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Posted in fremantle, politics by freoview on November 24, 2014

Will controversial former Fremantle politician Adele Carles make a come back to politics soon? According to the West Australian today the mother of three daughters is ready to come back to public life and a role in government. If that is the case it will be interesting to see if she would  try to make a difference at local, state or federal level and if she would do so as an independent or join one of the major parties.

The Liberal Party has had problems finding a good candidate for the seat of Fremantle, so that could open the door for Carles if she was happy to join the Barnett mob.

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Posted in city of fremantle by freoview on November 4, 2014

No doubt I will be told by Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt that this blog article is not helpful, but I believe not knowing what is happening with the Kings Square development is far worse and is affecting the confidence of investors, business owners and the entire Freo community.

For too long we have been promised that the development will start soon, next year, in six months, etc. but there is still no indication of when Sirona Capital will actually start on the renovations of the former Myer building, the demolition of the Queensgate building and the construction of a new building on that site. Only after those two buildings have been finalised can the new Civic Centre building commence.

When we questioned what was going on, we were told that Sirona was waiting to sign up a major tenant for the Myer building and for two years now they and the City of Fremantle were hoping that anchor tenant would be the State Department of Housing. Nothing has been forthcoming from there so we can probably write that one off as highly unlikely. Sirona however claimed in the Sunday Times the development was not dependent on Housing and that they had other irons in the fire. That appears to be just hot air and spin because they would have signed up a major tenant by now if they had other interested parties.

Kings Square is the one big hope for Fremantle, the development that will give a tremendous boost of confidence to everyone in this city and beyond and it is a grave worry that it has been delayed for so long, and a reality check is necessary about the business plan the City of Fremantle and Sirona Capital agreed on. Nothing will happen unless the Myer building can be leased, so what is plan B for Freo Council? I doubt there is one because all the eggs were put in the one basket that now looks more like a basket case than a realistic inner city development.

You cannot plan the future of a city on hope, spin, hot air, cloud nine, lala land and living in dream world. Council needs to deal with and act on reality. Living in hope forever is not an option because the Kings Square limbo is threatening Fremantle’s revitalisation and renewal. Tomorrow maybe is no longer good enough, it never was. Telling us that there are other options for major tenants is not good enough unless backed up with facts. Promising yet another start next year maybe is insincere and silly and will make the community question the integrity of those who keep making those statements.

No one wants Fremantle to prosper and grow more than I do. I took part in every community workshop on Kings Square because I was exited about pumping life back into the city. I want our retailers to be successful, I want developers to invest in our city and build stunning modern buildings, I want to see progress and change and I want vibrancy and vitality brought back into the sleepy inner city, but making positive noises and empty promises in the media just won’t do any more. We want the truth and the hard facts and we want to know if the Kings Square development is realistically still viable.

Nowhere in the business plan does Sirona stipulate that the development can only go ahead if a State Government department signs up, so why does Mayor Brad Pettitt now makes it sound as if Colin Barnett and his mob are to blame for the delay of the development because the then Minister for Housing Troy Buswell promised the department would move to Fremantle-but never said it would be at Kings Square.

We want a confirmed starting date for Kings Square, not a maybe next year promise, because the community has a right to know if buying a property or starting a new business in central Fremantle is something they might regret because our City’s major city development is not going ahead.

The community wants answers and honesty instead of talking up the City with spin and thought bubbles. Bubblewrap is not a good and stable foundation to build  the future of Fremantle on.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 23, 2014

kings square












The announcement that the Department of Housing will not relocate to Fremantle is a huge set back for the entire Kings Square development and revitalisation of Fremantle. The move would have been a significant boost to our City’s economy and open up opportunities for new retailers in the CBD.

Then Minister for Housing, Troy Buswell, announced before the last state election that the 1,000 staff would be moved to Fremantle to decentralise government offices.

The owners of the former MYER building Sirona Capital banked very much on the department to move there, although they were one of four tenders to accommodate the Department of Housing.

The whole of the Kings Square development is dependent on the Myer building renovations and for Sirona to find an anchor tenant. Without the Myer building going ahead nothing can happen at Queensgate and with the proposed new Civic Centre.

