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During the month of June the Fremantle Moore & Moore Cafe in Henry Street will feature a Syrian dish on their menu, with $5 from every dish sold donated to the UNICEF Syria Crisis Appeal.

This June in collaboration with UNICEF, restaurateurs from all over Australia are coming together to gather support and create awareness for the children of Syria.

To wrap up the month the Moore&Moore will also be hosting a Fundraising Dinner on Saturday 30th June, with all proceeds going to the cause.

Welcome Drinks & Canapes on arrival, followed by an array of Syrian inspired dishes and scrumptious dessert. Expect a fun, family friendly event with music, a silent auction and a room full of great humans coming together for a beautiful cause.

At the Moore & Moore they feel passionate about supporting not only our local community, but also the global community.

Join us as we come together to support the children of a war torn Syria.

Tickets available via Eventbrite $80 plus booking fee.


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Perfect sunny weather for the Fremantle ANZAC Day parade through the inner city.

Fremantle Ports continued with its tradition of handing out Australian flags, much appreciated by young and old.

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ANZAC DAY in Fremantle will start tomorrow with the dawn service at Monument Hill at 5.50 am. After that there is a lovely service in North Fremantle at 9am just opposite Mojos.

The ANZAC parade through the streets of Fremantle will start at 10.15am from the Esplanade, where it will also finish with a service. There is even two up!

Some cafes, like the Moore&Moore will be closed, but Chalkys and the Attic are open and so will be many others.

“Bill Renton” Two Up Ring, “Jimmy Paton” Bar, AFL Game on TV, Bouncy Castle and Face Painting for the kids and Sausage Sizzle. The Fremantle City RSL Sub Branch, the second oldest RSL Sub Branch in WA (formed in 1923) is holding an ANZAC Day Commemoration in the Park Event at Esplanade Reserve, Marine Terrace, Fremantle from 11:30am to 16:30pm on ANZAC Day the 25th April 2018.
The event will follow the Fremantle ANZAC Day Parade that will begin at 10:15am in Esplanade Reserve directly adjacent to our ANZAC Day Commemorations in the Park event, which will entail;
• The Freedom (Face Painting) Fairies (for the kids);
• A Bouncy Castle and Wacky Wagon (also for the kids);
• The “Jimmy Paton” Bar;
• The “Bill Renton” Two-Up Ring;
• A Sausage Sizzle, and
• The ANZAC Day AFL game on TV.

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The PEACE BOAT cruise liner arrived in Fremantle Port at 10.30am this morning, with survivors of the atomic bombing of Japan during WW II on board.

There is a big free Wanjo Peace Boat event on today at B Shed on Victoria Quay from 4-8pm with live music, Aboriginal dancing and smoking ceremony, speakers, etc.

Tomorrow from 12 to 2pm Notre Dame University is hosting the free Making Waves forum with prominent speakers at the Foley Hall in Mouat Street.


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The Japanese cruise ship Peace Boat that travels the world to promote global friendship and nuclear disarmament will be visiting Fremantle tomorrow.

The Peace Boat’s 96th voyage left Yokohama on 8 January and will be stopping at 15 ports in the Oceania region before returning to Kobe on 5 March.

Among the 1000 passengers on board will be Hiroshima ‘Hibakusha’ Miyake Nobuo and Fukushima farmer Hasegawa Kenichi.
Hibakusha is the Japanese word for survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and atomic testing around the world.

They will be speaking at a welcome event at B-Shed on Victoria Quay at Fremantle Harbour on Wednesday at 4pm and also at a ‘Making Waves’ forum at Notre Dame University on Thursday.

They will be joined at both events by Karina Lester – a survivor of the British atomic tests at Maralinga in South Australia in the 1950s.

Other speakers at the ‘Making Waves’ forum on Thursday include former WA Premier Carmen Lawrence and former Senator Scott Ludlam – who is an ambassador for the Melbourne-based International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).
ICAN was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its ground-breaking efforts to encourage countries to sign a United Nations treaty to ban nuclear weapons.
The global agreement was adopted by 122 countries — but not by Australia — in New York on July 7 last year.

