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I disliked the ugly signs, all five of them, at the Fremantle B&B in Mouat Street from the moment they were put up some years ago, and every time I walk by I wonder why there is no council policy or by-law that prevents these kind of awful signs on heritage buildings.

I am not alone in this as Freo people often mention the visual pollution at the lovely Tarantella building that has such a colourful history.

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sign tsunami


Is this A-sign tsunami at Bar Orient in Fremantle’s historic High Street really necessary?

Four signs haphazardly placed on the footpath for just the one business is well over the top and pretty inconvenient for pedestrians. It’s overkill!

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The beautification of less attractive buildings is welcome, but some people go over the top with it. The mural graffiti artwork by Art-By-Row at Redhot Design in Fremantle is an example of not knowing when to stop and to show restraint.

The dog image is funny and the portrait is nice too, but did the artist really have to paint every centimetre of the buildings and fence?  For me it is a mix of art and eyesore, and I wonder if property owners do need council approval for these very large murals.

Here a bit-too much-of colour on a drab day.

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Graffiti vandalism has been rampant in Fremantle from North to South over the last weeks.

The inconsiderate morons don’t care that it cost the community millions of dollars to clean up the stupid tagging rubbish they spray onto every surface they can find.

And the illegal bill posting of massive posters that promote music gigs is also highly annoying and not on.

Their total lack of respect for property and people is unbelievable and unacceptable!

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clean up!


I noticed this sign at Pakenham Street this morning. It is unfortunately an ongoing problem in Fremantle that event organisers plaster our city with info about upcoming events, but once the events are over they can’t be bothered to take away signs.

I removed three signs about the Queen’s Baton Relay which was held two and a half weeks ago, but the onus is on organisers to remove the stuff they put up.

We would not need Clean Up Australia Day if everyone had a clean up after yourself day every day!!!

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The WA Joint Development Assessment Panel has refused the application for a large video advertising sign at 116 Wray Avenue, corner Hampton Road in Fremantle with a 3-2 vote.

The City of Fremantle had already refused the application because it does not comply with the discretionary height provisions under the planning scheme, does not meet Fremantle’s planning policy for advertising, and the location of the sign is deemed to be a risk to road safety.

I personally am very annoyed about visual pollution and signs all over the place. There are A-signs everywhere in the CBD, and the election campaign signs are making Fremantle look like a cheap car yard.

Motorists get constantly distracted by signage and flashing video screens have no place along busy roads, I believe.

It is a worry though the JDAP vote was so close, so we can only hope that the applicants won’t try to force it through at the State Administrative Tribunal.


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One of my true pet hates is visual pollution. There are signs just about everywhere and they look bloody awful.

There are signs making us aware of other signs ahead of us, and signs for retailers in such abundance that no one notices them any more, so they become useless, a bit like high-visibility clothing in mining towns. Everyone wears them, so they are no longer noticed.

There are eleven signs at the Cappuccino Strip to promote businesses in the Piazza for example, all next to each other.

Does this little support to cross the road near the Heirloom apartments really need two signs stating Refuge Island? I don’t think so!

If motorists don’t notice the pedestrian island they should not be allowed to drive a car.

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The bicycle event this sign on the corner of High and Cliff streets refers to was held in Fremantle eight days ago on Sunday so why has nobody bothered to remove it?

It is a recurring nuisance that events organisers or traffic management companies forget to pick up all the signs around the city after events and they are just left there, or stuck on posts, etc.

Maybe the contract event organisers sign with the City of Fremantle should stipulate that all signs need to be removed on the day of the event.

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Those in North Fremantle who claim Freo Council does not look after them can be silent now. These massive rubbish bins I photographed near the Propeller Cafe this morning are hopefully the start of a Fremantle wide roll out in the more frequented and tourist areas of the city where ugly plastic wheelie bins are still creating visual pollution.

Not sure why one of these bins was not made a recycling bin and disappointing the COF still needs to use plastic bin liners because it is probably the most practical way.

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crap city

Visual pollution happens when lazy people can’t be bothered making functional things more appealing. These four bins in Fremantle’s William Street, opposite the Civic Centre are less than four metres apart and I think they look appalling.

Surely the City of Fremantle could buy bins that are more beautiful and place them so that they are not so close together. Four bins over a distance of six metres is overkill and it looks crap.

Freo is the No 1 tourist destination in WA, so we don’t need eyesores like these. Please make a bit of an effort, COF!

Staying with the rubbish saga, the constantly overflowing bin at Bathers Beach near the Whalers Tunnel, that the City neglects to empty regularly, so that the bin has split because of overfilling, has become such an eyesore that it was removed by people working in the area. Why put a bin there COF when your garbage truck people refuse to walk 100 metres to get the bin to the truck?

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