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Old plans for Victoria Quay by CODA


I am glad I don’t eat Weet-Bix because I would have choked on them reading the Fremantle Gazette this morning, where on page three it is announced that a ‘steering group’ has been formed with plans for the transformation of Victoria Qiay in Fremantle Port.

I wonder how many more steering and working groups, community and expert consultations and how many more announcements and spin doctoring it will take before we actually see any development on Victoria Quay.

The Steering Group will be chaired by Simone McGurk MLA and will yet again have members of Fremantle Ports, Freo City, Department of Transport, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, the Chamber of Commerce and the Westport Taskfoce on it.

A few years ago CODA architects were engaged by Fremantle Ports to go through a lengthy consultation process and plans were drawn up for Victoria Quay, but nothing ever happened.

Many, many years ago when she was also the Minister for Fremantle Port I walked around with Alannah MacTiernan and other dignitaries where she showed off the Phillimore Street/Cliff Street plans to connect the port better with the city, but nothing ever was done about it. The intersection there is awful with many motorists driving against the one-way traffic flow, while others who want to go to the B Shed ferry terminal end up on the South Mole due to very poor way-finding signs.

So now we’ll have another steering group where Transperth will tell us they don’t want to move the busport further east, we will also not see Pakenham street extended into the port, and I bet that the Cliff Street intersection at Phillimore Street will remain an unacceptable nightmare for motorists for many more years to come.

When will Fremantle Ports and the State Government stop wasting everyone’s time with more talk fests which have no action plans? It is a waste of manpower and taxpayers’ money!

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It is disappointing when one wants to take advantage of the free before 11am parking for residents in the City of Fremantle when Transperth busses use local streets near the Woolstores shopping centre as overflow parking spaces.

These five busses took up 17 car bays at 10am this morning. It’s not on!

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parking 1 parking 2

The vacant woolstores site along Cantonment, Goldsborough streets and Elder Place in Fremantle has been a very ugly eyesore for many years, but it is getting worse with cars now parked and hugging the building to avoid having to pay parking fees. It can be assumed that these are the cars from people working in the Woolstores shopping centre.

It’s great to have free residents’ parking till 11 am but it is not at all helpful that Transperth busses park in Goldsborough Street and take 3-4 bays each. This needs to be stopped or Transperth charged for parking there.

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Raised paving sections to slow traffic down, a new 30 kph speed limit, new lights and more planter boxes for the Fremantle Cappuccino Strip in a $ 400,000 facelift, are all good things, but I am still bewildered by the fact that the Inner City Traders vehemently oppose the closure of the strip on weekends, even for a trial period, or would even consider one way traffic to make the area more pedestrian and alfresco friendly.

At present it can be a nightmare for families with children, parents with prams, and old and disabled people to cross the strip on weekends, as car drivers are less than courteous and rarely give way to pedestrians. It becomes Russian roulette to try to get to the other side. This is specifically a worry for overseas visitors as well.

There are also some cowboy bus drivers who speed down the terrace to make up for lost time, and it worries me that one day we might well see a serious accident on South Terrace.

Fremantle’s tendency to do things only in parts might well cost someone’s life one day.

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There was plenty of lightning and the rumbles of distant thunder all night, but it took until 8.30 this morning till the storm finally arrived in Fremantle, with a huge deluge that caused some roads to flood. Western Power estimated around 20,000 homes, mainly in the southern suburbs, were without power, while train services were disrupted due to lightning strikes.

It looks like it’s all back to normal now, so we might have a humid day in Freo.

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Coming back from Cottesloe on the train I noticed a Transperth sign warning travellers on the Fremantle line that the last train from Freo to Perth will run at 7.31 pm this Sunday, December 4. Doesn’t Transperth know that many, many thousands of people will be in Fremantle on Sunday for the international ISAF 2011 sailing championships and the Fremantle Festival, which will be running the Festival Parade through the city in the afternoon?

Those people might like to stay on for dinner and enjoy the Worlds Village on the Esplanade, but will then have to fight for limited bus seats to get back to their hotels and homes in Perth and beyond.

Maybe the Transperth people think that ISAF is being held in Perth, it’s after all named Perth ISAF 2011.

Well done, McTrain, you have done it again!!

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I noticed this new sign near the Fremantle Round House for the first time today. It is colourful and informative and looks good. I assume there have been put more around the city for the start of ISAF 2011, which is only weeks away.

Also good to see that Transperth has been considerate and thoughtful and installed a bicycle crossing near Bathers Beach, so bike riders don’t have to slalom the pedestrian crossings.

From little things big things grow. ;> )

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The large two metre high sign in front of the Fremantle Railway Station is an opportunity lost in my opinion, and maybe a sign of the City of Fremantle not communicating well enough with Transperth.

The sign should have been a colourfull very Freo welcome to visitors, with much more information thanĀ  just the City Centre arrow. Why isn’t information for tourists included for example that turning right will get them to the Maritime Museum and the Rottnest Island ferry terminal at B Shed. It’s so basic that it beggars believe it has been omitted.

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The Perth Transport Authority will start Friday and Saturday night train trials from tomorrow night to assist night club revelers to get home without lengthy waits for costly taxis. With a bit of luck this might also reduce violence near taxi ranks in places like Fremantle and Northbridge. Check the Transperth website for details.

This is an initiative by a group of people on Facebook and it is positive the State Government took it on. You would not want to be a train cleaner though.

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The FREMANTLE ROAD TO RAIL CAMPAIGN will be launched at the Town Hall on August 6, from 5pm. Fremantle MLA Adele Carles and Mayor Brad Pettitt support the initiative and will be at the launch.

There is no doubt that we need to reduce the amount of on road container traffic and rail is the obvious solution, however this might mean that Transperth needs to invest in upgrading the present rail line through Fremantle as they noise it creates is well above acceptable levels and severely affects the sleep of residents who live near the line. The squealing noises the wheels make are too strong and there seems not much wisdom in blowing the horns many times in the middle of the night.

I might be a bit weird, but as someone who lives next to the rail line I actually enjoy hearing the trains coming and going, as I do enjoy the “noise” I hear from Fremantle Ports, however I get reports from people sleeping with ear plugs etc, and that should not have to happen. Good sleep is important for good health.

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