It appears that the Liberal government has won the election with promises they are unwilling to keep. The Colin Barnett government has disgracefully let the Fremantle business and entire community down. This is a very, very disappointing day for Fremantle!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 17, 2014

Dear Premier Colin Barnett,

The City of Fremantle needs and deserves more and better support from our State Government, because at present your are leaving our major development at Kings Square in limbo by not making an announcement about the move of the Department of Housing here, which Minister Troy Buswell promised before the state election.

Fremantle’s CBD needs urgent revitalisation to support our struggling retailers and economy. We need more people working and living in our inner city and that means we need serious development. I am sure, Premier, that you are aware of the quite massive development plans for Kings Square, but they can only progress when major tenants have signed up. That means you can give Fremantle real support by decentralising government services and relocating them to Fremantle, and help our State’s second city to grow and prosper. Fremantle needs your help, Premier, and it needs it now!

It is not acceptable to put all our State’s eggs in the one-Perth- basket, Fremantle also needs to grow and get government support.

It would also be good for Fremantle if the Fremantle Ports Victoria Quay development could be delayed by some years, so it is not in straight competition with inner city development around Kings Square.

Please come visit Freo and do a tour of all the planned development here and get a feeling of Freo’s bigger picture and great future, Premier, and don’t leave Freo in limbo any longer.

Thank you

Roel Loopers





Posted in australia, fremantle by freoview on September 19, 2013

I have been accused by Matthew Hanssen, the Liberal candidate for North Fremantle Ward and Mayor at the October council election, of having a bias to the left. True, I don’t like many of the policies and programs Tony Abbott and Colin Barnett want to introduce, and I don’t like it much when politicians make promises they don’t keep. I have also not been impressed with Hanssen’s public appearances and attitude.

The loss of Triple A rating for Western Australia is also a worry and the reaction by Treasurer Troy Buswell that we, the community, will have to learn a lesson from it, is one of utter arrogance, when State Government squandered millions of dollars on the MUJA Power Station, started the non-priority Elizabeth Quay and Burswood stadium projects, etc.

Indeed Matthew, I do have a problem with the way some Liberals think. For heaven’s sake, Tony Abbott the new federal minister for Women’s Affairs! Is he trying to prove he is not a misogynist? It’s a joke! And no minister for disability services. Now that’s a disgrace! I could go on.

But let’s get back to local issues. Matthew Hanssen why do you stand for the North Fremantle Ward when you are for the mega amalgamation with Melville, which would see that ward being removed from the City of Fremantle? It makes no sense to me, but maybe I am just a biased lefty.

Roel Loopers

P.S. Matthew. I am still waiting for your reply to the 14 questions I asked you and the Mayor. I don’t want to be accused of bias when I only publish Brad Pettitt’s answers because I haven’t received yours.


Posted in fremantle by freoview on July 25, 2013

What is it with Fremantle that we are getting so little support from our state government. Look at the State Government  Media Statement below about this great idea to get people out of their cars. It is perfectly suited for bicycle mad Freo that wants to be the most cycle and public transport friendly city in Australia, but Ministers Troy Buswell and Terry Waldron decided to do the trial in the City of Cockburn instead. Why?!

Cockburn residents make their move

Thursday, 25 July 2013
  • Transport and physical activity program launched in the City of Cockburn
  • Free service offered to households, schools and workplaces

City of Cockburn residents will soon be encouraged to swap car trips with walking, cycling or catching public transport, and increase their physical activity as part of a new 12-month program – Your Move. Get active your way.

 Launched today by Transport Minister Troy Buswell and Sport and Recreation Minister Terry Waldron, the Your Move program will work directly with residents to achieve positive behavioural change and also to identify any obstacles to change such as indirect station access, disconnected cycle routes and overcrowded passenger trains. 

 Mr Buswell said encouraging people to walk, ride or use public transport rather than driving a car for short trips, was a positive step in reducing congestion on local roads.

 “This program has been designed to help individuals of all ages and abilities, and will assist people in identifying ways in which they can replace car trips with other transport options,” he said.

 “All residents in the City of Cockburn are invited to participate with 10,000 households being offered intensive coaching over the phone, including tailored support for goal setting, ongoing motivation coaching and monitoring of their progress.”

 Mr Waldron said engaging and educating households via Your Move was crucial to increasing physical activity levels within the City of Cockburn.

 “The program will show participants how simple changes can make a real difference to how physically active they are,’’ he said.

