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They are clearly not big on procrastination at Fremantle’s Notre Dame University, with the uni already moving into one of the recently acquired Customs House buildings in Pakenham Street.

The building which used to house Centrelink is now NDA’s Campus Services.


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NDA promo


I noticed this new nice promotion for Freo’s Notre Dame University on a billboard at the train station.

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I hear on the Fremantle Notre Dame University grapevine that they are considering an exciting new project in the historic West End on the corner of Cliff and High streets, where they were going to build the new School of Nursing and Midwifery building.

Rumours have it that NDA is contemplating changing the present carpark behind the so-called Wedding Wall into a public park, with water feature, historic interpretation of the old Freo tram, a place to linger and relax for NDA students, tourists and locals.

There might even be an archeological dig on the site, which is next to the former Tram Building and only metres away from the historic Roundhouse, before the park is created.

Just another exclusive for Freo’s View. ; >)


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My  friends at the Fremantle Notre Dame University campus are having two very busy days with over 1,200 students graduating yesterday and today in morning and afternoon ceremonies.

I love the graduations and always try to get some happy photos of them.

I shot these ones late yesterday afternoon before I headed off to the historic last Fremantle Council meeting in the old chambers.

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NDA Aboriginal


It was full house at Fremantle Notre Dame University’s Manjaree Place this morning for the unveiling of the major 5.5 x 2.2 metre  Manjaree Mia Kaart Aboriginal painting.

The work was created by WA Aboriginal artist Neta Knapp with help from indigenous NDA students, who each tell their own story on the big mural.

Fifty indigenous students are enrolled at Notre Dame’s Fremantle campus.

Manjaree Place was opened earlier this year to provide a place for reflection and cultural awareness at NDA. It is a beautiful place for quiet meditation in between studies.


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I noticed this silly No More Notre Dame sign in the windows of a Fremantle High Street building and wondered why business people would put up such stupid protest against the long-established Notre Dame University.

So you buy a property, basically in the middle of the twenty-year old uni campus, but then you protest against the institution growing, expanding and developing? How childish and immature!

Notre Dame is a highly-acclaimed university that is well-loved by its students and staff, and it is an integral part of the port city, and will continue to be that for decades to come.

The  signs are pretty inconsiderate also to the businesses who lease the two street level shops from the property owner, as 90% of their trade comes from the thousands of students and staff of NDA, not the hundred or so West End residents. I hope that the cafe and pharmacy don’t get boycotted because of the childish behaviour of the building owner.

Last night the never positive president of the Fremantle Society complained at Council about Notre Dame creating a monoculture in the West End. Really?

Monoculture means a single crop, or one type of animal in one area, but Notre Dame staff and students come from all walks of life.

There are 18 year-olds  and mature students, and in the breaks between lectures one can delight in a cacophony of multiculturalism on the streets and in the cafes of Freo’s West End.  I love it!

Fremantle has a problem with whingers who will always find something to be negative about, no matter how many positive things happen in our city.

We should be proud to be a university city, and work collaboratively and positively with NDA, because that will result in better outcomes for everyone.

The Customs House complex NDA recently bought will give them the much-needed room for expansion and student accommodation. That will help revitalise and activate the historic West End.

It would also be helpful if NDA leased the Coop building on the corner of Henry Street and Marine Terrace to a business that operates also in the evening, and not just a day-time activity.


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I believe that people who think Notre Dame University is bad for Fremantle, and who claim that NDA have killed the historic West End, are not accepting reality.

Visit the Cappuccino Strip at daytime from Monday to Thursday and you’ll find it is pretty deserted, but go to High, Henry, Mouat, Cliff and Phillimore streets and you’ll see hundreds of NDA students and staff on the streets and in cafes.

The cafes on those streets would not survive without NDA patronage, and that’s why some of them close during the university’s summer break and on weekends because there are not enough people around for business without the NDA people.

It is true that after 5pm the West End loses appeal because there is not enough street level activation of night-time bars and restaurants, but NDA is working on changing that, and the acquisition of the Customs House complex will support those changes.

