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Posted in australia, fremantle, politics, western australia by freoview on August 22, 2010

The election result is something we should all think about, as Australia might well have moved on from the urban myth that we are a fair-go, tolerant and compassionate society.

Labor did not win the election because it simply did not distance itself enough from the Liberal party. Labor politicians appear frightened to be seen as different, e.g. the debate on boat people. Kim Beazley was bi-partisan during the so-called Tampa crisis, and Julia Gillard was wishy-washy about what to do with the asylum seekers. Did it win them more votes than it lost them, or would more people have voted for Labor if they had shown any courage of conviction? Labor yet again went the cowards’ way and paid the price.

And why weren’t the virtues of the mining tax sold much better to the public? Instead we got the fear campaign by the mining industry, the Western Australian Liberal government and Tony Abbott telling us the tax would affect us all and cost thousands of jobs. Poor Andrew (Twiggy) Forrest crying poor was just an amazing sight and should have made cynics out of every voter.

Many Australians yesterday voted for selfishness, for a few dollars here and there in one’s own pocket, rather than caring about the bigger picture, desperate refugees, or getting a fair share from the resources we all own. Money and greed won yesterday, no matter who will try to run the government for the next 4 years. We are poorer for that.

Here in Fremantle we are rapidly losing our safe Labor seat. The Liberal candidate was not far behind Melissa Parke’s primary vote count. On the bright side that could be a good thing because both major parties will have to start investing in Fremantle, as we are becoming more marginal.

Fremantle is changing fast because more and more young professionals buy houses here. Property prices and rents have gone through the roof, so many working class people and students can no longer afford to live here, hence the demographics of the port city change and we are moving politically further to the right.

The positive out of yesterday’s election is the large vote for the Greens. At least Abbott can’t run like a mad bull in a glass factory, but will be forced to compromise in the Senate. The other positive is that mad hat Wilson Tuckey was dumped, albeit 10 years too late.

On a last note: It was interesting to read that Sunday Times columnist Piers Akerman called the Greens an extremists party today. This right wing extremist probably would like to see Home Security laws enforced upon them, or maybe put them in detention centres together with all those supposedly dangerous and extremist boat people.

I am deeply worried, Australia!

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