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One whole week after the event was held this big sign is still flashing away in Fremantle’s Pioneer Park, warning motorists about road closures and delays. It is a big ugly eyesore that serves no purpose but to confuse people.

Are the Tour de Perth organisors paying for it or the City of Fremantle and who is responsible for removing it. Or will it still be flashing during the Street Art Festival on the long weekend?

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I was disappointed this evening when I found out that theFremantle prologue of the Tour de Perth meant it was only a time trial and not a race. Pretty boring photos shooting individual riders doing laps I thought, so I decided to do it the arty way that captures speed and colour.

Nice to see a bit of a crowd at the start and finish at the Esplanade Hotel.

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The South Metropolitan Police have announced that they will enforce helmet bike laws in Fremantle today but that won’t affect the speeding riders in the TOUR DE PERTH this evening. They always wear helmets.

Stage 1-Fremantle Prologue will be held from 6 pm with start and finish at the Esplanade and riders going around very tight corners at Mouat, Croke and Cliff streets at high speeds.

It is a great spectacle that deserves far more spectators than it had last year, so forget the TV for a few hours and support this event.

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Nothing learned, nothing gained is today’s Fremantle message, after yet again bad traffic management created West End traffic jams, simply because no one seemed to understand how the West End works. Instead of closing traffic through Mouat and Henry streets from Phillimore Street, traffic was allowed down those streets to High Street, from where those roads were closed, which meant cars had to turn right into High Street that already had standing traffic to Cliff Street.

Did no one learn from the Chilli Festival traffic chaos? Did anyone at the City of Fremantle write a report on how it could be improved? Unlikely if one goes by today’s incompetence, that was created because of the bicycle race along Marine Parade.

And once more; nothing learned, nothing gained. Did anyone at the City of Fremantle write a report on the disaster ISAF was? Well we saw the same again today with massive promotion for Perth in Fremantle, and barely legible signs telling Fremantle’s story. See-trough might be sexy but it does not work for signs. All today needed was a lot of signs simply saying FREO, similar to the big Perth and Woodside ones. That is the stuff one picks up in the background when one watches TV or photos in the media.¬† Fremantle was not represented significantly to make a visual impact at an event that will be broadcast nationally on SBS TV.

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Hey all you Freo bike and sport lovers, come and watch the Subaru National Road Series, the Tour de Perth  bike race along Fremantle Marine Parade this evening from 5 pm. It should be a very good spectacle that runs from Cliff Street to Norfolk Street and back along Marine Parade, so an alfresco seat at the Esplanade Hotel bar and cafe might just be the right spot for some early evening entertainment.

It is the first event in this year’s series that will be a 45km race for world class national and international riders.

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