Let’s be realistic also about night-time ghost town accusations levelled at Notre Dame Uni. Ask the pub owners in Freo how trade is on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and you’ll see a lot of long faces, because Fremantle is mainly a weekend destination and not a bustling entertainment centre during the week.

Development of the Customs House complex and possible student accommodation will help activate the West End, but a lot more needs to change in the Fremantle CBD to make it an attractive seven day a week day and night destination, and Notre Dame is not responsible for that.

New tourist and residential accommodation will help to achieve activation and so will more commercial and retail space. Some of that is under way and more planned, so patience is required.

The new buildings at Pakenham and Philimore streets will give NDA the opportunity to move some of its ground level offices to the new site and by doing that free up spaces for commercial use and increase street level activation along High Street.

It is estimated that NDA staff and students yearly spent $ 1 million in Fremantle, probably mainly on coffee and food, but without them the West End would be dead during weekdays.

The constant lament that the university does not pay rates is unfair because educational institutions in Australia do not have to pay council rates, and neither do churches, or Fremantle Port for that matter.

It would be better for the City of Fremantle if NDA had to pay rates, but that is not up to the uni or the city to change that. What should be done though is that when NDA lease out spaces to other businesses for commercial use it should at least pay some kind of rates for those properties, or agree to invest more in Fremantle through the Memorandum of Understanding they sign with CoF.

I am a big fan of NDA and love seeing the students in our inner city, as they create a real vibrancy and activation. The more of them we can keep in town after 5pm the better it will be for Freo.

More students living in Fremantle will increase demand for more small bars, shops, and night-time entertainment and that will help activate the West End after 5 pm.

So let’s encourage Notre Dame and property developers to create more affordable student accommodation in Fremantle. That would be a win win for all!

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Notre Dame University has bough the Fremantle Customs House site that comprises of  three buildings, from the corner of Phillimore and Henry Street all the way to Pakenham Street.

This will give the university significant space to expand and also to consider student accommodation in the heart of Fremantle’s historic West End.

It will also allow NDA to release street level spaces to lease for commercial use and much-desired activation at street level.

Vice Chancellor Celia Hammond said As with all of our projects we will proceed with the redevelopment of Customs House fully mindful of our role as a key member of the Fremantle community and the need to preserve the architectural integrity of such a historically significant building,” 

Although we have not yet decided on the building’s use, the vast floor area and the building’s three-street frontage, will provide flexibility of use and much needed space as the University continues to develop.

And with our commitment to the Notre Dame West End Activation program, it will be an important contributor to the continued revitalisation of the city’s West End,” Professor Hammond said.

A five-storey development of the Customs House complex was only recently rejected by Fremantle Council and the WA Development Assessment Panel, so it is great to see our local university acquiring the properties as it will bring real activation to the West End, especially if student accommodation there becomes a reality.

The university will also continue planning the development of 3-5 High Street, corner Cliff Street, and while these plans are being finalised they are planning beautification of the vacant eyesore.

Well done Notre Dame!!

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The who is who of law turned out last evening to celebrate the Fremantle Notre Dame University’s School of Law 20th anniversary.

Among the many guests at the relaxed event in the Drillhall were Federal Minister Mathias Cormann and his wife.

Present Dean of Law Professor Doug Hodgson will retire this month and will be replaced by Professor Joan Squelch.


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It looks as if Fremantle Notre Dame University has abandoned their plans to build the new School of Nursing and Midwifery on the vacant block on the corner of High and Cliff Street in the historic West End.

I hear UNDA is looking for alternative options, but probably within their own property portfolio, so we’ll have to wait and see what will happen.

UNDA deserves to be congratulated for their community spirit and the fact they decided not to go ahead with the initial five-storey proposal, after Fremantle Council and the community objected to it.

The nursing school is very popular and has high demand, so there is a need for a bigger building to accommodate all those students who want to enrol in it.

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