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Too many tourists


A friend sent me this screen shot, presumably from Facebook, and I was flabbergasted by the comments made by Fremantle High Street resident Julie Morgan, who will probably stand for City Ward again at the next Council election in October.

Morgan is also on the committee of Fremantle Now, the former BID, that is there to support local traders.

Fremantle does not have too many tourists, as is clear when one hears the complaints of so many struggling retailers. The hundreds of tourists who come into Fremantle can’t be compared to the millions who visit Venice in Italy and literally overrun it.

Weekend suburban ‘tourism’ is what keeps Fremantle alive and if that stopped we would be in even bigger trouble and more shops would close.

“Tourists” of Notre Dame University students and staff are the majority of cafe customers on weekdays. Without them many of our West End cafes would have to close because of lack of trade.

Festivals bring thousands of people to Fremantle and while these “tourists’ might not go shopping on those festival days they become aware of the businesses and things Freo also has to offer.

It is irrational and wrong of Julie Morgan to claim that Fremantle has too many tourists. It’s a ridiculous statement, but that comes as no surprise, because she also had No More Notre Dame signs in her office windows in High Street. What’s going to be your election slogan, Julie? Fremantle needs fewer people?

Fremantle needs more, many more, visitors and shoppers and many, many more tourists seven days a week, and it needs many more people working and living here, so that it will be activated and revitalised.

Roel Loopers



FREO NOW-formerly BID-are writing to the Minister for Police and WA Police Commissioner about the escalating safety issues in Fremantle.

Shop owners are fed up with shop lifting, violence, anti-social behaviour and foul language in the CBD and want more police presence on the streets and stronger action taken.

Only a few months ago Fremantle residents and business owners were told that the crime statistics for Fremantle had been going down steadily, but that does not appear to be the case when one hears of a woman being assaulted at Mills Records and an armed robbery at Rip Curl.

Drug dealing and anti-social behaviour are daily occurrences in High Street near the backpackers on the corner of Henry Street, and so is shop-lifting all over the CBD.

When people feel unsafe in the inner city of Fremantle they will not come for shopping or to enjoy the entertainment our city often has on offer, so more needs to be done by WA Police because the City of Fremantle unfairly gets the flack for it.

More police walking the beat is essential to deter and prevent crime, but from my observations fewer officers are on the streets now than six months ago.

Our traders are doing it tough as it is, so they don’t need more stress and worries and getting abused by out of control vagrants.

Roel Loopers


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Samantha Reece is active in the Fremantle community, and an influencer as part of the new FREO NOW-former BID, so I am rather disappointed with her opinion piece in the property pages of the West Australian today, where she calls for the Joint Development Assessment Panels-JDAP- to do their job better and overrule NIMBY local councils, which refer to their own planning schemes to approve or reject development applications.

Ms Reece is not happy that JDAP did not approve the 16-storey Kintail development in Applecross, where council only want to allow a maximum of 10 storeys.

Reece then also mentions the proposed Fremantle Woolstores development, where additional discretionary height was rejected by Fremantle Council and JDAP because the design was not considered to be of exceptional architectural standards. JDAP has since approved a totally different design with lower height.

If Samantha Reece has her way we might soon see 8-storey buildings in our historic West End, and other totally inappropriate height all over the place.

Roel Loopers


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The first of the FREO NOW initiative pop-up retailers opened in the Fremantle High Street Mall on Saturday, so make sure to go and have a look at it. It’s opposite Culley’s.

SHOE FUN is full of funky, punky, cute, crazy, lovely, colourful shoes, that will delight many Freo women, and no doubt some of our queens as well.

Retail is a fickly business at the moment, so I wish the owners all the best!

On the Freo retail grapevine rumours are abound about alleged generational changes at Cicerello’s, Camera House and Gino’s, but I have no confirmation of that yet.

I have also been told that the relatively new Dangerfield shop is Market Street has reduced staff from three people to just one. Not a good sign, if the rumour is true.

Roel Loopers


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pop up


A new pop-up shop will open soon in the Fremantle High Street mall between Optus and SpecSavers, as part of the FREO NOW(former BID) campaign to fill up vacant retail shops with art related small businesses.

I don’t know yet what the new shop will be, so keep an eye out for it.

Roel Loopers



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Fremantle creatives who want to improve their exposure and show their work to a large number of people now have the opportunity to rent at peppercorn rent! one of seven shops in the CBD that FREO NOW is making available in collaboration with the property owners. Three of the shop fronts are in the High Street Mall.

Contact: if you are keen to step into the retail adventure.

Roel Loopers



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The JIM KIDD sportswear store in Fremantle’s Essex Street is leaving Fremantle and relocating to a huge warehouse near Perth airport.

It is a shame to lose another shop and I question the new location, as there is no way I will drive all the way to the airport to buy my next comfy walking shoes, so they are losing this customer.

Vacant shops are never a good look anywhere, but unfortunately a sign of the time everywhere, so I hope FREO NOW in collaboration with property owners will find a lot of creatives to move into empty retail premises and make them at least look attractive.

It would be nice if the City of Fremantle could allocate money for artists to at least paint windows of vacant shops and make the best out of a bad situation by creating a new art walk attraction in the CBD.

Roel Loopers



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It was full house at the Fremantle National Hotel last night for the official launch of retail supporter FREO NOW, that attempts to replace the BID, which was abandoned by Fremantle Council, to make way for Destination Marketing.

FREO NOW CEO Karl Bullers, who owns the National Hotel,  said Fremantle traders need grassroots assistance to help their businesses grow and that FREO NOW would provide that.

There will be free business coaching for members and FREO NOW is looking for creatives to fill vacant shops at peppercorn rent to attract people to the Fremantle CBD.

There are plans for a small business expo and FREO NOW will be seeking federal funding.

“We have not given up on you! We will be right by your side” Karl Bullers assured the crowd, which included Councillors Waltham, Pemberton, Lang and Sullivan as well as last year’s Mayoral candidate Ra Stewart, Silverleaf Investments director Gerard O’Brien and Chamber of Commerce CEO Olwyn Williams.

I was flabbergasted that a shop owner who has been trading at Cantonment Street for over twenty years asked questions about why BID was gone and what Destination Marketing was, when all that has been published in the local media and on line extensively. It helps to inform oneself about what goes on in the the town where one trades!

On a very positive by note, it was really good to hear that Karl Bullers puts his money where his mouth is when he mentioned that Clint Clark from Port Jarrah was making the wardrobes for the new hotels rooms at the National Hotel, estimated to be opened by the end of August.

Roel Loopers




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The Freo Now-formerly Fremantle BID-Board is planning on how they can help small businesses over the next 12 months!

If you want to hear more come to the official launch this Friday from 5.30pm at the National Hotel – first drink is free!

Roel Loopers




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Freo Lomg Table


Early warning that the fantastic Fremantle Long Table Dinner in historic  High Street will be on again this year on November 29.

Tickets will be going on sale from September 3, so make a note of that so you won’t mis out.

Proceeds of the delightful evening go to the St Patrick’s community group, so it is not only a great night out, but all for a very worthwhile cause.

Roel Loopers

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