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Beach House


With more heavy rain predicted for next week people took advantage of the nice winter sunshine on Sunday.

What a delightful spot the balcony at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach House is for a quiet drink and a meal while watching the Indian Ocean..

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Only one more sleep and we are starting a new year, which will be a very significant one for Fremantle.

I am very optimistic about the future of our delightful port city, as 2018 will be a year of transition, change and consolidation for Freo.

Major development will start early in the year at Kings Square and other massive development is in the pipeline.

The large LIV apartment building at Queen Victoria Street will be completed toward the end of the year, and the Warders Cottages boutique hotel will be built next to the Fremantle Markets.

One of the major development players in town is Silverleaf, which are embarking on the huge development of the Woolstores shopping centre site, the Manning Building and the Police and Justice complex at Henderson Street.

Being one of the major developers responsible for future building Fremantle Silverleaf does not only have a real opportunity to make a big impact, but also have an obligation to create beauty and character in the CBD.

Silverleaf, Match, Sirona Capital, and other developers can create history by building exceptional heritage of the future buildings of creative architecture and old-fashion craftsmanship pride.

Cheap and cheerful concrete boxes with a bit of cladding to make them more appealing are not very Freo at all, and should be refused. There needs to be softness and roundness instead of square hard corners, and lovely features that makes building attractive.

Building modern Fremantle just a stone’s throw from the old heritage town comes with responsibility to do more than just watching the triple bottom financial line for investors. It comes with community demand for outstanding design and respect for Freo’s character and lifestyle.

It is just mindset and goodwill that are the difference between building boring mediocrity or classy high-quality eye-catchers!

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There were so many posts on Twitter yesterday about placemaking, that I contemplated overnight what the modern buzzword actually means in the context of local government and a small city like Fremantle.

Placemaking should not be about beautifying small pockets of the city, but should be about awareness of the whole and the reality that everything we do impacts on others, either positively or negatively. That really is the big challenge for local government to deal with.

An event will please many thousands of people, but can negatively impact on local residents or traders, as there will be noise, parking and traffic problems, so while it pleases some it upsets others.

At planning meetings we constantly hear people opposing development next to where they live, with claims of loss of privacy, overshadowing, etc. so whichever way council decide it will upset one of the parties.

Traffic-calming in South Fremantle might please most locals, but it could alter the flow of traffic to the CBD and have a negative impact on traders there. What is the right placemaking decision?

Placemaking is about wholeness, and making good choices for the common good, even if that upsets those with a NIMBY attitude. It requires courage of councillors to make the ‘right’ decisions, because the decisions they’ll make will never be right for everyone in the community. That’s the nature of us human beings that we never all agree on everything.

When I hear election candidates naively state that they will do what the community want, my immediate question is which part of the community do they mean, because there will be opposing views in the community. Councillors will have to vote one way or the other, displeasing those who are opposed to it.

It comes down to how much, and how negatively or how positively decisions we make in life impact on others. Loud parties, noise, dog barking, anti-social behaviour, where we park our car in the street we live, etc. it all impacts on others. So to make the right decisions we need to be considerate and constantly aware that our great personal lifestyle might not be considered so great by our neighbours.

What might be a good event that benefits local traders, could well have a negative impact on those who live nearby, and events can also be detrimental for local traders, so how do we find the right balance of placemaking in local government?

The Australian Hotel Association claimed in a survey they sent to local government election candidates that pop-ups negatively impact on their members, but surely that statement is not true for all pop-up events and for all pubs, restaurants, cafes and bars around Fremantle, because many of them benefit from events, even from markets, as they attract many more people to the area than would normally visit.

Should we embrace multi-storey development in the inner city to boost the local economy, or should we preserve the human-scale character of place, even in the run down east of the CBD that looks desolate and uninviting? What is the right placemaking and balance? You will hear very opposing views about that in the community.

Placemaking for me is about being extremely sensitive and understanding that there is no way in the world we can please everyone, and it is about not being selfish, and learning to acknowledge that the common good has priority over individual needs.

I know that it very difficult to accept when it impacts on one’s own life or business, but it is the only way good placemaking can become good governance, and hopefully council can take the majority of the community with them on the very challenging and delicate journey of progress, revitalisation and modernisation.

It is easy to understand that being a local councillor can be a very thankless task, so one has to admire all who nominated for this election.

VOTE to show you care about your community!


Roel Loopers

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kidogo deck


The Statutory Planning Committee of the Western Australian Planning Commission on June 28 rejected the application by Fremantle’s Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach for retrospective approval for an Addition of Deck to Existing Heritage Building.

This from the minutes of the meeting:

File 05-50134-5

That the Statutory Planning Committee resolves to:

1. Refuse the application for retrospective approval for development in accordance with the plans submitted thereto for the following reasons:

a. The size and scale of the timber deck visually dominates a heritage building and place and thus detracts from its heritage and cultural significance and is contrary to

State Planning Policy 3.5 – Historic Heritage Conservation.

b. The design and detail of the timber deck is inappropriate to the early colonial setting of the heritage place and is inconsistent with the Conservation Plan for this heritage place.

c. Development is contrary to the orderly and proper planning and detrimental to the amenity of the locality.

