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The Fremantle WA DAY fireworks were not very spectacular and the crowds stayed away as well for the ten-minute explosions of colours, but funds were limited so it was a good effort to organise it by the Fishing Boat Harbour traders.

Festivities with live music continue today at our most popular fish&chips destination, so head out before the big storm arrives late today.

Here some photos I took from the gundeck at the Roundhouse.

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The figures reported on-line WA Today on the decline in the use of trains shows that an integrated approach is needed to attract more people to public transport and to attack the huge traffic challenges of the Perth metropolitan region. There is little gain in small local councils like Fremantle stubbornly wanting to minimise motorvehicle traffic and for the State Government to have the Direction 2031 for higher denisty living near public transport corridors and railway stations, when the community is reluctant to use what is provided. The declining public transport figures create even less incentive for the federal and state governments to start paying for public transport infrastructure like lightrail and rapid bus routes, no matter how often the City of Fremantle bleats about it.

According to WAToday there were nearly 740,000 less trips in the five-months period from June to November last year, when compared to the previous years. That is huge!

It matters little if the reasons are overcrowding, safety, comfort, paid parking, not enough parking near stations, or more expensive tickets. Fact is that in the fasted-growing population state fewer people are now using public transport. That is not a trend we want to see continue!

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One of the most very Freo weekly events is no doubt the Growers Green Markets on Lefroy Road each Sunday morning from 8 am till 12 noon. It is a real community event that attracts families and lots of children and dogs from all over Fremantle and beyond.

There is so much fresh produce to buy and great food stalls that cater for breakfast and hangover needs and the coffees and pastries are yum!

There is live music by local artists and face painting for the kids. It is a fantastic relaxing way to chill out and start a Sunday.

Go and say hello to the ever-smiling Albert and buy some of his very freerange eggs and fruit&vegetables.

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Today at 12 noon the Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk, Mayor Brad Pettitt and Fremantle Society President Henty Farrar will hand over the petition to Local Government Minister Tony Simpson against the State Government’s proposal to merge Fremantle with Melville. The Fremantle Forever campaign collected thousands of signatures around Fremantle asking State Government to reconsider the boundaries.

The Fremantle Forever campaign grew out the Sock It Colin! campaign, initiated by the Fremantle Society with a full page advertisement in the Fremantle Herald, and became an a-political and bipartisan community movement with the positive agenda to suggest better alternative boundaries to grow Fremantle to a larger local council.

Close collaboration with the City of Fremantle meant we agreed that merging with Melville would not be beneficiary for Fremantle, but merging with East Fremantle and moving the boundaries further South into Cockburn, as far as Russell Road and as far East as Stock Road would make cohesive new boundaries for a larger Fremantle. The City followed this up with an advertising campaign in the local papers and strong lobbying. First indications from State Government were that they agreed and they significantly changed their proposal to accommodate Freo’s wishes.

Local government reform has now been handed to the Local Government Advisory Board who will present State Government with its preferred boundaries in the next weeks. The State can then accept or reject those suggested boundaries, but not change them. The anticipation in Fremantle and other councils is high, with many councils rejecting change and amalgamations and some wanting to take legal action.

How many local governments will W.A. have after the reform and what will the new boundaries be? I for one hope State Government will largely accept the recommendations by Fremantle Council, because the new boundaries they suggest make far more sense than a merger with Melville.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 12, 2014

I think we should all be trying to do what the W.A. State Government wants to do and that is to get someone else to pay for something you desperately want. Local councils, most of which do not want to amalgamate with other councils, will be forced to pay most of the extensive costs the mergers will cost, because our State Government is more or less broke and can’t afford to pay for what they want.

Today Mayors and CEOs of the affected councils will meet with Local Government Minister Tony- Scrooge- Simpson, and the Minister will see some angry and disappointed faces. Local governments fear they might have to sell assets, raise rates and cut services because all the State wants to offer them is some loans, and that is not good enough they say.

Fremantle could well be liable for millions of dollars to amalgamate with East Fremantle and get bits of Melville and Cockburn, but are Freo’s residents willing to pay for it?

I just saw a lovely house. It’s only 1.3 million. Can someone please transfer the money into my account today. Premier Colin Barnett told me that’s how you do it.

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The re-election is on today where W.A. votes again for the Federal Senate, because of the previous ballot ruled invalid, so don’t forget to vote Fremantle!

The front page of yesterday’s West Australian newspaper created some stir when the editor called for voters to accept the Abbott’s government mandate. That mandate will either be rejected or reinforced after today’s Senate election, so this is not the time to be complacent and not bother to vote.

