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I went bush this arvo, well kind off. I went just down the road from Fremantle to Manning Park in Spearwood. It is quite beautiful there.

I even climbed the Manning Steps, the equivalent but more scenic, to Jacobs Ladder in Kings Park. Great views but my legs are telling me I am far too old for that kind of exercise. I’ll do it again soon though to get fit for summer and my next lover, who must be lurking just around the corner. ; >).

Go and have a look! Wildlife, paper bark, a lake, nice playground for the kids, stunning coastal views to Fremantle Port and Kwinana and it’s only a ten-minute drive from Freo.

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An estimated 3500 people turned up at Bibra Lake this Sunday morning to protest against the planned Roe 8 highway extension and the Perth Freight Link.

People laughed about the Sunday Times report that the State Government might change the name into People’s Highway, commenting that it would be extremely cynical for a government that has stopped listening to the community, some calling Premier Barnett Kim Yong Colin, in reference to the North Korean dictator of that ‘people’s republic’

City of Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett told the crowd that Liberal backbenchers had reported to him that they had been told that the protestors were just rent a crowd and did not represent the affected communities. That had the very community orientated crowd in uproar.

There were a lot of Fremantle faces in the crowd, local councillors and of course all the politicians, but I did not see any from the Liberal or National parties.

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My mates Shani and Tim run Fremantle ECOBURBIA, so here some info from them about the next course at the Growers Green Markets:

10 things about a Living Smart course you might be interested to know:

– it covers ten topics – gardening for food and wildlife, water, power, transport, healthy home and you, living simply, waste and community,
– it goes for seven weeks, 2.5 hours per session
– there is at least one outing,
– what you do in the course depends on what the group wants to do,
– there are hands on or discussion activities in every session,
– the focus is not on lots of information but on taking action,
– participants say their favourite bit is taking action and meeting like minded people,
– people also say they don’t want it to end,
– it only costs $80 / $40 concession,
– this term there are courses in Beaconsfield, Spearwood and Rockingham
So really? – you should enrol now –

This term there are courses in Fremantle on Sunday mornings (at the Growers’ Green market in Beaconsfield), on Thursday nights in Spearwood (at the Cockburn Civic Centre), and Tuesday morning in Rockingham. There is even a course in Sydney!

The courses in Fremantle and Spearwood will be facilitated by Ecoburbia. Tim and Shani are the most experienced facilitators in Australia, so you will be in good hands.

The course is only $80 for the full seven weeks, which includes Living Smart membership. Call Shani if you have questions. 0417 941 991 or

There are more details below. Have a look and then head to the Living Smart website for more information and to enrol.
Sunday mornings 9am – 11.30am
Starting October 25th
South Fremantle Senior High School

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ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162.


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The discussion last evening at the Strategic and Planning Committee of the City of Fremantle about a trial of grey water recycling at Leighton Beach was interesting, with Councillor Rachel Pemberton passionately wanting to go against the officers’ recommendation and continue with what she called a feasibility study which would make Fremantle a leader.

The proposed collaboration on this with the imminent hotel development is not going ahead as the developers pulled out of taking part in the trial, and there are many unknowns and issues that in my opinion warrant caution.

The treated grey water should not come in contact with humans, so how is one going to prevent that near a public beach? Water from sprinklers will be blown all over the place and footpaths by the wind, so can we take that risk? How safe is treated grey water for birds, insects and other wildlife?

Why does a trial like that have to be near a beach, with Councillor Dave Hume repeating it would be better at South Beach. But it needs a substantial new development to make it work and there is none happening at South Beach.

Should the small City of Fremantle really spend many tens of thousands of dollars on trying unproven new technology when no one else seems to want to give it a try? These kinds of projects should be run by state and federal governments but not by a small local government with little resources and income that is often struggling to find money for basic maintenance in our city.

Fremantle needs to go back to governing for local people and stop pretending it is a state government, and that it needs to be a front runner and try out things we can’t really afford. Let’s do the practical and basic things first and well to look after our environment. Let’s protect mature trees, plant heaps of mature and semi-mature trees more, look after our reserves, parks, gardens, make laws that require all new development to have solar power and rainwater tanks, suggest solar awnings and blinds on buildings, etc. etc. There are so many more achievable things we can do as a small city instead of wasting money on an untried technology that the CSIRO should be testing.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Stre. Beaconsfield 6162.


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It was a bit of a wildlife feast in Fremantle harbour on yesterday’s glorious Sunday. While dolphins excited the tourists several herons were busy trying to steal fish from the many anglers.

There are 64 recognised species of the lovely water bird, some are called egrets or bitterns. Keep an eye out for them and the dolphins!

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Open letter to Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett,

Dear Premier,

I would like to congratulate you on your decisive action against the hideous terror attacks by Australian wildlife on Western Australian citizens and visitors, and to introduce the culling/killing of Great White Sharks. It is absolutely unacceptable that sharks believe they have a right to their own territory, since they are not tax and ratepayers and they contribute nothing towards WA’s progress. They even dare to eat the fish we should be catching for our own human consumption. It’s just not on!

Human race rules and it is survival of the fittest, and I applaud your for starting culling the Great White endangered species. They do not vote, so they are useless to politicians, and I understand you have to get your priorities right and look after your own future and that of the Liberal party. The life of a shark is nothing compared to your greatness, dear Premier.

In light of your great anti-shark plans, may I suggest you now also include culling of poisonous snakes and spiders, as just yesterday a boy was almost killed by a dugite that showed no respect for human life and superiority. That can’t go on and needs to be punished. Kill all those nasty rogue bastards dear Premier before they take over and kill us all.

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On Friday the Fremantle Christmas lights will be switched on, so it is time to start shopping and support our local traders. Don’t worry about boring sterile shopping centres, come to the gorgeous historic port city and do your shopping here. If wandering down High Street, don’t stop at Cliff Street but climb the steps to the Round House to buy the exclusive and beautiful nature photos of Glen Cowans at his photo gallery next to our state’s oldest building. Here are some of his magic photos.

Roel Loopers

P.S. this is not a paid advertisement, just a service to a mate. ; >)

All photos copyright Gen Cowans


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The PROTECT THE KIMBERLEY rally at the Cottesloe Civic Centre attracted around a thousand people, including Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt, on this stunning Sunday morning.

Speakers stressed the importance of the Kimberley as a unique heritage listed wildlife sanctuary that should not be destroyed by greedy multinational companies. Questions were raised as to why Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett is so desperately trying to get a huge industrial plant approved in such pristine location.

While participants in the rally were told not to sit on the heritage listed walls of the civic centre, a ranger could not be bothered to open the public toilets before the event, but had enough time to give tickets to cars parked on the verges. Very poor form Cottesloe! And, Mr Ranger, if you want to make a political point, go protest, write letters to newspapers, whatever, but don’t hinder those who have a democratic right to a peaceful rally and had permission to do so.

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