2. Give written direction to the applicant, pursuant to section 214(3) of the Planning and Development Act, 2005, to:


a. Remove the development of the timber deck extension to existing heritage building – Kidogo Arthouse; and

b. Reinstate the land as nearly as racticable to its condition immediately before the development started; or

c. Alter the development in accordance with the approval to commence development issued 30 July 2015 (Ref: 05-50134-4).

This direction is to be complied with by 31 October 2016, being not less than 60 days of the date shown on the notice of refusal.

3. Advise the applicant that, pursuant to section 214(7) of the Planning and Development Act, 2005, failure to comply with this direction within the time specified, is to commit an offence.

The motion was put and carried.

I hear that Kidogo owner Joanna Robinson now wants to take the matter to the State Administrative Tribunal.

This has been an interesting saga, as the Kidogo owner tried for years to get approval from Fremantle Council to build toilets at the southern side of the heritage building and finally received approval to build a small toilet block on the norther side. Instead of going ahead with the toilets she changed her mind and built the huge deck without the necessary approval.

If Kidogo does not get approval from SAT it will have been a very costly exercise as the deck cost $ 30,000 to build I believe and removing it won’t be cheap either.

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The Fremantle CBD has another parklet in Pakenham Street, that makes it the third parklet in that street and the removal of six parking bays. The well-built parklet by Scapes Unlimited is at the Fremantle Backpackers.

Just down the road a new one was installed at the Natural Light cafe and Bread in Common has had one since opening. Together with the parklet in High Street at Lapa, that is rarely used by diners, alfresco dining parklets have removed eight bays from the West End and retailers are not at all happy about it.

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Interesting to hear today that there are plans to make the upstairs of the Fremantle Orient Hotel on the corner of High and Henry streets into a backpackers for up to 300 people. I am sure the struggling pub downstairs would be pretty delighted about the idea as it would automatically become the home base for all those international visitors.

I find the debate on how to revitalise the West End quite fascinating but also disappointing. Some people come up with the same boring ageist rubbish that it is just nay-saying oldies against young ideas and everything and anything to stop the progress of Fremantle, but that is certainly not true for me personally.

Wanting better quality of entertainment and better quality and creative design of new buildings is not a negative but is a positive contribution to trying to make Fremantle a more vibrant and modern place that compliments the heritage character of our city.

I am not against progress and change. I enjoy change that’s why I migrated twice and why I lived in three different countries for long periods. I have also moved around Fremantle quite a bit and lived in different parts of the city.

But change needs to be good and should not be about accepting everything just because it is new. Change needs to be considered carefully and it needs to address the impact it has on everyone from residents and businesses to visitors to Freo. Good change is great while bad change is often just putting a plaster on something to hide its deficiencies.

Change is not a fight between oldies and youngies, but is a battle for the very best outcome for our city. Disrespectfully dismissing the opinion of older people in our fast ageing society is narrow-minded and pretty stupid really.

I have a lot of contact with younger people. I like it that we are different but also very similar no matter what the age difference is. I treat younger people with the same respect as older ones. I don’t patronse them and I don’t give them the impression that I know everything better. But I do know that because of my life experience I can make a valid, positive and creative contribution to Fremantle because I deeply, genuinely and passionately care about this city and its community!

Roel Loopers

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Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Place, Beaconsfield 6162


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w 1

A survey by the City of Fremantle of Fremantle traders on the impact of the Winter Garden Festival on the Esplanade during the month of July has been very positive:

74% of respondents believed there were positive flow on effects for the wider business community of Fremantle (48% Agree, 26% Strongly Agree)
80% of respondents said they would want it to return next year, 0% said no, 20% were indifferent.
55% of respondent reported an increase of foot traffic in their store (18.5% no change)
44% said they had an increase on trading from last year same school holidays (25% no change)

There is no doubt thousands of people flocked to the festival and it would be nice to see the figures on how many people bought tickets for the icerink and for the big slide. It would also be good to see a survey of the food stalls to find out if it was a financial success for them as well.

I liked the Winter Garden festival but would love to see some real snow there and the lay-out should be changed to make it more cohesive. The food stalls were too far away and the events at the teepee should have been to the south of the icerink closer to the slide.

I hear the City is considering putting the Winter Garden in the carpark near the Youth Plaza next year because of problems with flooding of the area where the festival was held this year.

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bike hire

The bicycle hire company that already opened up at the Fremantle Esplanade Hotel this morning installed another outlet at SWEETLIPS in the Fishing Boat Harbour and a third one will be put next to Cicerello’s soon.

There is also the City of Fremantle bike hire at the Kings Square Visitor Centre and E-Shed Markets, so bike hire is on the up in Freo.

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Well done to the Captain’s Lane artists at the Bathers Beach Art Precinct on Fremantle’s historic Arthur Head for creating such a great atmosphere at the first CAPTAIN’S LANE SUMMER FEST on Saturday evening.

The lane had been transformed into an art market and the studios and galleries were open, while the Junkadelic, The BIZ, Miss Mary and Co and Latin dancers entertained the appreciative crowd.

There is another Captain’s Lane Summer Fest in a fortnight, so book it in!

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The best way for me to express my love for Fremantle is in photos, so I went through my files to create this Happy New Year photo essay for you all.

May we have learned a few important lessons from 2014 and try not to make the same mistakes. May selfishness be replaced with empathy, judgment with tolerance, and may love replace violence.


Roel Loopers

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