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Dozens of tyres were slashed last night in Kings William and Attfield Streets in South Fremantle.

Many cars did have two tyres slashed which required a mobile tyre repair company to attend this morning.

A lot of people are now hundreds of dollars out of pockets because of some brain dead idiot(s) who believe it is funny to vandalise other people’s cars.

This happened about two years ago as well in the same area with even more cars damaged, and I also had two tyres on my car punctured.

These vandals are fools and criminals, so I hope the police will catch them!!

Roel Loopers


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Facebook participant Angela Rooney has done a bit of research on where car tyres got slashed or spiked in Fremantle over this ANZAC Day long weekend.

I became a victim myself with the two left tyres of my old bomb spiked, one I only bought three weeks ago, and next door’s B&B guest also got two tyres of his ute spiked.

Here is Angela Rooney’s list of where the vandals went berserk:

Sat/Sun (Saturday night, 23rd April – Sunday morning, 24th April)
– Alma Street (South Terrace end)
– Brennan St.
– Little Howard St.
– Stevens St. (west end to Attfield St.)
– Attfield St.
– Gold St. (one car, near the t-junction to Attfield St)
– Chester St.
Sun/Mon (Sunday night, 24 April – Monday morning, 25 April)
– Swanbourne St.
– Bolton Pl.
– Solomon St.
– Stevens St.
– Samson St.
– McCleery St.
– Maxwell St.
– Rockingham Rd.
Missed any? Unbelievable.
The Police reference CAD 275528.
Police telephone number 131 444.



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More mindless vandalism in Fremantle! Idiotic morons slashed the tyres of around 70 cars in Atwell Street, Chester, Solomon, etc. all the way down to South Fremantle overnight.

You must be brain-dead to believe that vandalism is fun and you must be a very inconsiderate person to want to put so many people in expensive trouble, especially on a long weekend when they can’t get the tyres repaired or buy new ones.

Public flogging would be nice for these idiots, and that comes from me, who hates violence.

Roel Loopers

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