The Peace Boat’s visit is being supported by Mayors for Peace – a global movement formed in 1982 by the mayor of Hiroshima to raise awareness and push for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

For more information on the Peace Boat and its voyage visit the Peace Boat website, and for details of the events see the City of Fremantle’s events page.



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The annual Poppy Run for Remembrance Day was held on Sunday.

More than one hundred scooters paraded through the Fremantle Cappuccino Strip before ending up at Princess May Park for lunch and a few coldies at Clancy’s.

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I had almost forgotten it, but just remembered in time that it is Remembrance Day today.

So I headed up to Fremantle Monument Hill to take some photos of the solemn occasion.


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A decent crowd turned out for the Fremantle Anzac Day parade this morning and I heard  there was a big crowd for the dawn service at Monument Hill, which I missed due to bad health.

The ANZA derby between the South and East Fremantle football clubs is on at Fremantle Oval at 4 pm today and the weather is perfect for it, so support the day.

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ANZAC Day is this coming Tuesday April 25 so get up early and join the Dawn Service at Monument Hill at 5.50 and watch the sun rise.

From 7.30 the ANZAC Day Breakfast is on at the Esplanade so perfect for a beacon and egg roll and cuppa.

At 9 am the lovely more intimate North Fremantle ceremony is held at the war memorial opposite Mojo’s.

The big Parade starts from the Esplanade at 10.15and will wind through the CBD and Cappuccino Strip.

The Closing Ceremony will be held at 10.45 on the Esplanade.

It is important to always remember those who sacrificed their life to fight for peace and freedom.

Roel Loopers



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Christmas is a time of reflection and hope and with so much madness going on in the world we need to remain hopeful that we will be able to turn the destruction of the earth and oceans around and that there will be a good future for the next generations.

Humans do have the ability to stand up in adversity and make necessary changes. We have survived natural disasters and wars all over the planet many times and we can do it again if sanity prevails and if our political leaders become true leaders instead of being power hungry egos only interested in winning the next election.

It is shocking to see the destruction of Aleppo and other places of war and the plight of all these innocent people. It violates my heart to see the idiocy of terrorism and attacks on families because some fanatical criminals believe the god they believe in is better than the gods of other people.

But I remain confident about the future because my own experience with people of all different cultures and religions all over the world has shown that the vast majority of people are good and caring people who are willing to embrace and support fellow humans in need.

We cannot give up hope during the tsunami of madness that is happening and that has made 2016 such a challenging year. We cannot blame all Muslims for the actions of a small group of sadistic criminals, as we do not blame all Catholics for those priests who have abused children. Hatred will not solve anything and neither does blaming all for the crimes of some.

We need to learn the lessons of the past and become more responsible in looking after our planet because the environmental destruction is relentless above and below ground. We are suffocating our oceans while destroying our forests, because we want more and more and more, and that is not sustainable.

Innovation technology will help us to become smarter but our relentless consumerism needs to be curtailed because the environment is suffering because of it.

We need more tolerance and less judgment in our world and more acceptance of diversity. Culture, religion and the colour of someone’s skin are not reasons to reject people and we need to assess every individual on its own merits. There are bad apples in every family, in every country, in every race, religion and culture, but we must keep in mind that most people are good and caring.

I love life because I love people. I love the irreverence, the intelligence, the quirkiness and the true warmth of people and I love it that we are all so different but also so much the same. A big black fella in Fitzroy Crossing summed it all up perfectly for me one night when he looked at me and said “Isn’t it amazing brother that we both have red blood and brown shit.”

Have a very Happy Christmas. Smile at and say G’day to a stranger. Believe in yourself and all of us that we can and will create a better future for all where the poor are less poor and the rich a bit less rich. True equality will only happen if we look after each other better.

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