 “Participating in Your Move is a win for both the health of participants and the community.

 Your Move. Get active your way is funded by the departments of Sport and Recreation and Transport and the City of Cockburn. It is supported by HBF and the Public Transport Authority.

 For more information or to register online visit

    Fact File

  • ‘Your Move Cockburn’ is funded by State and local government
  • All residents within the City of Cockburn are invited to participate
  • Residents will be contacted at the end of July 2013 to be offered this free service

Transport Minister’s office – 6552 6400

Sport and Recreation Minister’s office – 6552 6100


Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 20, 2013

No matter how much certain people will want to criticise Adele Carles, the independent member for Fremantle, she is without a doubt a woman with guts and a good sense of humour. She is also very intelligent, passionate and likable. Her election advertisement under the banner What’s Love Got To Do With It? challenges those who want to make personal attacks on Adele instead of sticking with the political issues as who will represent Fremantle best in state parliament.

We are lucky to have very good candidates in the race for Freo. May the best one win on March 9.

Roel Loopers

Adele's love ad


Posted in fremantle by freoview on January 24, 2013

The West Australian newspaper today published half a page about the Member for Fremantle Adele Carles under the headline “Decision time in Freo melodrama.” The opinion piece by Gary Adshead expresses what most Fremantle people I talk to believe and that is that Adele Carles has no hope in hell(or heaven) to win the seat again and that Labor candidate Simone McGurk will win the seat easily because the Liberal party have put up  Matthew Hanssen who is largely unknown around town and not a great public performer, while Greens candidate Andrew Sullivan is either loved or hated for his work as Fremantle councillor. All four candidates are perfectly likable people, but at the end substance and party strength will prevail and McGurk will represent the people of Fremantle after March 9.

I am with Gary Adshead that Adele Carles is a bit unrealistic to believe she can win the seat if the Greens and Liberals give her their preferences. She is a bit naive to believe the people of Fremantle have forgotten, or even forgiven. Many are still angry that she left the Greens, many more sit in on judgment over her affair with Troy Buswell, while others believe Carles acted more as an unelected Freo councillor than as a member of parliament.

My main concern, as expressed previously, are Carles’ daughters, who could well become the targets and victims of a social media bully campaign should all the old rubbish been brought up again. Adele believes she needs to be a role model to her daughters and don’t give in, but stubbornness is not a good adviser and neither is closing one’s eyes and ears to reality. As a friend I say to Adele; save your money and move on. You are wasting your good energy when you believe you can retain your seat.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 20, 2012

Although she has not officially confirmed it, it appears Adele Carles, the independent Member for Fremantle in the Western Australian parliament, will contest the March election next year. Carles confirmed she will be attending an election forum on February 26 organised by the University of Notre Dame, the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, the Fremantle Network and the Fremantle Society.

It will be an interesting election for the seat of Fremantle and I hope all candidates stick to the important issues and won’t engage in mud slinging about Carles’ personal life. My sentiment is that Adele should not put her three teenage daughters through the negativity of an election campaign she realistically can’t win without preferences and where the media is likely to focus on her past and the soap opera with W.A. Treasurer Troy Buswell.

I’ll keep you up to date about the election forum at UNDA where all Freo candidates will be invited to participate

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 11, 2012

I am pretty disappointed that the member for Fremantle Adele Carles got herself involved in yet another media attack on Minister Troy Buswell. There was absolutely no reason for it and it is very poor judgment by Adele. All she needed to say to the Sunday Times was “No Comment” but instead she lets herself being sucked in to  respond.

I like Adele, and it is well-known Troy Buswell often lacks proper judgment, but why on earth be part of this media rubbish that could only get worse and is a no win for all. It taints Carles and Buswell and it is her word against those of others.

Will we ever know the truth, or more precisely, do we really care? A private party, a disagreement between two lovers, a relationship split up, does he drink too much, etc. It should all have stayed at home and in private as there really is no public interest in this. Only the tabloid media benefits from this sort of rubbish.

Adele should have been wiser and should have consulted with other people before giving a statement to the Sunday Times. To say she did not start it but only responded to a media inquiry is naive. She added the fuel that made the article the front page news it became. Without her statement there was not much else to report on than rumour and innuendo.

Now let’s see some Christmas spirit  and maturity and let all parties stop making public statements about this.

Roel Loopers


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