There were no queues at all at the East Fremantle Primary School this morning when I voted around 9.30 and that is not a good sign as normally the line is pretty long there.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 28, 2014

I am disappointed to hear that the State’s Design Advisory Panel scrapped a requirement by the City of Fremantle for the developers of the Pakenham Street short-term accommodation project to liaise with the Fremantle Design Advisory Committee on further setbacks of the top-level of the building. It is also disappointing that only Councillors John Strachan and Andrew Sullivan on Wednesday voted against the development going ahead without the setback requirements.

A lot of promises were made by elected member in the past that they would make certain Fremantle would get quality buildings, but it appears this was all talk, as compromises are being made constantly to appease developers. No wonder this blog receives so many cynical comments about Fremantle’s all talk Council.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 28, 2014

I must have got the whole local government amalgamation plans wrong, because I thought if all goes as we wish Fremantle would be merging with East Fremantle and parts of Cockburn and Kwinana, but it appears from a new media report that we are actually getting the whole South West of the State all the way down to Augusta.

A report on WA TODAY claims the City of Fremantle is leading the concept to place charging stations for electric cars all along the highway from Perth to Bunbury, with planned stations at all towns from Perth to Augusta. According to the report the City of Fremantle is in discussions with local shires and stakeholders.

I am not sure how happy our State emperor Premier Colin Barnett will feel about being challenged for that position by a local Mayor.

Could I recommend that the City of Fremantle concentrates on what is going on in our city before wasting time on grandiose plans for our State. Get your act together for example of cleaning Freo. Yesterday tourists at the Round House were yet again subjected to overflowing bins and rubbish because the bins had not been emptied all week, and we can’t even get basic event traffic management right in the city, so forget the SouthWest and clean up the mess this city too often resembles! Recharge some of the under performing officers instead of electric cars in Busselton.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 26, 2014

The quite alarming figures in the latest Galaxy Report about alcohol consumption, shows that our civic leaders need to do more to combat alcohol related problems in our society and Fremantle Council should take notice.

It is not good enough for the City of Fremantle to implement an Alcohol Management Policy one week, to ignore that same policy some weeks later and allow for a large micro brewery and outdoor music venue at J Shed, when they oppose that in the AMP, where it states Council does not support new outlets where the main aim is the sale of alcohol.

The Galaxy Report states that the problems in Western Australia are worse than they are nationwide, with 47 percent of people in WA saying they had experienced alcohol related violence, compared to 37 percent nationally. Three-quarter of those surveyed believed Australia has a problem with excessive drinking.

State Government needs to stop pussy footing around and not overrule local governments that don’t want more mega bottle shops. The State should also stop permitting new liquor licenses for large venues and instead support small bars that encourage responsible drinking. The responsible service of alcohol laws also need to be enforced, as we far too often witness legless drunks falling out of licensed premises in Fremantle.

While I am all for Freo becoming more vibrant and activated, and while I believe we need more things to do for tourists who visit our city, I don’t believe that more booze barns will become major attractors for overseas and interstate visitors, they might just attract the kind of anti-social people we try to discourage from coming here.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 25, 2014

It is quite astounding that Evan Hall, the CEO of the Tourism Council of W.A. hardly mentioned Fremantle is yesterday’s opinion piece in the West Australian. No word from Mr Hall about Perth’ most significant heritage tourist destination’s plans for significant hotel developments and a total face lift for Kings Square, while the Scarborough beach development is lauded.

Like State Government the Tourism Council appears to also only concentrate on Perth when it talks about the necessity of offering more to visitors of Perth. While Hall mentioned several hotel developments in Perth, he ignores the proposed hotel developments for Point Street and West Gate Mall and also the newly opened Hougoumont Hotel in Banister Street. There is also the substantial short-term accommodation at Pakenham Street in the pipeline and more hotel rooms at Challenger Harbour.

When was the last time the Tourism Minister and Premier officially visited Fremantle? Why do our State’s decision makers treat Freo as a third-rate destination that does not need financial support, but where the State happily allows the historic Warders Cottages next to the Fremantle Markets to rot away and remain the tourist eyesore they have been for years?

Fremantle has huge tourism potential, so instead of making the ugly convention centre in Perth bigger, as Hall suggests, a new stunning one could be build on Victoria Quay for example. Perth’s CBD is already bursting at the seam, while Fremantle is under developed and under used, so what about the State investing money in the port city and the tourism authorities better supporting and promoting it.

It’s time Fremantle received the recognition it deserves as one of Western Australia’s biggest tourist destinations. Time for a visit Premier Barnett, Mrs Harvey and Mr Hall. Be part of our story!

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