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Freo Hospital urgent care clinic


It is good to hear from Fremantle Labor by-election candidate Josh Wilson that opposition leader Bill Shorten has pledged to invest $ 5 million in Fremantle Hospital if Labor wins next year’s federal election.

Bill Shorten announced that Fremantle Hospital would get a walk in clinic for urgent medical care, that would help take the strain away from the emergency department of Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Fremantle lost its emergency department three years ago and thousands of Freo people have to travel to Fiona Stanley for immediate care and outpatient clinics.

Fremantle’s urgent care clinic would open seven days a week and stay open later than most GP practises and deal with non life threatening cases.

I have no doubt that the traders in Wray Avenue would love to see more activity at Fremantle Hospital as it would be a boost for their businesses.

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The early voting Fremantle office in the Adelaide Plaza in Adelaide Street opened this morning, the same day I received the official guide for the Fremantle by-election from the Australian Electoral Commission in my letterbox.

Only Labor candidate Josh Wilson and a small group of volunteers were at the polling booth this morning, but there are seven candidates for the federal seat of Fremantle.

Election day is Saturday July 28, so less than three weeks from now.

My vote will go to Josh Wilson, a man I have a lot of respect for.


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The official election campaign launch of Fremantle Labor candidate Josh Wilson is on this evening, although Josh and his team have already been pounding the streets and been knocking on doors for weeks.

Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek, one of my favourite politicians, will be at the launch at Victoria Hall tonight.

It starts at 6.30, so if you want to know what Josh can do for Fremantle, and what Labor wants to achieve if elected at the big federal election next year, come along.

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If you are not on the electoral roll you can not vote at the Fremantle federal by-election next month.

You have only till Friday to get yourself registered on the roll to be able to vote on Super Saturday on July 28.

My vote will go to former Fremantle Councillor and Deputy Mayor Josh Wilson who has served our community very well and who gave some excellent speeches during his time in Canberra.

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South Ward voting


Andrew Sullivan won the Fremantle South Ward local government by-election and will return to his seat at Fremantle Council.

Sullivan received 50% of the votes and got 856 votes, while the two other candidates also got 50% of the vote; Marija Vujcic 608 and Chris Williams 248. Nine votes were invalid.

Voter participation was around 44 % so that is fairly good.

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It was a kind of groundhog day and deja vu all over again feeling at the Fremantle South Ward candidate forum at The Local, that was attended by less than twenty members of the community.

We have basically heard it all before and a lot of it is based on ignorance and the fact that candidates can’t be bothered to attend council meetings, so they have an opinion based on hear say.

The accusations flew wild; There is only one narrative at Fremantle and councillors are too close so there is only rubber stamping. Council looks after developers and businesses but not after residents. There is no due process, community participation, or consultation.

The elected members set themselves low benchmarks, one candidate who has never been to a council meeting said, and that it was questionable if the new South Beach basketball court was a good return for money.

Ignorance always annoys me, but it annoys me even more when it comes from people who want to be our next councillors. If they are too lazy to do their homework and attend council meetings and inform themselves, what benchmark do they set themselves then to be an elected member one has to wonder?

I left the meeting when they started to dig in why there was a by-election and if maybe council or the incumbent should have done more to prevent the inexcusable blunder by WA Electoral Commission staff who allowed an non eligible person to be a candidate.

Did I hear any new ideas about where Fremantle should go, any long term plans? No, none, just good old council bashing. Very disappointing!

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There will be a candidate forum for the Fremantle South Ward local government by-election this Thursday March 1 at 7.30pm at The Local hotel on South Terrace.

I won’t be attending though as I have already voted, and so have most people who bother to take part in the council election.

Ballot papers were delivered 10 days ago and according to the WA Electoral Commission the vast majority of people vote during the first five days of receiving their ballot paper, so Thursday’s exercise seems a bit futile.

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Ballot papers will be arriving in Fremantle South Ward homes early next week for the local government by-election.

The October 2017 election was declared invalid in South Ward because of a blunder by the Electoral Commission, so we need to vote again.

Andrew Sullivan, who is my preferred candidate, posted his flyer on line, so here it is.

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It comes as a big surprise to read in the Fremantle Herald this morning that Liam Carter will not re-nominate for the March City of Fremantle South Ward by-election.

Carter came only 57 votes behind Andrew Sullivan at the October election, which has since been declared invalid because of a huge blunder by the Electoral Commission, which wrongly accepted the nomination of Ben Moodie.

The election results were challenged in court by Maria Vujcic, who came third after Sullivan and Carter.

It will be interesting to see if new candidates will nominate now that it looks to be only a two people race between Sullivan and Vujcic.

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Christmas is only fours sleeps away and the year has just ten days left, so this is a good time to reflect on what kind of year it was for Fremantle. I do this randomly as important issues come to my mind.

The October local government election was a resounding rebuke for the right-leaning very vocal social media negativity, with all the sitting members re-elected. I find it hard to argue that this is not a vote of confidence in the plans and policies Fremantle Council has implemented. City ward even elected a new Green councillor.

The positivity and negativity of massive planned development is a fine line between a stunning modern Fremantle CBD and an aesthetic disaster that could kill our city’s unique heritage character.

Quite a few new hotels are in the pipeline and that will be good to attract more tourism and for visitors to stay overnight, but the many plans for more taverns in the inner city are a worry.

The Kings Square Project is finally underway and will be the game-changer Fremantle desperately needs, and the new FOMO retail concept by Sirona Capital sounds very exciting.

The change of Australia Day celebrations on January 26 to One Day on the 28th shows Fremantle council is getting more serious about Aboriginal issues, and the funding to investigate a purpose-built Aboriginal centre is also a clear indication that council wants to do more than just tokenism.

The heritage listing of the entire West End is significant and well overdue.

The cancellation of the Roe 8 Perth Freight Link by the new state government, and the Westport taskforce could well open up opportunities for the development of Victoria Quay.

The Long Table Dinner along High Street was a resounding success and raised $ 80,000 for St Pats, so well done Freo community for caring!

Fremantle City took back ownership of Fremantle Oval which opens up opportunities for good development of that precinct. And good riddance to the greedy Dockers!

The development of the South Fremantle Senior High School into Fremantle College and the departure of TAFE also create fantastic opportunities for substantial development in the heart of Beaconsfield.

Well-overdue traffic improvement in the Hilton centre are happening and so is traffic calming in South Fremantle.

The J Shed tavern saga continues and is a stand-off between what the community wants and Freo council stubbornly does not want to accept, while it also fails to concede that the Bathers Beach Arts Precinct concept is a failure.

Notre Dame University listened to the community and scrapped plans for a five-storey School of Nursing and Midwifery in High Street and bought the three-building Customs House complex instead to accommodate expansion.

Fremantle culture is maturing very well with outstanding exhibitions and concerts at the Fremantle Arts Centre and the very impressive and creative High Tide Biennale during the Fremantle Festival. More of that please!

The Cantonment Hill Project is now underway with the opening of the Tuckfield Oval playground.

The City of Fremantle has added three new communication officers, so we should rightly expect much better genuine communication and information from the City. The October election showed that there is a lot of ignorance in the community about what Fremantle Council and the administration do and that needs to be improved.

Well, that’s all that comes to my mind early this Thursday morning, so remind me what I failed to mention and I might do another article on other important issues in a few days time.

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