public artwork.

Great stuff!

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Fremantle Notre Dame University is doing very well in a challenging climate for universities in Australia and announced a high increase in student numbers late last year. It also received a 5-Star rating in the 2016 Good Universities Guide in the category Overall Graduate Satisfaction, Teaching Quality, Generic Skills, Getting a Full-Time Job and Graduate Starting Salary.

Now a new national survey  reveals that skills development, quality educational experience and a high graduate employment rate are some of the findings that set The University of Notre Dame Australia apart from its peers in data released by the Federal Government today.

Senator Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education, released the results from the latest university surveys to inform the government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching website.

The website also shows Notre Dame University is one of the top universities in Australia for ‘Graduate Employment Rate’ with a full-time graduate employment rate of 79.2 per cent, well above the national average of 69.7 per cent. The median starting salary of Notre Dame graduates is at $59,800, above the national average of $55,000.

Notre Dame is the top university in the country for ‘Skills Development’ at 90.7 per cent, well above the national average of 81.3 per cent. It is in the top two universities nationally for ‘Overall Quality of Educational Experience’ with an 88.5 per cent rating. The QILT data also shows Notre Dame achieving high ratings in the categories of ‘Student Support’, ‘Learner Engagement’ and ‘Teaching Quality’.

Notre Dame has done outstandingly well in these categories in comparison with other WA universities (

–       Skills development – rated 1 in WA / rated 1 nationally
–       Overall quality of education experience – rated 1 in WA / rated 2 nationally
–       Teaching quality – rated 1 in WA / rated 3 nationally
–       Learner engagement – rated 1 in WA / rated 2 nationally
–       Student support – rated 1 in WA / rated 2 nationally
–       Full-time employment – rated 1 in WA / rated 6 nationally

I am a big fan of UNDA and the vibrancy it brings to the West End of Fremantle during the day. I love the activation the students from all over Australia and the world bring to our city and what it does to Freo’s economy, especially in the hospitality trade, but I am disappointed that the promised reactivation of the ground levels of UNDA owned and occupied buildings still has not been implemented. It is part of every MOU the City of Fremantle signs every two years with UNDA but nothing is forthcoming. Come on UNDA, you can do better than that!

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A report by Knight Frank identifies that there is a shortfall of well over 23,000 Purpose Built Student Accommodation-PBSA in Perth and a staggering near 300,000 shortfall in Australia.

I have long advocated for more student housing in Fremantle for Notre Dame University students and for those at Murdoch and Curtin, as long as the accommodation is built near public transport nodes.

With an oversupply of residential apartments it might now be the time for developers to start thinking about student accommodation and for governments to support it by offering land at reduced prices.

In Fremantle it would be an economic investment to support our traders and the hospitality industry as thousands of students living here would shop and consume here and eat and drink at our cafes and restaurants.  And they would bring that great youthful vibrancy to the city.

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I have a kind of love/hate relationship with Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt. I really like Brad but he sometimes infuriates me.

I am not in the camp of those who believe Brad is the saviour of Freo and neither am I in the opposite camp of those who believe he is destroying our City. I believe he does a bit of both while trying to prove that his academic teachings are right, and Fremantle is his test case.

If Brad is a sustainability scientist than Fremantle is his test tube, or to put it more kindly, Brad is the master chef who is keen to get five Green stars instead of three Michelin ones. I envisage Brad in his kitchen over a huge pot where he is trying to create the perfect stew that is Fremantle. He puts a tiny pinch of car-parking bays in, adds handfuls of bicycle lanes and spoonfuls of building storeys and then he tastes. But it is not right so he reduces green open space and puts a small spoon-full of affordable housing in for good measure. Then he adds a large mix of economy, sustainability, and revitalisation. The taste is right but it needs to look better for when he plates it up to the community, so handfuls of consultants and workshops plus a couple of spoons of spin are also put in the pot to make it the perfect stew. But in his enthusiasm the Mayor makes a serious mistake. He also adds DAC to the stew, something that will make the meal unpalatable to the people of Fremantle.

I wrote the above because I am concerned about Brad Pettitt’s reply, when I questioned why one of the committee members of the Fremantle Design Advisory Committee cited commercial viability as one of the reasons the DAC recommended the inner city-Westgate-building for approval by Council.

The Mayor’s comment on this blog was “…I am glad the DAC takes commercial questions into consideration in addition to good design. There is no point Council approving buildings that no one can afford to build.”

Brad you are wrong.

* Developers will not submit planning applications for buildings they can’t afford. It would be an utter waste of their money and time if they did, and it would not be up to the DAC to tell them that.

* The brief of the DAC is not to look into the commercial viability of a project but to look for design excellence and if that warrants additional discretionary height. If the DAC also has to be the financial viability committee they should approve taller and cheaper buildings as a matter of course, because that is financially more lucrative for developers. But that is not why the DAC was created by the City of Fremantle, Brad! They were supposed to be the safeguard for the community, that if we had to accept higher buildings that they would be of outstanding design, because the DAC would approve nothing less than that.

Stop adding more ingredients to the stew, Brad. You cannot change the rules of engagement of the DAC at your own leisure and because it will speed up development approvals.

In your desperation to compromise and to see fast development in Fremantle you are starting to sound a bit like your ill-informed election opponent Matthew Hanssen who claims developers don’t come to Freo because they are not allowed to built skyscrapers here.

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