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Good to know that police have charged a 27-year-old man from Gosnells for the torching of three police cars in Leake Street on Sunday night.

Damage to the cars is estimated to be $ 160,000, so it is good to get people who commit these crimes off our streets.

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There are some brainless idiots around, hey!

Three police cars were set on fire in Leake Street last night at the back of the Fremantle police station.

I have no time at all for those in our society who believe that they should be allowed to break the law and who verbally attack police officers, spit on them, behave violently, or damage police property.

Police officers are not malicious sadists who like to inflict pain upon the community, they do their job, so if you drive too fast, drink and drive, use your mobile phone while driving, steal, attack people, or break any of the laws and rules we as a society have set for ourselves, than just cough up, admit your mistake and don’t blame the police.

Without a solid police force we would live in chaos and anarchy, so show some respect for those out on the beat who do a bloody dangerous job when trying to keep us all safe.

The rate at which police officers have had to use force is up by 54%, due to drugs and a general lack of respect for police and  the community. Think about it!

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When on the early Sunday morning walk through Fremantle the first thing one sees is vandalism, one knows that there is something wrong in our society, where the entitlement I do what I want is not restricted to some politicians, but to other morons as well.

Idiots had pushed over the big dinosaur in front of the Fremantle market at night and owner Tony just arrived when I took a photo of it.

The Fremantle Community Safety Rangers came to the rescue and helped Tony lift the heavy attraction back on its feet.

Walking further down town there was a racket coming from the balcony of the Fremantle Beach Backpackers in High Street just after 7am, with loud music and swearing, and I understand there are very often complaints of antisocial behaviour from and near the hostel.

The I don’t care attitude of far too many people, and the impact it has on the community, needs to be better addressed by our governments and police.

Fremantle will have more taverns and bars in the near future, because we live in a society where the desire for activation appears to equal the consumption of alcohol, and there needs to be a way of restricting the number of alcohol outlets through our planning system.

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The City of Fremantle is seeking public feedback on a new Community Safety Plan.

The draft Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan sets priorities for community safety and crime prevention for the next five years across the City of Fremantle.

It was developed by the City’s Community Safety Reference Group, which includes senior members of WA Police, City of Fremantle elected members and staff.

The plan is based on the input received from nearly 500 people who were engaged either online or face to face via workshops, school visits, forums or surveys during an extensive community engagement process.

The aim of the City is to create an environment in Fremantle where people feel safe, with public spaces designed to be actively used throughout the day and night that encourages people to linger and interact.

The City of Fremantle has made a big effort towards community safety by increasing the Community Safety Team and the CCTV network which will be expanded this year.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said “But community safety and crime prevention are complex issues and many aspects are not under the control of local government, so it needs a collaborative effort from all tiers of government, local businesses and the community.

“That’s why the Community Safety Plan includes direct actions for the City to implement, and also identifies other areas outside of our control where we can advocate on behalf of the community.”

Some of the recommendations in the plan include maintaining relationships with WA Police and support for crime prevention campaigns such as ‘Look, Lock, Leave’ and Neighbourhood Watch.

The plan also recommends the City continue to work with community service providers to increase the level of social support available in Fremantle, such as the recently announced 20 Lives 20 Homes program, and continue to share information with the business community.

Other actions include the installation of safe parking zones to deter bike theft, seeking opportunities and funding to expand the CCTV network and improved lighting.

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan is out for public comment until Friday 23 August.

For more information and to provide feedback visit the City of Fremantle’s My Say Freo website.

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J Shed fire


There was again serious vandalism at Fremantle’s Arthur’s Head last night with idiots setting fire to the northern wall of the J Shed art studios.

No major damage was done but the power had to be cut off for safety reasons. It is just lucky that the fire brigade arrived early as otherwise the entire shed and some very important artworks could have been destroyed.

Although vandalism is frequent in the area there are still no CCTV cameras in the historic precinct.

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Vandals have caused more than $ 10,000 damage to the small solar lights along the coastal path at Bathers Beach between Kidogo Arthouse and J Shed since they were installed.

The City of Fremantle stopped repairing the lights over the last 18 months because of the constant and excessive vandalism, but officers have put a request to Council to include in next financial year’s budget replacement lights mounted on tall poles.

Such lights were proposed before by officers but deemed not in keeping with the heritage character of Arthur’s Head, but already two taller lights have been installed just south of J Shed in the vicinity of the former whaling station.

I took photos of the vandalism on Monday morning.

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mess 4


I find the neglect of Fremantle’s historic Arthur’s Head very frustrating and annoying. I have mentioned before here on Freo’s View that I don’t believe it is acceptable that Western Australia’s oldest public building, the Roundhouse, does not get annual funding from the State and/or Federal government or from the City of Fremantle.

But basic care and maintenance are surely not too much too ask for! Look at the bloody mess of broken chairs at the cottages on Mrs Trivett Lane, where the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides have their office, where the public toilets are, and where hundreds of tourists walk along the path and see this mess. That is unacceptable!

Vagrants occupy the public toilets, so that tourists don’t feel comfortable entering them,  and they vandalise the area frequently. Two days ago a window was damaged at the volunteers cottage.

There are no CCTV cameras up there and the police can’t be bothered to walk up the hill, so it is left to deteriorate and no one seems to care about it.

Send a rubbish truck and pick up all that broken furniture, City of Fremantle! It’s not good enough to blabber on about how important tourism and heritage is for our city when you allow the most significant part of it to look like a dump. I am very pissed off!

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Dozens of tyres were slashed last night in Kings William and Attfield Streets in South Fremantle.

Many cars did have two tyres slashed which required a mobile tyre repair company to attend this morning.

A lot of people are now hundreds of dollars out of pockets because of some brain dead idiot(s) who believe it is funny to vandalise other people’s cars.

This happened about two years ago as well in the same area with even more cars damaged, and I also had two tyres on my car punctured.

These vandals are fools and criminals, so I hope the police will catch them!!

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Morons continue to deface and vandalise Fremantle’s historic Arthur’s Head especially along the coastal path at Bathers Beach.

Graffiti has been sprayed on the Aboriginal Manjarree Trail signs and on the solar lights, which have again been vandalised with many small holes smashed into the panels.

I hear there are officers at the City of Fremantle who believe it is not appropriate to replace those small lights and to put taller solar lights in the area, as that would not be in keeping with the heritage significance, but I wonder how ugly, vandalised low lights suit the historic area any better.

This has been an ongoing problem for many years and Fremantle Council needs to address this. The path is very popular with tourists and locals so an unsightly appearance is not good enough!

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What a shame that the moron who sprayed the graffiti on the Fremantle Shipwrecks Gallery did not get run over by a nice heavy container train.

Mindless vandalism of buildings, especially historic ones, is a disgrace, so get a life, whoever you are, you fool!

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